The Gospel Pattern:

Divorce and Remarriage. The documents on this page are used by permission of the copyright owners. These are published works. Please consider them as reference materials on the subject, they may not represent the beliefs of the Cloud 9 group.

Also related to this subject is the recording The Far Country by Marty Livingston (mp3 7.3mb). His stance is amazing, being a “put away” single.

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  1. seems that the only “heavy doctrine” you people deal with is divorce and remarriage… do you teach any light doctrines? or maybe some mid-weight doctrines?

  2. Dear brother and Christ I have a problem, I was married but got a devorce from my wife I was in a relationship and she was in a relationship. I had kids from my relationship. We are both members of the Church of Christ .All of this happen when we backslide from the church. I have repented of my sins and iam now back and the church. I have broken off my relationship with the person I was with, and tryed to reconciled with my wife,but she says that we are devorce looking at the scripture (except for fornication) but I told her that where still married to death do us part. She havnt forgiven me but I have forgiven her. Please pray for me. She’s still in her relationship

  3. The deep abyss that the Lord’s church (generally speaking) finds itself in regarding the issue of divorce/remarriage has weighed heavy on my heart for many years. The cavalier acceptance of divorce and remarriage within the mainstream churches of Christ in NE Colorado has driven me and my family into a home church environment, always seeking other like minded Christians who want to accept and abide by the explicit teachings in God’s word regarding marriage/divorce/remarriage. In my view, marriage is central and fundamental to the plans and purposes of God and to the health and salvation of those professing to be members of His body. I was looking for a church near Patagonia where we could worship during our stay there the third and fourth week of Jan 2013, we will come for a visit if we can. Thank you and God Bless you.
    Arnold and Kathryn Good
    Fort Morgan, CO

  4. So, does your congregation teach/apply that all remarriage after divorce (for the believer and unbeliever) is adultery; and that the burden of biblical repentence is a change of mind that results in a change of behavior (admit it and quit it)?

  5. the bible ends and begins with marriage for them Bryan. God forbid we learn about the Holy Spirit

  6. EY – This is a very disrespectful comment, you sound like one who chose to defend remarraige and had words with someone from our fellowship? From my perspective we are closer to the Holy Spirit the more we do what God commands. I would love to correspond with you about it.

  7. I have a book you might like to include in your list of books. would you like me to send you one to revue?

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