Singing Recordings

NEW! The songs are now individually separated! Click for the list of individual songs.

The recordings below are the singing sides of the cassette tapes. They vary greatly in quality. Each contains about half an hour of stereo songs. They are also not broken apart into individual songs. Maybe that will happen in the future?












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  1. I am a christian that lives in the “bush” of Alaska. I love gospel music and have downloaded all I find on the web. I found your site thru a link from another congregation. In my spare time I would like to separate your downloads into individual mp3’s as I have time to work on it. Would you have a list of the songs on each download? If so, that would sure save me time in trying to figure some of them out. *grin*

    Thank you so much for sharing the music and also the sermons. We worship in our house as there are no other christians in this tiny community, so having the web is really a blessing as many congregations share music, sermons, & study material!

  2. Hello,
    On a download of May & July of 1989, my wife
    wants to know if you have the lyrics to
    “We thank Thee O Father” ?
    it starts as
    “It was dark in the garden”?
    She is not sure,
    can you find and send me the lyrics.
    Many thanks,
    Carson V.

  3. Hello,
    My wife was wondering if words were available via hard copy for

    STEP BY STEP ; it was on June & October of 1995.

    Thanks very much,
    Carson Van Arsdall

  4. I was looking for some accapella songs this morning and found your site. I am in Texas and have not heard many of the songs even though I have attended the church for 71 years. Rigbt now I am listening to “Never Grow Old” same words but different melody. The songs all feel the same and I would love to have the name of the book you use so I can sing along. My uncle taught singing school many years ago and I have many old song books. I have enjoyed listening today.
    Your sister in Him,
    Jess Overby

  5. Thank you for this wonderful service of Love. May God bless your continued efforts.

  6. Thank you for being here. I just downloaded some a cappella music and yours is a little different so I will download yours also. Thank you.

  7. We belong to the same church , the only difference is that our church has few members,and we have only 10 copies of the song book in English how i wish we will be singing the way you sing these wonderful songs. I am refreshed every time i listen to christian songs. I love it. Thank you for sharing us these songs.
    In Christ name, I am your sister,

    Franz Alcalde

  8. I want to thank you for the info. I would like to know if you have any songs we could get from you. I am trying to get copy’s of songs to cover all songs so we can learn songs we don’t sing now. They will be in our church library for members to use. Thanks for your help. Hope your wife finds songs she is looking for (will be on watch) Thanks, David Bruce

  9. Hello members at Cloud 9.

    Would it be possible to list the hymnals that the songs are from. My son has found many of the songs, but some beautiful songs from May and July of 1989 and also many of the songs from 1992 thru 1996 — He cannot find in our hymnals at home. We want to find the hymnal(s) so we may learn and share with our congregation.

    Thanks for the recordings!
    Daryl Tomlin

  10. Hello brethren at Cloud Nine,

    After downloading your beautiful singing, I would love to know where your songs come from or which songbooks you have used over the years.

    Thank you and God Bless!

  11. Dear brothers & sisters,

    I worship in a little congregation in Devonport, the Mersey Bluff church of Christ on the NorthWest coast of Tasmania, in Australia. I have just finished downloading all these recordings – they are great thank you so much.

    God bless


  12. I sing with a small church choir and we enjoy the accapella so much and would like to obtain copies of the books you use. Am especially looking for the song music to JUST BEYOND THE SUNSET SKY. And others., TThanks you

  13. I am still interested in separating the songs, but I never heard back from you guys so I did not know if you wanted me to or not. I am looking at a surgery end of the month and will be laid up for about a month – if you want me to do this, please contact me by email. It would be a good winter project. Thanks!

  14. We have separated and titled the songs, they are not available yet but getting close to being posted. We have also noted the songbooks where they came from for most of them!

  15. Pls Separate The Songs….So We Can Download It In Singles, Pls Am Looking For A Hymn Title AM EMPTY MANSION… I apreciate ur effort God bless u

  16. I love the songs you have recorded. They are so uplifting. Like some of the others I have never heard of some the songs. I would like to have the words of them. Time has made a change me, Someone to Care are a couple. I have an old book but it dose not have them. I have been listening to your songs all day and never get tire of hearing them.

  17. Hello! How are you?

    I sing in a quartet, and I’d like to know if it’s possible for you to share digital copies of the arrangements of the songs “Christ Died for Me”, “Is It Well With Your Soul?”, “Sweet is Thy Love” and “The Riches of Love, the same as recorded and uploaded on “Individual Songs” topic of the “Singing” section.

    Thank you in advance.
    I’ll be waiting for an answer.

  18. EY – The caring and sharing program ended then. We continued to mail packets with recordings longer than that, but we stopped generating new monthly singing.

  19. EY – This would be possible, since we have records of most books used. Lots of them were from Stamps-Baxter or Howard publications. Depends on the songs. Please call us 520-417-2976

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