February 1, 2020

Relative to our work for the Lord in Mexico, my last report was September 2019.  Here is the since that time. 

In November, we visited the churches of Los Mochis and Las Flores in the state of Sinaloa as well as the churches of Tekax and Bechanchin in the state of Yucatan.  Our purposes were to encourage and teach the brethren and address any problems and needs they had.  The travelers were myself, Eiland Scott (Deming, NM), Cesar (Nogales, MX), and Pepe (Agua Prieta, MX).  

We seek to teach and encourage the churches that we visit.  The churches in Las Flores and Los Mochis seem to be about the same in numbers.  We had several Bible studies with the members.  Brother Diego and his family in Tekax seem to be strong and maintaining.  But I am very concerned with the church in Bechanchin; the church is weak and they seem to be fewer in number.

My plan for the last few years has been to visit the churches south of the border twice a year – once in the fall and once in the spring.  Both times, we visit the churches in Sinaloa.  But in the fall we also visit the churches in the Yucatan.  Our spring trip is coming soon.  I have heard of three conservative churches in and around the city of Cuernavaca, south of Mexico City.  There are many liberal churches of Christ in Mexico, so when I heard of these conservative churches, I felt we needed to investigate them.  Therefore, our spring trip will be both to visit the churches in Sinaloa and visit the churches near Cuernavaca.  We have tentatively scheduled the trip for March 26 to April 4.  Our trip estimate is $5000.

We continue to meet monthly with the churches in the border cities of Agua Prieta and Nogales to teach and encourage them. 

The work in the congregation in Nogales continues to be encouraging.  I have included a recent picture from our Saturday meeting in December; I am told that there are more that assemble on Sunday.  The small assembly building where they meet has a capacity of about 70.  There are times when the assembly building is full with members and visitors.  Brother Cesar and I believe that we should expand the building to make room for growth.  The plan is to move the front wall forward 4 meters and add bathrooms.  We are working on an estimate; my best guess at this time is that it will cost $6000.

If you can help us towards the cost of our upcoming trip or the cost of the expansion of the church building in Nogales, please help.  Send donations to Church of Christ, c/o Duane Cogburn, 86C Martin Lane, Moriarty, NM 87035.

Please pray for the brethren in Mexico and for the success of the Lord’s work there. 

In His service

Brother Ed Anderson

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