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Recent Updates:

We are on facebook. Anyone who is not comfortable with meeting in person please join us for the live lessons and singing.  We hope to use it for quick posting of events and news. Please participate! https://www.facebook.com/cloudninechurch

Our goal in creating this site is to provide a repository of information to assist the true worshiper in their walk as a pilgrim on this earth. You are welcome and encouraged to participate in the discussions and contribute!


Welcome and About Cloud Nine: Contains schedule, organization, contact, history and other local information. Specifically, who and where we are.

Lessons: Audio recordings of our preaching at cloud 9 are available here. There are downloadable Powerpoint presentations, and study material for listeners.

Encouragements: Writings to encourage the brothers to remain faithful and uplifted.

Singing: There is a wealth of a capella singing material here for consumption.

Evangelism: Where are we in our mission to go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature?

4960 E. Hwy 90
Sierra Vista, AZ 85635
3/4 Mile East of corner Hwy 90 + Hwy 92, South Side of E. Hwy 90. Just before the Cloud Nine Trailer park.

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Contact us!  (520) 417-2976

3 responses to “Welcome”

  1. Dana,

    I finally have a computer.
    Please send me a note to keep in touch.
    I am attending Westgate Church of Christ
    and three other churches here in Dothan.

  2. We have downloaded many of your songs for use at church in learning new songs. Do you have words or song book numbers so we can find the song in our book? Thanks so for your help. We pray for your work @ Cloud 9 C of C. David Bruce
    Edit: EY – mailed books to him.

  3. Beloved brothers and sisters,greetings in the name of our Savior Jesus Christ.I am a member of the Church of Christ at Lumbadzi in Malawi.May I ask your good will in connecting me with Justin Cobb.Justime came to Malawi with brother Bill Yarbrough of Arizona and his grandfather brother Harry Cobb in 2001.It is through brother Harry’s one of the letter to my dad,late brother Harris Chaphera that I came across the word Cloudnine Church of Christ whose members supported our local Church at Mlambe financially.Justin gave me his email by then.Since I was not familiar with internet by then I lost the address.It is by the grace of God that today I have come across this website after 12yrs.Will you convey my regards to fellow labourers in the Lord’s vineyard.May the good Lord continue to shine on our way.Your brother in Christ,David.

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