Gluten Free Unleavened Ancient Grain Church Bread

Gluten Free Unleavened Ancient Grain Church Bread

1 Cup Bob’s Red Mill Teff Flour (Frys sells this in health foods baking)
½ Cup Brown Rice Flour
½ Cup Tapioca flour
½ tsp salt
4 tsp olive oil
Less than a cup chilled water

Preheat oven to 350. Combine dry ingredients. Feel free to experiment with the ratios of rice/tapioca/flour. The goal is to avoid the gritty texture of most gluten free offerings. Cut in the oil or work it in with your hands until dry ingredients are evenly darkened by the oil. Gradually work the water into the dough like a pie crust until it clumps nicely and can be formed into a good dough. You may not need all of a cup of water. Too much water makes the dough like kids play-dough. We do cheater prep by putting down parchment paper, spreading the dough out some and then putting another parchment paper over the top. Then a roller can press it out without sticking.
Once you have a good thickness 1/8th inch or so for the church bread, cut them into small bowl shapes and poke or line the bread for easy breaking. You can use the top parchment paper to bake the breads on. 12 minutes is about right, the bread gets tough quickly. This can make about 4 breads. Freeze them for next week.

If this path is intimidating, King Arthur makes a great gluten free flour blend. Just make a normal pie crust recipe using that. We mix a little teff flour into King Arthur to get that whole wheat flavor and color.

Why this style? Olive oil was mentioned in most bread examples in scripture. It was the fat of choice in the middle east. Jesus was a Jew. He had dark skin like whole grain. The loaf represents His body. Salty because we are the salt of the earth. If you lick skin it tastes salty. Unleavened bread is chosen because at passover only unleavened bread was available. They would have games where leavened breads were hidden in the house and the children would find all the yummy treats and gobble them up!

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