2015 Camp

Hesperus church camp June 29th-July 3rd:


2015 Hesperus Camp Talent Show

2015 Hesperus Camp Tentative Schedule
Afternoon – Check in
5:30 pm – Dinner
7pm – Duane Cogburn: Maintaining a Godly family
9pm – Evening Prayer – Joe Huff

7:30am – Morning Prayer – Zach Huff
8am – Breakfast
9am – Levi Moore
10am – Leather Workshop – Chad Hazelton
12pm – Lunch
12pm – Personal Counsel – Nelson & Kay Lewis
5:30pm – Dinner
7pm – Audie Click: Child Rearing
9pm – Evening Prayer – Jordan Cogburn

7:30am – Morning Prayer – Brad Hazelton
8am – Breakfast
9am – Aaron Cogburn
10 am – Pack Lunch
10 am – Mountain Picnic
12pm – Personal Counseling – Ken and Sharon McCartney
5:30pm – Dinner
7pm – Ed Anderson: Individual Purity
9pm – Evening Prayer –Brighton Yarbrough

7:30am – Morning Prayer – Chad Hazelton
8am – Breakfast
9am – Aaron Dukes
12pm – Lunch
12pm – Personal Counsel – Jon & Linda Click
2pm – 4pm – White water rafting!
5:30pm – Dinner
7pm – Evin Yarbrough: Godly Companions, Keith Moore: Godly Mate. (Main Prayer: Nelson Brown)
8pm – Talent Show

7:30am – Morning Prayer – Chad Cogburn
8am – Breakfast
9am – Josh Dukes, Jordan Cogburn
12pm – Lunch Depart
12pm – Personal Counsel – AJ & Paula Yarbrough

By a week before camp we need exact number of meals for each day. We need to know for each day what you want to sign up for at camp. Please call at the church number. (520) 417-2976

Private lodge rooms only allow two occupants. We have been told bringing a cot is ok for three. Below are the costs.

Per Day Costs for Camp:
Private Lodging w/ 3 meals (First Occupant) 78.00
Private Lodging w/ 3 meals (Additional Occupant) 48.00
Cabin Lodging w/ 3 meals 48.00 (Walls of bunk beds in a common room)
Day Use Fee 5.00 (You sleep elsewhere and come in the day)
Meal Plan Breakfast 7.00
Meal Plan Lunch 7.00
Meal Plan Supper 7.00
Tent Camper Individual Tent Camper – no meals 5.00
Campground/Rv Site 1st Persons 20.00
Campground/Rv Site Additional Persons 5.00

Info: http://hesperuscamp.com/

If you are hesitant because of costs, there are always people who donate extra. Speak up and we will assist with funds.

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