Raised From The Dead

Yesterday I attended the funeral of my dear aunt; she was a wonderful lady.  She will be buried today and her body will decay.  But not so with Jesus.  He died upon the cross, was buried, and then three days later, he rose from the dead.  His apostles were eye witnesses of his death and his being alive after his death (2 Pet 1:16).  They boldly proclaimed that Jesus had risen from the dead (Acts 4:13) and were willing to suffer persecution and even death on their part because of what they knew to be true.  So how important is this resurrection of Jesus?  He foretold his death many times.  He stated that he had power to lay down his life and power to take it again (John 10:18).  The fact that he was raised from the dead proves that he was whom he claimed to be: The Son of God (Rom 1:4).  Has anyone else ever died and then raised themselves from the dead days later?  No.  This gives us reason to belief all the words that he said.  And since Jesus has risen from the dead, we also have a hope of resurrection for ourselves (1 Cor 15:20).  This life is not all there is.  We now have a promise of everlasting life that is free from death, sorry, crying and pain (Rev 21:4).  Sometimes my faith is weak.  Have I really chosen the right path to believe in God and follow his desires?  But then I contemplate on the death and resurrection of Jesus and realize that he was whom he claimed to be; it is important for me to follow him and trust him.

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