Philippine Report    March 1, 2023 to July 31, 2023

We would like to continue our thanks to all the congregations and individuals that generously donated to the needs in the Philippines and Mexico  

As you can read in the monthly distribution of funds below, food, church buildings repairs, more bibles and benches, building repairs, and medical are some of our biggest expense items.  In the food category, we have used some of those funds to help drill and install pumps for deep wells.  During the dry months (November to May) water isn’t available from the normal shallow wells.  Some of these wells are only 15 to 25’ deep and get contaminated  with waste and storm water and have little output. Over the last 9 months we have helped with 3 of these deeper wells that do not go dry and the quality of water is much better.  These wells are in the rural and mountain areas and are used for drinking and irrigation water.  Having these wells also provides a more consist work for the members that are raising rice, corn, vegetables, and watermelons to sell for their income.  When we undertake to help with these larger projects, we ask for an itemization of expenses, as seen in Bro. Jominan’s report below.

The economy in the Philippines is still struggling to recover, but inflation continues to be a big problem there, especially for food.  In the rural areas a fair number of members can only work when work can be found. Of course the rainy season drowns some of the fields, and those fields have to be replanted.  The seeds to replant are part of the food category.  They are in the typhoon season and the rainy season now, plus it is very hot.  Multiple towns and rural areas have been flooded as well as the rivers and roadways. 

With the summer temperatures and rain, the mosquitos thrive and are carriers of malaria (in Asia, the Philippines, and Africa), and a virus infection known as Dengue.  Yes, there are several meds to fight it, but most in the rural areas do not have access or money to buy them.  We used the last of our Philippine funds to send some help, but I am sure that more will be needed.

This is a request that just came in.  It reflects the struggle many of our brothers and sisters face everyday there.

From: Brennie Agbisit …………. from the Island of Palawan by the China Sea

Sent: Sunday, August 6, 2023 5:24 PM

To: Ed Anderson

Subject: Re: July (REPORT)

“Dear Bro. Ed and Bro. Duane,

Bro. Felix,  Bro. Artemio, sis Liberty and I went to Riotuba on wednesdy,  we attended night service and came home Friday.

The family of Bro. Riowel are very thankful of your assistance for their  8 years old daughter,  ,they said it’s a big help for the funeral since they are already financialy drained, they just borrowed money from people and left their land title in the hospital as collateral against their remaining  bills, they really don’t know how to pay their friends and get the tittle from the hospital.

 Their child was confined at ICU which  cost  P30,000($600 USD) a day, treatment and medicines were not included.

I relayed to them your condolences. We comforted them with encouraging words, and the sermon of Bro. Felix was very nice. I can feel the heavy feeling they are going through and if only I have other source I would love to give out from my pocket to help  settle the hospital bills so they can get the collayeral.

They said 5 patients of dengue were brought at the same time of their daughter, 3 of them died. At the day we were there, the grandchild of sis Berly was rush to hospital because they suspect she has dengue too. There is also Dengue outbreak there in the southern towns, same here in the city.”

“Some hours after we arrived from our travel in Riotuba, sister Liberty sent message that she was having difficulty in breathing, felt weak and numbness in her legs and hands, she could not stand, luckily his younger son was there at their home, they called help from neighbors. Erika and I visited her on Saturday, she was still on bed, we brought medicines and fruits. Yesterday, she got up and attended service, but right  after she decided to be confined because she felt really bad already…she had test immediately, it found out her sugar went up and she has dengue. She might have bitten by dengue carrier in Riotuba, her fever was on and off since Friday afternnon..thank God.that her platelets did not dropped so fast, maybe prevented by medicines somehow, however she’s going into dengue platelet count danger level.

The doctors are telling, the latest version of Dengue is more dangerous than covid and malaria, they have symptoms…but once you have dengue now, the blood platelet drops easily, and internal organs are bleeding.   I can easily believe this….see below.

Still hospitals in the south until here in the city, patients are overflowing because of dengue…………….”

Cancer among God’s children has become a growing problem.  As I mentioned in the past, Ed and I have denied the financial requests due to our limited funds for the members diagnosed with cancer and other serious illnesses, I fear because of the heavy use of cancer-causing pesticides, poor diets, and GMO seeds, we will continue to receive many more medical requests.   The diagnostic tests, surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation treatments are expensive and have had limited positive outcomes in the Philippines.   Bro. Ronald Romero in Northern Luzon and several of the members on the island of Palawan have cancer. 

 Please pray that God for healing or our brothers and sisters and that HE will give us wisdom how to answer these requests.

Also in the last 8 months, we have helped with the repair and/or construction of approximately 5 church buildings.  This effort has contributed to the increased expenditures in the church buildings and evangelists expenses.

Below is a breakdown of the areas and purposes where funds were sent these last five months.  Currently we are working with more than 47+ congregations on seven islands.  Just a footnote: the amount of support to the evangelists varies from month to month, depending if the funds are sent quarterly, or monthly, and the time of the month they are sent.

In March 2023, the following distribution of funds was made:  Evangelists’ support  $3584;  Evangelists expense  $2357;  Building repair/rent, benches, bibles  $1187;  Medical expenses $1514; Food & Planting Seed $1306; Charity $504.

In April 2023 the following distribution of funds was made:  Evangelists’ support $2812; Evangelists expense  $3034 ; Building repair/rent, benches, bibles  $635;  Medical Expense $2436.98;  Food & Planting Seed  $2204.

In May 2023 the following distribution of funds was made:  Evangelists’ support $3336;  Evangelist expense  $2676.65;  Building repair/rent, benches, bibles  $3098;  Medical expense 1597;  Food $2454;  Charity $1160.32.

In June 2023 the following distribution of funds was made:  Evangelists’ support $2423; Evangelist expense  $500;  Building repair/rent, benches, bibles  $1423;  Medical expenses $1375; Food & Planting Seed $608; Charity & Storm damage $1000.

In July 2023  the following distribution of funds was made:  Evangelists’ support $2678; Evangelist expense $100:  ;  Medical expenses $2420; Food & Planting Seed $1210;  Charity and Storm Damage $1453; Funerals 200.

Ed and I ask for your prayers for wisdom to weigh each request we receive & use God’s funds wisely.

Respectfully submitted,

Duane Cogburn and Ed Anderson

My contact information is:  My email is  The donations should be made out to the church of Christ and mailed to me at:  Duane Cogburn,  86C Martin Lane, Moriarty, NM  87035.

I have attached a list of other requests that we haven’t been able to help since we consider the Bibles, songbooks, church building repairs, food needs, clean water and medical requests priorities.  If you would like to have your donation to be used for a particular request, please let us know.

P.S.  We are really low on funds and the needs are great.  Can you help? – Brother Ed

jominan paulo

To:Ed Anderson, Duane Cogburn

Sat, Mar 11 at 3:16 AM

Dear Bro Ed & Duane,

First of all,  My sincere gratitude to God and your goodness that you helped me build a deepwell in my farm, They built the deep well for more than two weeks, it took them a little longer because they dug a four-meter hole and they put the water pump  at the bottom.

My wife and I express our sincere gratitude for the tremendous help you have given us, We will be greatly indebted to you and we will never forget you for the love you have shown to us, We your brother in the faith and for the great help that you have given me since I was a single, get married and now had two children, I pray to God to always give you a healthy body and a long life so that you can help many more.

As you requested that I give a report on what I spent in my deep well and promised that I would do so for you to know, Here are the details and receipts of my purchases,

1. labour for the builder of deep well – 35, 000

2. water pump – 5,000

3. tube fence  4″- 6,000

4. Pvc pipe – 4,500

5. coupling 4″ – 1,500

6. netlex solven- 200

7. pcs cutting & threading of tube fence – 4,000

8.  adaptor – 400

9. bearing 2pcs – 700

10. polya 12″ – 680

11. fees for assemble 100

12. steal for polya – 550

13. niple 3×12 – 660

14. pitche – 1,500

15. coupling 3″  – 380

16. niple 1 1/4 x 12 – 110

17. plug – 300

18. tee plug – 750

19. gravel & sand – 2,200

20. cement – 3,000

21. excavation – 5,000

22. Foods & snack  – 8, 350

23. tube fence 2″ – 2,200

24. pvc pipe “3 – 585

25. Fuji pump velt 400  – 2950

26. Polya 51/2 – 750

27. Diesel – 4,500

28. Machine – 15,000

Total = 107,275 php.which equals $1957 U.S.

Once again, Thank you very much & God will bless you always.

Jominan & Hazelyn.

Completed new deep well with pump engine that provides water for the fields that the brethren work in for a living.

Bro. Jominam Paulo showing the new deep well with water for their rice and corn fields.

Bro. Genesis and Bro. Mario in home studies and visitations in Mid-Luzon


Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

I want to inform you that one soul was baptized today April 30, 2023  after our Assembly, His name is Vhince Xyrelle Paulo he is my cousin also. As a result of his enthusiastic attendance at our worship every week and listening to the word of God kindly, he decided to submit to the Lord and is ready to obey God’s will by obeying his that everyone who has learned must be baptized for the forgiveness of our sins.

below my letter are the pictures of the baptism of Vhince Xyrelle Paulo. Always include us in your prayers that many more people will be brought to Christ here in Isabela.

your brother is very grateful to Christ,

Jominan Paulo

In northern Luzon, since they do no live close to a river or lake, we help them over a period of several months to build a tank for baptisms by the congregational building.

Home bible study at Golden Feather East of Subic Bay in southern Luzon

Daniel Elamparo             Payangan Congregation East of Subic Bay

To:Ed Anderson

Cc:Duane Cogburn

Wed, May 3 at 8:42 AM

 Matthew 28:19-20

Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age.

2 weeks ago, our Lord added  3  more souls in His church at Payangan. Kimberly-18, Mery Ann-15 and Charice-12 accepted our Lord Jesus to be their  Lord and savior, they belong to our native people or what we called aetas.Please include them in your prayers.

I led the bible study, brother Jim took their confession and brother Marlon immersed them . To God be the glory.

Please let me know if you already got my reports.thank you so much.

In Him,  Daniel Elamparo Jr.

Church of Christ Evangelist

We need to evangelized more people in that mountain because we already have family baptized already. A lot of Aetas people who did not ever yet heard the gospel

If we already put valvanized iron sheets we can immediately start a first worship there.

Bro. Mario Morales.

This is a new congregation in the central western Luzon mountains.  Bro Mario and his son Marlon, are building up this group spiritually and working to collect funds to purchase a lot and build a building….. Duane————————————————————————————————————————

rexson gonzales           The Kalaklan Congregation is in the Subic Bay area of Luzon

To:Ed Anderson, Duane Cogburn

Mon, Jul 31 at 4:02 AM

Have a blessed day brother Ed and brother Duane. This is our work in the Lord’s vineyard this month of July.

The congregation in Kalaklan and Gordon Heights continues to grow in numbers and in the word of God.

We have many activities in the church such as bible study, visitation and door knocking to preach the word of God even if it rain or shine.

This is our schedule this month.

Monday and Friday – we have a schedule in Gordon Heights for a visitation and bible study in Francisco family because brother Reynaldo has a skin disease and he is crippled.

He is one of the church leaders in Kalaklan, Now he can no longer attend because of his situation he wants his daughter to study the bible and be baptized. That’s why we are going there to conduct bible study to his daughter and pray for brother Reynaldo.

Tuesday – Every Tuesday we go to the church of Christ Longos Cabangan together with other evangelist for the Lord’s work such as Bible study to non-believers, visitation and house to house. We have 9 to 10 bible studies a day so we leave Olongapo at 5:00 AM and get home at 7:30 PM.

Wednesday – We have a midweek bible study at Kalaklan hillside because I’m the only full-time evangelist. I’m always the speaker and the youth are the song leaders. The number of attendees every wednesday is 25 to 35 our topic is Luke chapter 17.

Thursday – Thank the Lord I have a schedule at funerals to preach and this is an opportunity to introduce Jesus Christ to those who are not yet believers.

Saturday – We have a bible study schedule to all family in Kalaklan and Gordon Heights, every Saturday we go to 2 to 3 families our topic is “The Parable of Ten Virgins” Matthew 25.

Sunday – This is our schedule in Kalaklan and Gordon Heights.

Kalaklan: 9:00AM – 10:30AM

Gordon Heights: 2:00PM- 3:30PM

Kalaklan: 4:30PM – 6:00PM

July 19 to 22 – I want to inform about the condition of Kalaklan and Gordon Heights I am the only evangelist, On July 19 – 22 I conducted a training for young men to lead songs and prayers so that they can become church leaders in the future thank the Lord and we have 6 young people learned.

1. Kurt Nathaniel (15 yrs old)

2. Jireh Paul (15 yrs old)

3. John Abrham (16 yrs old)

4. Charlito (16 yrs old)

5. Reynaldo ( 15 yrs old)

6. Reyell ( 16 yrs old)

July 1 to 3 –  I was invited to the church of Christ Bayombong, Nueva Vizcaya to preach. From Olongapo to Nueva Vizcaya the time travel is 11 hours because my service is only a tricycle. We leave Olongapo City at 12:00 midnight and arrived in Nueva Vizcaya at 11:00 AM lunch time.

July 1 – We have bible studies (speaker)

              Youth Fellowship (speaker)

July 2 – Worship Assembly (speaker)

July 3 – Lunch Fellowship (Farewell)

Brother Ed and brother Duane, This is my report this month of July. Thank you very much for the monthly support, it is a big help to me for the work in the Lord’s vineyard. God bless you for your goodness, you are always in my prayers.

Your brother in Him,

Rexson Gonzales                     Duane’s comment…… Many of these evangelists having wives that work to support the families, and  often the grandparents tend the children.

Philippine Churches  Requests Outstanding       Updated: 8/7/2023       Req. Date Contact/location Reason for Request    US $        5/15/21 Jominan, Isabella vehicle for Ilegan work.  $            4,000   Northern Luzon   2/5/22 Palawan Request for ceiling in church before hot weather   $            1,000   Island of Palawan   7/25/23 Brennie A. Cell phones for three of the Palawan evangelists.  Other forms   $            1,200   Island of Palawan communciation are not possible in the tribal mountains.   8/5/23 Jominam P/ Iron sheets for Jominam house  $               400   Northern Luzon   8/6/23 Brennie A. To replace Ely Boy’s hut  $               400   Island of Palawan   7/31/23 Premie A. Door and Canopy for Bldg at Don Salvado  —– Ed, did we already send this  $               200   Island of Negros   7/18/23 Mario Morales In process of purchasing a lot, approx an addition $1400 is needed  $            1,400     Materials to build a concrete block & metal truss w/ corrigated metal Approx  $            3,500     Total of unfunded Requests to date    $ 13,100

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