November to March 2020

An URGENT APPEAL for our brothers and their families in the Philippines.

The Corona Virus is infecting the Philippines and the president has ordered a national quarantine.  Evidently this quarantine is confining 50+ million people to their homes with a few exceptions, such as essential services, food suppliers and some essential factories.  This quarantine is expanding to the rural areas now. All foreigners were given 3 days to leave the country, than the airports were closing or greatly restricting travel.  Public transportation has come to a halt, private transportation is also restricted.

Schools, recreation centers, malls and many non-essential businesses are closed.  The Philippine Stock Market ceased operation on Tuesday.  The fine for being out of your house without permission is $30 to up to $100.   Many of the church members cannot go to work and even though one family member is allowed to go the store for necessities/food, many do not have the funds to purchase food.  We have reports from the government that this quarantine is until April 16th, but can be extended.  The government is allowing shipments of rice and announced they will distribute food, but we have no reports that this has happened.

In the last couple of days, we have sent over $1500 to various islands.  Our food/emergency funds are almost exhausted.  With the interruption of transportation, we estimate that the members will be meeting in homes or small groups.

Please, contribute to this food and emergency need if you are able.  I realize that many of us are having to cut our spending with the restrictions we may be under in the U.S., but if you or your congregation is able to donate, please make you check out to the Church of Christ and sent it to:

                Duane Cogburn

                86 C  Martin Lane

                Moriarty, NM  87035

An additional disaster, an erupting volcano, occurred in January/February at Taal Island just 50 miles SW of Manila.  The government has declared the island is uninhabitable and evacuated several thousand of the residents to Luzon. The government is in the process of resettling these folks.  Several of the evangelists from the Olongapo area (about 5 hours north) traveling by bus to this area and have been volunteering by handing out government -supplied food & goods.  The evangelists also used this opportunity to minister and counsel with the displaced citizens.  This opportunity led to over 50 baptisms and adding to a congregation in this area.

Again, we wish to thank each and every one that have contributed to the work in the Philippines. 

Below is a breakdown of the areas where funds were sent these last four months.

In November, 2019, the following distribution of funds was made:  Evangelists’ support $2,150; Evangelism  expenses $250;  Building repair/rent, benches, bibles  $404;  Medical expenses $562;  Storm damage & charity $5,658;  and Funeral  $164.

In December, 2019, the following distribution of funds was made:  Evangelists’ support $2,690; Evangelism expenses $104;    Food $1,777;   Building repair/rent, benches $160;  Medical expenses $951;   Storm damage and Charity  $774;  Funerals $404.

In January, 2020, Evangelist’s support $2,078;  bibles/songbooks/ study material $849;  Evangelists  expenses  $302;  Medical needs  $1,057; and Charity $304.

In February, 2020, Evangelist’s support $1,101; Bibles, Songbooks, bldg. repairs  $154; Food  $1007; Charity to those in need $348;   Medical needs $510;  Funerals  $204.

Respectfully submitted,

Duane Cogburn and Ed Anderson

I have attached a list of other requests that we haven’t been able to help since we consider the food needs and medical requests priorities.  If you would like to have your donation used for a particular request, please let us know

Below are excerpts from some of the many emails we receive from our brothers in the Philippines.  Some have been edited for brevity and so that their English can be better understood. e

Baptism today March 1, 2020

jominan paulo 

To:Ed Anderson,Duane Cogburn

Dear Bro Ed & Duane,

Im glad to say that today we have two soul baptized and added to the Church of our Lord Jesus Christ. Their names Olimpia Quintal 69 yrs old and Analyn Quintal 38 yrs old from Brgy Sto Domingo Lubao pampanga. they are active to attend every Sunday in our worship service here in Subao until they decided to be baptized.

this is the picture below..Jominan.

March 1, 2020

Dear brother Ed and bro. Duane,

A lovely greetings to all of you, May the Lord God bless you and keep always. Thank you for sending the message of encouragement to to me, to all of us. Continue sending it because it help us a lot to strengthen our faith.

Thank you for all your help, I am about to graduate this March 15, 2020, there is a delay because during the time I am about to graduate last October, there are two subjects that I need take up first, and now this is it, I am happy to share it with you because you are all part it. I will send photos after graduation.

Last January 26, 2020 I and bro. Augusto Bas-il baptized  Almira Batenga at Cawag, she the God already entered in her heart and accepted Jesus as her Savior. Pray for her also that she may continue to served God even if there is trials.

Sometimes I am with brother Daniel at Longos Church and helping him in spreading the good news….

Praying and hoping that you can help me. I am so excited to see you next year. I hope that you have a good health that time. May the Lord God bless you always. You have a good heart brethren.

Love and prayers,.

Godofredo L. Policarpio

Sent: Sunday, March 1, 2020 5:27 AM

Dear brothers :Edward and Duane,

Hoping everyone of you are doing well. Once again, we want to thanks for the rice assistance and the Brethren who received the assistance were so thankful of your assistance.

Please, send our all the brethren who shared their donation for the hunger..

We want to share this news to you.We are so glad to let you know that our young brother from Badlan bro .Jemar Castor is now preaching on the pulpit.He is the eldest son of bro. Jay-Ar Castor and sis Dalina Castor.The  family who availed a motorcycle from you last Februarry 2019.

Good.   Lessons was taught by bro.Jemar this morning..

The subject he taught was: Be Ready to answer to anyone who asked question.

We often visit these brethren in Badlan  and glad to hear three  young people from Badlan received baptism.

We are glad that our son John Chris and wife Cendy were with us this morning  assembly.  They stayed overnight with us with their little girl  Blyth.  She is now 6 months old.  Thankful to our Lord for giving her good health.

The parents of Cendy were with them and visited with us yesterday morning but after a short conversation they visited their member of the family at Dingle Iloilo city.  Then back Jaro Iloilo, their home place

Our attendance now here in Calinog is increasing in number.  Praying the brethren who back to church will attend the regular assembly  ,through hearing the word of God and hoping they will be encouraged more.

I have to close now.  May our Lord’s blessings be upon you all.

In His service,    Chris and Premie

Update of Lawak Church of Christ

Sun, Mar 15 at 2:26 AM

Dear Brother Ed and Brother Duane,

Grace and peace to you all.

We fully trust the Lord that you are all fine.

I visited the Lawak congregation this Sunday and teaching them and encouraging them to steadfast in the faith in this time of challenging season due to the virus spreading rapidly in our country.

The members is increasing in faith, the church building is continually improving, the secondary ceiling is done, the concrete fence was started but not yet done and need to have a gate for safety, and a little paint job.

The Congregation is extending their gratitude to you all for the assistance you have given. I have attached some pictures for you to look at.

Brethren one of the members in this congregation is asking for a help financially she is sis.   Shame Lydel she is my niece the daughter brother Ely,

Her child is in the hospital for how many days now, their hospital bills is getting bigger, and medicine is costly, and the saddest part is her husband abandoned them in this trying times and left nothing for them.

She is asking for prayers and help to everyone, any assistance than can offer is deeply appreciated.

I attached a picture of her child, the hospital do not allow to take a picture but for a good reason they allowed to have just for two.

The evangelism work in Tarlac city is doing well even it is challenging to approach the people there because of the panic cause by the virus but we say that this is the time to draw nearer to Christ.

We continue to have Sunday afternoon assembly even the local government decided to prohibit gatherings, we have set percussion during assembly for the safety of everyone.

We are also praying for out there, keep safe.

God bless you all.

Brother Steven

5 Days mission works

Mario Moral

To: Ed Anderson   Duane Cogburn

Mon, Mar 2 at 3:53 AM

Hello brother Edward and brother Duane,

         I was invited to preach at Batangas City to the victims of Taal Volcano where 500 people was relocated in one area because their places, houses , livelihood was totally destroyed of ashes from mount Taal. They are so blessed because different agencies of governments and religious organizations as well as Churches of Christ are still donating relief goods to them.The precious housing program of the Government for all the families of the Philippine soldiers are now their temporarily shelters but i heard it will plan to give for them.

       Churches of Christ has an appointment scheduled to them to preach almost from now but still no conversion. We are so glad that when we re invited to them God really opened their hearts through the power of the gospel.  The first night of gospel meeting, 70 people came forward to accept Christ but only 21 was emmersed because it was late midnight already.  Soon last day February 28 morning it was a big event of churches of Christ for giving relief goods, I was requested to Preach again. It was a very memorable day because after I preached the Gospel 31 people came forward for baptisms. some ministers from different congregations assist us to baptized them all. We almost cried for joy on that day. yesterday was their first worship there some  did volunteer to preach there every Sunday.  My schedule to preach there on Sunday is every 3rd Sunday of the month to continue watering the seeds in their hearts.  SO FRUITFUL 5 DAYS MINISTRIES in evacuation center. To God be the Glory

Mario Moral

Philippine Churches and Personal Requests Outstanding

Req. DateContact/locationReason for Request US $ 
2/8/19Mexico, Luzonfunds to finish their perimeter wall around the building$  200
2/20/19Bro. Mario atfunds to complete storm and flood repairs and improvments $1,000
San Marcellinoto the church building
3/2/19Bro Rodelisfunds to help with his Mother eye operation.on hold$400
5/6/19Steven CurimaoTile, grout  $20,500 Pesos,  Wall Paint  !0,000 php $310
Langa LwakaSend 300 of the $610 requested
7/10/19GenesisNeeding metal for roof  $1000
Zambales$400 sent 7-26 for roof, 10-19 sent $400 $            200
9/11/19Isabella, MancurimFund request for two windows in front.$       240
Jonamin, Paulo
10/29/19Bro. Saim, PalawanRequest for funds to retitle second lot Bro. Saim brought $      170
2/21/20Genesis, ZambalesRequest for roof-150; gate-185; concrete floor-100; labor- 200 $   635
2/21/20Daniel, LongosRequest for fence around new meeting building $2,000
3/1/20Godie Carpio. SubicFunds to overhaul the community vehicle$6000
Total of unfunded Requests to date $      11,155

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