Philippine Report September-October 2016

Weather seems to be the one thing in the Philippines that you can depend on constantly changing.  Three weeks ago a typhoon made land on the main island, Luzon.  A few of the members suffered some damage, but the crops suffered the most.  Funds were send to help with food in the central part of Luzon.  The island of Palawan has recently been experiencing heavy rains and hot temperatures.  Of course, with the rain comes the mosquitoes and malaria and dengue.  Several of the brothers and sisters are suffering; let’s remember them in our prayers.

We want to express our appreciation to the congregations and brothers that had made generous contributions to support the evangelists and continue the work in the Philippines.  Bro. Ed Anderson and I will be assuming the responsibility to send the funds for the evangelists.  Bro Harry Cobb and later Bro Tony Whitton have borne the burden of sending the support  from Wedowee,  Alabama for many years, and we appreciate their ministry in this task.   Bro Ed sent an email out several weeks ago asking members to adopt an evangelist or help us raise the funds necessary to continue the work.  To date the Lord has blessed that appeal and several families have committed to help a specific evangelist and his family.  We ask for your prayers and continued support for the evangelists and their work in many parts of the Philippines.

Bro Ed and I have also decided to make the annual trip in February to the Philippines, Lord willing.  Approximately half of the $15,500 estimated budget funds have been committed.  We need additional commitments beyond that for the bibles and songbooks ($1500), grain and food for the needy members in the mountains and rural areas ($1500), benches and chairs in the assembly buildings ($1000) , and alternative health items, planting seeds and medicine ($2400).   If you can help us with any of these items or the remainder of the travel expenses, we would be most appreciative.  To get the best flight rates, we would like to book the flights in the next couple of weeks.

The focus of our trip this year will be different from previous visits.  Below is a summary of the purpose of our planned three weeks in the Philippines.

  • Encourage the members/evangelists and study with them
  • Deepen their spiritual knowledge and increase their teaching abilities
  • Verify the funds sent throughout the year are being spent responsibly
  • Express our love and spiritual concern for their labors in the Kingdom
  • Last year, we spent time presenting alternative health treatments for many illnesses and daily health issues they experience.  This has been quite successful in cutting down the medical requests we receive. Also we took 15 lbs. of vegetable seeds to give them more diversity in their diets.
  • Additionally, we want to actively encourage all the evangelists to find employment and use their evenings, weekends and Sundays for the work of the Lord.  Due to our uncertain economy and the increasing regulations on sending money out of the U.S., we see this as wise course of action.

Below are several reports from the brothers about their work in the Philippines:

October, 2016

Dear Brothers Ed and Duane,

We are so thankful to our Lord if you will continue to assist our evangelistic work here in the Philippines. However this depends on how our Lord blesses us if there are brethren who are willing to funds the Lord’s work here in the Philippines.

We are already committed and it is our obligation to spread the gospel to all creatures.  We will continue to edify and encourage our brethren. We are praying for everything to our Lord that he will bless us our needs.  We have our Catholic friend visited our home and we have conducted Bibles study with her last few days ago.

Then yesterday our 2 sisters before from the liberal church came and visit with us and of course we are talking about the word of truth base in the Bible. They are ladies teacher from the liberal. She is my first cousin and her daughter

We want also to inform that our daughter Kemie is now improving her health. We have been in the hospital and she was glad after our second check up. Her blood pressure is low. She is anemic, the reason she is weak and pale. She takes anti-anemic medicine and hoping she can recover soon so she can continue her training in the hospital. Thank you so much our dear brethren for your medical assistance. May Our Lord will bless you more.

In His Love,

Chris and Premie

Oct 27 at 9:03 PM

Dear brothers Ed and Duane,

We are hoping all you and your family are doing well. We want to inform you that the new established congregation in Pag-ulaon, Carol-an, started to assemble in the house of our brother Larino Medes, the one that we have post on facebook. We are glad to hear that the newly converted brethren fellowship with them every Sunday. Brother Tote and brother Alex Montecino from Hologon congregation have arrange the schedule every Sunday if who will lead the congregation in Pag-ulaon. So, we appreciate them for their willingness.

We have received call yesterday asking if when shall we can visit again Negros, but we said this depends if we have funds. Brother Boning Guillepa in Dumaguete has often communication to us and he said the brethren there continue to gather together every Sunday in his house.

Also our brethren in Masbate were asking if when shall we can visit again Masbate. We have two congregation there one from  brother Erol’s residence and the other in Barangay Pawecan – the church leader is brother Lacson.  This is about 3 hours travel from Erol’s place. We have visited the place last May.  We have also often communication to these fellow brethren in Barangay Pawecan.   Hope and pray we can visit this places someday. God’s will.

May our Lord bless us all.

In His service,

Chris and Premie


Ed Anderson Duane Cogburn

Sep 18 at 9:57 PM

Dear brothers Ed and Duane,

We are so thankful to our Lord for our safe and successful trip to Negros. We have return home Friday evening. I,Premie is not feeling well now since last  Wednesday .I have pain in my lower back maybe this was due to our trip,  the car we rent was pick up  Ford and I experienced of bumping of my body when it is in rough road. We  rented the pick up so that it can easily run going up to the mountain and its nice easy to drive going up compare to close van. I was not able to stand straight and can not walked fast but still i tried to walk and stand i can send this report to you.

The bible lecture in Camingawan was Monday afternoon there were 30 people attended including children. we are glad that it was holiday and the students have time to attend the lecture.

As what we have said in our previous news, we have 2 baptism in Pag -ulaon ,the new established congregation.The planned was, they will assemble in Pag-ulaon this Sunday and maybe brother Tote will be there this Sunday to lead the assembly there. Last Sunday the brethren from Pag- ulaon fellowship with the Hologon congregation.Since Hologon is far so they need to stat the assembly at Pag- ulaon this Sunday.They will assemble in the house of brother Lareno Medes,he is the older man in this congregation and his wife and all his children are member of the church.There are 15 brethren who will assemble in this congregation and may be there are still prospect  who wants to join..He is busy of his work in his shop and almost all of the brethren has work and others have classes in the government school and their school are far.We have talked some topics from the bible,and we are glad that they continue to serve our Lord.His grandfather Pablo Wakay is still preaching in the pulpit even though his body was paralyzed and he  still active in the church.

We proceed to Dumaguete after Lumbangan,we reached Dumaguete at 8:00 pm. and stay overnight at Vintage Inn.Wednesday at 9:00 .a.m we have Bible lecture at the house of brother Boning Guillepa,this is the house where our brethren in Dumaguete assemble every Sunday..There were 25 attendance on this lecture,the older sister of Chris attended the lecture eventhough she could not walked.She has wheel chair and her son in -Law was the one who carried her going to the assembly area riding on a tricycle.She also attended on the Thanks Giving of brother Bebeth.

After  a short conversation with brother Boning and the brethren there, we visited the house of brother Bebeth Gregorio, this was a man who has a schedule of Thanks Giving on September 15.including the 21th birthday of his son Joelbert Gregorio.This was done as Thanks giving celebration with the whole family of his parents that he reach the age of 21.There were visitors coming from the denomination, his classmates and teachers from the school where he is studying now..he was a working students of the said school and we are glad to know that the owner of the school love him and teach him how to make bath soap.The lecture started at 9:00 a.m.the head of the school was glad that we met with each other,he is the owner of the school and has established a christian school in Valencia.almost 50 people present during the Thanks giving.

Chris and Premie

Oct 31 at 7:32 AM

Dear Bro. Ed and Bro. Duane,


Once again, thank you so much for assistance for my check up in Manila…it such a blessing for me to have thorough check-up again…and I’m praying nothing serious with my health…I can’t bear to go on long medications and more of, to undergo an operation.

I have witnessed the baptism of 3 in Zalpan…we have 1 sister and 2 brothers added in the fold of God,praise Him for the new believer, they may walk faithfully…going up there was very hard because of the slippery road, we just did the baptism at the very edge of the river near the church because of the very strong flow of water coming from upper part of the mountain…It was so unfortunate that we were not able to cross going to the Cacaregan congregation, there should be another baptism there…but they said, they will do it on other day of on Sunday.

The tribe brethren are all so spiritually high, I gave the translated encouragement series…I told the young ones who can read…try their best to explain to their parents or other members…and guide them  in reading verses from their own translated bibles, in their local dialect.

Brennie Agbisit

In September the following distribution of funds were made:  Evangelists support  $2461,  Bibles,Song books, benches, and chairs $735,  Evangelism travel on several islands $1171,  Food and Seed for crops $505, Medical expenses $928,  and charity (widow support and funeral expenses $250.

In October the following distribution of funds were made:  Evangelists support  $2275,  Building repair/rent $405, Songbooks, bibles, chairs $440, Evangelism travel $123,  Food and typhoon damage $628, Medical expenses $1375,  and supplies for alternate medical treatment $55

Below is a list of needs and requests that we have not been able to funds.  If you would like to contribute to any of these specifically, please let us know.

Thanks again for all the help and support for the Philippine work

Yours in Christ,

Duane Cogburn,

Ed Anderson

Philippine Churches and Personal Requests Outstanding  
Updated 11/4/16  
Req. Date Contact/location Reason for Request Needs php  US $
2/8/16 Bro. Mario Moreles Funds for roof over house and chapel 50000  $       611
San Marcellino $500 funded 6-3 Balance  
6/10/16 Jonamin Paulo, Luzon A printer to print/copy out lesson notes for his home studies  $       150
  Bro. Ed’s weekly encouragement emails are used by many of the  
  evangelists for their studies.  
9/13/16 Daniel Elamparo Material to replace wood truss roof with metal and iron sheets (church building)  $    1,100
10/5/16 Bryan Lagunero Repairs to roof lumber and sheet metal 16540  $       376
Mabinay, negros  
  Total Requests to date  $    2,237