Philippine Report March to May 2017

The congregations in the Philippines continue to grow and are able to help more of their members.  March begins their summer school vacation and then the summer months start with increasing temperatures.  The Islands are north of the equator, so they have similar seasons to what we experience, but, they summer months are hot and humid, and the winter time is mild and very pleasant. This is the reason we schedule our visits during January or February. 

Many of the congregations are diligent in their home studies and gatherings and have baptized about two dozen individuals in the last three months.  Several of the older members have passed away.  Bro. Ed and I are encouraged with the energy and zeal that many of the evangelists have in their sharing of the Gospel.  They continue to purposefully dedicate time to their younger member, teaching and training them to read shaped notes, practice song leading, and sermons. 

At present, the most notable problem is the terrorist violence and Martial Law being declared in the southern third of the Islands.  Over 200 citizens/soldiers/terrorists have been killed in the last 3 weeks within one city. The police chief of that city was beheaded by the terrorists.  The authorities have found strong evidence that many terrorist are from the Mid-eastern countries.  We are not currently working with any congregations within the area of where Martial Law has been declared, but some members have family in the southern islands.  It appears much of the violence from the terrorists is targeted toward Christians in general.  One report said some of the Christians are arming themselves.  Two days ago, 2 Japanese tourists were executed off the coast of Palawan. There are 12 congregations that we work with on Palawan and the brothers report it is becoming less safe there.  Please pray for this situation and the protection of the Philippians and the members/families of the congregations. 

In March, 2017, the following distribution of funds was made:  Evangelists support $2219,   Evangelism travel $720, Food and benevolence $40, Medical expenses $1465, Assembly Buildings $1420, From private donations, $610 on vehicle accident. 

In April, 2017, the following distribution of funds was made:  Evangelists support $1838,   Evangelism travel $1060, Food $459, Medical expenses $434, Evangelism radio broadcast (annual) $415, Assembly building $370. 

In May, 2017 the following distribution of funds was made:  Evangelists support $1590, Building repair/rent $1200, Food benevolence $550, Medical expenses $987 and alternate health $80, Water pipe/pump to supply water to the Hologon mountain village $1004.  From private donations a roof was repair on a members home $300, and a donation for teacher education of $220. 

Below are a couple of excerpts from a few of the emails we receive.  

rodel baagin <>  Dear brother Ed, Duane and brethren; Greetings in Jesus name. Hope and pray you are all in good health. Our labor to the Lord here is continue doing well also brethren. Last Sunday, March 19, we have 46 attendance at Midtown Church of Christ and we have also 16 all at Labayug church of Christ. Yesterday, March 20, we have also two home Bible studies at Pinmilapil,Sison,Pangasinan and Also at Poblacion. Rosario,La Union. This day, March 21 in afternoon we have, have also Home Bible study schedule at Bangar,Rosario. Tomorrow, March 22, we have also Home Bible studies with catholic members at Twin Peaks, Tuba,Benguet. I attached here the picture of two precious souls who obeyed the gospel and recievd baptized into Christ. these is the current fruits of our preaching effort here. brother nelson Ricanor,Rev Bernardez,Mamerto Leoncio are active also that work with me here. Again beloved brethren, thank you very much to your love,concern and support to the work of the Lord here to the continue spreading the gospel of Christ here. Through your help we reach the different places here to preached the gospel. I will close for now and until my next report. May God richly bless you all always good brethren. Your brother in Christ. Rodelio Baagin

Mar 20 at 9:15 PM  

To: Duane Cogburn Ed Anderson

Today at 6:32 AM April, 2017

Dear brothers Duane and Edward, 

We would like also to share our news. We have visited the house of our brethren who never fellowship with us every first  day of the week. They have furniture and very busy for their work. We encouraged  them not to forsake the assembly. And thanks they never forgot our Lord.  So busy working  for his 7 children. 

We are busy preparing silver water for the  fast few days for the brethren. Mostly of the brethren are suffering from fever and cough. Some have eye infection and skin illness.  One of our sister has a whole body skin disease. She used the colloidal silver water for 2 weeks ., as of this moment her skin disease has  gone.She was so thankful for the silver water. 

 Then our brother Resurrection Chiva has also ringworm on his two legs and  two feet.Long time he never fellowship with us but he return back to church and be with us  again for almost 2 months.He used the silver water by spraying the infected skin  and he also drink  2 tablespoon  2 times a day for 2 weeks.His kin illness now  cured.He was so thankful for the colloidal silver water.And most of all he is  expressing his thanks to all of you for providing  the Silver Generator for the  congregation of Calinog. 

 We have conducted Bibles studies yesterday after our assembly  with the  brethren here in Calinog.

 We reminded the brethren about a brother who married to a lady who had  separated from her first husband and has one child from her first husband.We  have newly known the case last Saturday.the father of that man  is preaching on  the pulpit.We  discussed to them that it is sin to marry a woman  who had  committed  what it is stated in Romans 7:1-3.Hope and pray they will  be reminded of what is it stated in the book of Romans..

May the Spirit of our Lord will guide those brethren.

In His service,

Chris and Premie Amihay,  Working on the islands of Panay, Negros, and Cebu 

rodel baagin

To Ed Anderson Duane Cogburn  May 28 at 10:11 PM

Dear brother Ed and brethren;

Greetings to you all in the name of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  Hope and pray that you are always in good health good  brethren; Our labor to the Lord here in Rosario,La Union is also continue doing well. We have good attendance yesterday brother, we have 42 all included the children.  We have also 17 all at Labayug,Pangasinan.

I’m glad to report you that last May 26, we conducted gospel meeting at Labayug,Pangasinan, parise the Lord because four (4) precious souls obeyed the gospel and received baptized into Christ for the remission of their past sin.  The two  of theses new brethren is added at Labayug church of Christ and the two is also added at Midtown Church of Church of Christ,Rosario,  These is the current fruits of our joint effort with brother Nelson at Labayug, Sison,Pangasinan  and also with brother Reynaldo Bernardez here in Rosario.La Union.

Again I attached here the pictures of new brethren. four (4)  who  obeyed the gospel of Christ.These is the current fruits of our preaching effort here with bro.Nelson and Reynaldo.  Thank you very much.

May God richly bless you always.    Your brother in Christ   Rodelio Baagin 


Ed Anderson Duane Cogburn

May 22 at 8:52 AM

Dear brothers: Ed and Duane, 

First of all we want to thank Bro.Edward for continues sending encouragements to us and to our brethren.What you are doing is very  useful to all of us and make the brethren to be come strong in the faith. 

We want to thank you again for the assistance for water supply to Hologon brethren.We want to inform you that installing of this water supply needs a person who has the know how.No one of our brothers in Hologon knows to work for it.Our two sons Michael and Christian volunteer   to work for it, since they  know how to install the water supply. 

But ,we need to assist on this work to make sure that it will operate.Since the water source is far,there is a need to  make a reservoir for the water so that the water is safe for drinking.There is a tank but it is near the chapel in Hologon They use this before .Then this tank will be use  again now where in they can stock water. 

 We have forgotten to include the amount for the construction of small reservoir in the water source.We are so sorry but additional amount is needed for the reservoir.Maybe 300 dollars is enough..Hope there is individual brethren in the USA that can donate the amount,we will be very thankful for them. 

We plan to go to Hologon on MAY 30 with Michael and Christian.They need two days working for this water supply.Chris and I plan to conduct lectures on this visit.Just in Hologon and Carol-an only just to make use of the time while working for the supply of water.

Our brethren in Hologon were very glad of your assistance.We want  Carol-an and Hologon  congregation will join on this gospel meeting. 

Our dear brothers,we want only to request  you, if you can send   early our support before May 30 so that we could use it on our trip to Hologon.We know this is a successive visit,but we saw that our presence is needed while working the water supply.Hope and pray our Lord will guide us our plan. 

May our Lord’s  blessings be with you all. 

In His service,

Chris and Premie