Philippine Report, March to June, 2019

An Appeal for an immediate and Urgent Need. 

The summer heat has started with very little rain.  We started getting food requests as the drought progressed into April, May, June and now July  We have sent $2800 for food through June, and more requests are expected during July, August, and into September.   Some rains have started and planting has begun, but it will be two to three months before that crop is ready to harvest.  Please make a special contribution if possible.  Our reserves for this kind and size of emergency are low and limited.  We anticipate, for what we experienced in previous years, another $4,000 to $6,000 will be needed for food.

As reported in some of the emails from the evangelists below, home and private studies have been very effective in spreading the gospel and bringing people to repentance and baptism.  Bro. Robert Roxas who teaches at the University in Cebu City, has rented a study room off campus and recruits students who would like to study the bible.  He usually has 2-4 bible studies  a week and a midweek assembly on Wednesday night in this room.   Over the last year, he and the others members from three different congregations have baptized more than 40 people.   There are now 4 congregations in Cebu City.  The evangelists on Palawan Island report 10 or more baptisms among the 10 congregations.  On the biggest island, Luzon, where there are 18 congregations, many have been baptized since February, and one new congregation started and two buildings have been build, largely from funds from the brothers and their families in the Philippines.

Bro. Edward’s encouragements are a big help in the mountainous and tribal congregations and used in the assemblies for an edifying message.  Several of the members translate these into the native languages.   As I mentioned in our last report letter in March, from the private contributions collected before our Jan/Feb. trip to the Philippines, we were able to take and distribute (10) I-pads and (5) computers with Bible study and lesson preparation programs on them.  These are being used in the evangelists’ home bible studies and lessons.  Bro. Ed and I are very encouraged with the growth among the islands’  congregations over the last 6 years.  Currently, we have identified between 58 to 60 congregations on 7 different Island that we are working with.  Praise God!  Unfortunately, we are not able to go to all of these locations due to the danger to Americans.

We appreciate the continued support and contributions for the U.S. congregations.  We continue to stress the importance for the brothers and their families to find ways to support  themselves and the church work there.  We have seen good progress in their education progression and better jobs over the last 10 years in the mid-size towns and the requests for daily needs have decreased.  However, the mountainous and tribal members, have not be able to improve their ability to become more self supporting, unless they leave their village and go to the bigger towns for better paying work.  This has happened among the members in some of the isolated areas and the workers come back and visit their immediate family/wives/husbands  once a month/s  or once a year, but that has not always ended well spiritually.

In March, 2019, the following distribution of funds was made:  Evangelists’ support $2,323, Evangelism trip expenses $2464, Building repair/rent, benches, bibles  $549,  Medical expenses $2272, charity and moving families for work $1058.

In April, 2019, the following distribution of funds was made:  Evangelists’ support $1354, Evangelism expenses $250, Food as result of drought $304,  Building repair/rent, benches $250,  Bibles & songbooks $400, Medical expenses $432.

In May, 2019, Evangelist’s support $1655, Food as a result of drought $1204, Charity to those in need $287, bibles/songbooks/ study material $318, Evangelists Trip & expenses $536, and Medical needs $400.

In June 2019, Evangelist’s support $3773, Food as a result of drought $1374, Charity to those in need $288, Evangelists Trip & expenses $654, and Medical needs $229.

Duane Cogburn and Ed Anderson

I have attached a list of other requests that we haven’t been able to help since we consider the food needs and medical requests priorities.  If you would like to have your donation used for a particular request, please let us know.


Below are excerpts from some of the many emails we receive from our brothers in the Philippines.  Some have been edited for brevity and so that their English can be better understood.

From: Bro. Fred Agbisit and Sis Brennie

Jun 10 at 10:28 AM   Dear Bro. Ed and Bro. Duane, 

 Greetings,    I was about to start my mail, when the light turned out, brownout..actually total blackout all over the city at least 4 to 5 times per week or perhaps more….and it just came back this time, it 44 mins past 12 midnight here.

The previous week we had studies in Panitian, Tabon and Maasin… we had baptism, 2 in Maasin…some will be this Sunday in Panitian and Tabon. We will have more studies this month of June but the schedule was with Bro. Saim and Bro. Esteban.

The brethren in Aramaywan, cleaned up the church lot premises and as well their old building this past Saturday, they are making it ready for the renovation since, they said it needed to fix their wall and windows. Though, they still keep their service there, it is brother Harley who is leading their worship…he and father Bro. Harry alternates in giving sermon and bible studies, the Bro. Harley   just the same goes with Bro. Ely Boy in Panitian in the afternoon.

You were asking me the estimation of the repair…I have submitted it to you in my previous mails…it’s more or less Php pesos 22,000+…I have to check that mail again.

Last Wednesday til Friday, Bro. Saim, was here with his niece and husband, the one who had accident with his son Ever…we went to an Eye center for check-up,  it was her left eye were had damage and deformed when they had accident…the result of check-up  was she needed it to have laser and so her vision will be clear again, somehow…but unfortunately, they don’t have money to do it right then, so they went home, asking me for help. I told them, that I was so sorry that, I have no money  on hand at that time and he funds was used for the studies already and help some needy as well…however if there will be assistance again ..we will cut from there and help them and they just look for another way to add for how much they needed.

The mountain brethren(Zalpan, Aramaywan, Kalatagbak, Panitian, Tabon, Maasin, Tambis, Kakaregan, Nilapotano and in Espnola  needed for food assistance, not only this time..they were telling me that everytime we are visiting there,  but we tried to give them but only minimal assistance from our budget and mostly we prioritized those who made an appeal from you  for medical and emergency. Our brethren rice plants and vegetables plants has not grown fruitful and dried up because of the summer heat…now that it started  to rain…they are cleaning up the mountain  and their farms for another crop season, hoping they could have good harvest this time for their rice supply/stocks.

If there will be assistance for them this time to  sustain their daily food for  some days, they will very much grateful for it…as for upland rice plants, they will still harvest by the month of late August to October..while waiting for the harvest, they will alternately eating rice, root crops and banana…to survive. Mountain life is so simple but hard to find a living…mostly tribes sell their harvest, or raise chickens, or crafts, brooms made of coconut leaves to sustain their daily food.

I myself, am very thankful for all the brethren there who continuously supporting the works of the Lord here, and well giving assistance for the needy brethren in their medical needs and food assistance. Thank you very much and God bless each one of you more, in return for your kindness and great concern to our brethren.

It’s getting very late, early for the next day.. I have to close from here again. I decided to stay and wait for the power to comeback, because tomorrow may rain is hard for me to go out.   Thank you and God bless.  

with Christ love,   Brennie and Fred Agbisit

From: jominan paulo
Sent: Tuesday, May 21, 2019 4:29 AM
To: Ed Anderson; Duane Cogburn;

Dear Bro Ed & Duane,    Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Our trip to Isabela with my Family was very successful and fruitful sharing the God words to our brethren there. And also they were happy to fellowship in their worship assembly. The numbers of attendees was 35 peoples.

I will announce to them that my plan is to visit them every quarterly of the month to help them to evangelize and edify the brethren in their faith in God.

Bro Ronald Romero also assist the Mangcuram congregation in their worship in the morning and in the afternoon he is going to St. Victoria to conduct a worship service. So bro Ronald he is preaching twice in every Sunday. So, there are happy to know that I will be visit them every quarterly. And my next visit is on August or first week of September.

I will share a picture of the Mancurin congregations.         Jominan Paulo

Jun 4 at 5:02 AM   From:  Bro. Chris Amihay and Sister Premie

Dear Brothers Edward and Duane,

Hope everyone of you are doing well We are all doing well too. Again, thanks to all of you for sending financial assistance for foods for the brethren in the mountain. They were so thankful for your assistance.  And good, they have already planted corn and other crops like peanuts and root crops,now and that should be harvested on the month of August.

Also thanks for our monthly support  and for the fare for Dumageute brethren..

We`want to share this news to you,.We gave fare  for brother Tote  and his daughter to visit  the church in Dumaguete last Saturday and back to Hologon Monday.They visited the church at Dawin,the one that moved last April and visited some of the brethren in Dumaguete in the afternoon of Sunday.

We have visited also Leon, Iloilo last Saturday, we visited the mountain resort at Pine Forest Bucari,Leon .After sight seeing the area,we visited the family of Roland ang Margarita Lasa. of the brother and sister  in -Laws of Chris’s niece. Renelyn Amihay Onciano Lasa, at Barangay Salngan, Leon .but Chris’s neice  passed away about 7 years ago..due to complicated illness.

She has 4 young children left to her husband and now there are already grown bigger.  The youngest was about 1 year old when Renelyn passed away..T wo of her children were with us here in Calinog for more than a month and back home to Salngan Leon  last Saturday.  It’s now class opening for both public and private they need to go home..

There is no other religious group at Salngan Leon..  There are only two group ,the Roman Catholic group and the Baptist group.

We appreciate the family we visited because they are interested to listen to the word of God.They are planning to visit us here in Calinog one of these days.

I have to close now..I need to focus now for my translation of your encouragement  lessons..  The internet connection just newly connected..  Hope there will be no internet connection trouble again.

May our Lord bless you all.    In His Love and service,

Chris and Premie

From:  Steven Curimao, Angeles, Luzon

To:  Ed Anderson,  Duane Cogburn     Jun 9 at 1:15 AM

Brothers,   Greetings in the name of the Lord.

We are happy to be with the brethren of Palayan COC, CAMIAS COC,LAUR COC, CABANATUAN COC.

attending thanksgiving of Cabanatuan Church of Christ today June 9,

They sending their greeting to all of you there.

God bless us!

Steven and Madel

From:  Godie policarpio

To:   Ed Anderson,  Duane Cogburn

Mar 6 at 4:26 AM

Ever Dearest bro. Ed, Duane and all the Brethren,

You are all in my prayers, a warmest greetings to all, I am hoping that you are doing fine and in good health.      I know your labor for the glory of the Lord,  not just only sharing your funds, even up to the extent also giving almost all the things you have to us, even your life, I knew that you two are old enough doing these things, but this does not hinders you to show your love and kindness to everyone of us. I would like to let you know that great is your rewards in heaven. We really appreciated all your love and kindness.

    You know what brother? Even though I am already a public teacher, I haven’t forgot my first love, that is God, and preaching His words, that is already inbeded in my heart, my soul and in my mind. I am longing to be a full-time worker for His vineyard, even though I am in the school I always find time to have Bible study, even to my students. I also pursue my masters degree together with my wife every Saturday, we are doing this because we are looking forward for our retirement, for us to have a big retirement benefits someday. So that we have budget for the evangelism work. Part of our salary goes to the bank because we are preparing for the schooling of our daughter Faith, because she is about to go to College, after a year, and also for our masters degree, and also for preaching.

    I don’t know if it is the right time to appeal to you to please continue your quarterly support to me, I really need it for my evangelism activities, most especially when Tangos Cabangan church started the worship on the said new church building, I and bro. Dan are tandems.

     About the help you gave to us, a portion of it goes to Cawag chuch, we also repaired the Calapandayan church first, we also bought Acer Projector for us to be used in Cawag, Calapandayan and Calapacuan, and we put the rest to the bank, Before we start the new building, we need to save some amount of funds first, so that the work will continue and up to the point of finishing it.

    Thank you so much again for your kindness, please consider my appeal to you. I am hoping that God will bless you and keep you always.

Love and prayers,   Godofredo L. Policarpio

 From:  Godie policarpio

To:Ed Anderson  Cc:Duane Cogburn

Jun 29 at 5:20 PM

Dear brother Ed and bro. Duane,

A warmest greetings to all of you dear brethren, I praying and hoping that all is well. My family is doing well. here is my report.

Church Activities and Seminars Attended.

April 22, 2019

Attended Fellowship at San Antonio Church.

April 27, 2019

We hosted Churches of Christ Fellowship held at Calapandayan

May 1, 2019

I baptized My niece and nephew, Julie Anne and Jake Policarpio,

Julie Ann is a cancer survivor (Leukemia)

May 11, 2019

Baptism at Cawag;

Namely:Jeremy Valencia, Lander Valencia, Kervie Bunagan, Irish Bunagan and Zaida Mae Manlangit

May 25, 2019

Attended Seminar at Kaloocan church of Christ

Speaker: Dr. Michael G. Houts, a brother who works at NASA


The Most Important Decision We Ever Make

The True Science is the Christian’s Friend

Advance in Science Confirm the Bible

Here is my Bible study schedules.

Monday: Alcovendaz family

Tuesday: Bible study to Nacar Family.

Wednesday: midweek

Thursday: Lacorte and Manlangit family

Friday: Dalaguit Family

Saturday: Cawag Church,  visitation with bro.  Augosto Bas-il.

Saturday 4pm, Bible study with bro. Mike at Bonilla family.

Thank you so much for all your love and kindness. may God always give you a good health together with your family.

Please let me know if you received my report.   God bless you always.

Love and Prayers, 

 Godofredo L. Policarpio

From:  Joel C. Ebalan, Masinloc, Luzon

To:   Bros. Ed and Duane

Jun 25 at 11:40 AM


First of all I would like to greet brother Duane a Happy Happy birthday and may the Lord continue to bless you and keep you always more birthday to come and Thank you for being a blessing to everyone.

secondly I would like to report about the previous happenings here in Masinloc and other places like cabangan.

We already resume our contract in radio broadcasting here in masinloc every Sunday 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm regularly.

Last week we conducted and we hosted the Churches of Christ Monthly Fellowship held in Tapuac Church of Christ attended by 78 person came from different congregation around Zambales.

Even though we experienced no electricity that time and it super hot in our place we transfer outside of the Chapel to continue the fellowship.

Every Third Sunday I help brother Daniel in Longos Church of Christ in Cabangan Zambales.

last sunday i’ve been there to encourage our brethren there.

May the Lord Continue to bless us and keep you all. Joel Ebalan

Below is a picture of the  Masinloc,  Zambales Brethren:

Brennie Agbisit

To:  Ed Anderson,  Duane Cogburn

Jul 7 at 10:38 PM

Dear Bro. Ed and Bro. Duane,

Greetings!I arrived late last night, I just visited until Espanola… In the morning…I attended service in Aramaywan and they had 2 baptisms, then we went to Zalpan  and we still had time attending their last part service, after service, they had 10 baptisms…, then they had 3 in Tambis ( but I was not able to go there because I went to meet Bro.  Samuel)….praise God for the new souls who would like to be saved,  the brethren will definitely help them to grow more in their faith. and I more admire our brethren dedication to conduct more studies and win souls with our stands and beliefs.

In Espanola….I have just met Bro. Samuel in teh crossing…he was about to go to Riotuba…and he said that the brethren are just fine, they are starting to flaw their farm lots  for planting vegetables and rice as well…I told him  my apologies about the food distribution that it has not reach them…because I let the Tribe brethren to do it..and they were not able to control the giving, I  have told them to at least will reach them but what happend is not…and so I did apologize for that…I told him, if there next food assistance in some other times, they will be the priority…and He understood and will explain to the brethren.

There has been Dengue outbreak in Quezon and Narra which includes in our mountain brethren are…they have told me some of the brethren children who has been hospitalized, some are in worst condition, that needs blood transfusions…Bro. Saim and  Bro. Enary told me as they had been from Quezon and  they said if  we could give even little assistance because the local government can’t  handle or supply all their treatment as so many has been  confine in the hospital which some are our brethren from Tabon, Maasin and Panitian and katalagbak, as well Bro. Harley told so in Aramaywan. It’s the same case here in Puerto, many Baranggay has an outbreak too.

I told them…I will just mention in my report to you.

We are so sadden about Bro. Harry’s is getting worst..he is already bedridden, if he get up..needs assistance to go to Cr or to eat. Bro. Harley said, that his medication should be continue so he will feel always good. and  he should eat more vegetables and fruits… He told me that the support is a big help  for his maintenance, sometimes they just pray if he ran out of drugs to take and could not buy because they don;t have money and just wait for the support to come. Just like yesterday,  only 2 of his maintenance left and he said they run out some because it’s expensive, they have to wait for the support to buy it.

Ah I would like to make correction about the eye glasses request of Bro. Saim and Bro. Esteban…I misheard it P7,000 for both of them because as senior citizen, they have discount…I thought P7,000 each. I told them that I have mentioned it to you..I don’t know if you can  help them buy each.

Thank you very much for your encouragement series, it help us  more to have knwoledge about God’s words and how to live by it as God’s child.

The electricity is seems to be off again…we always have 3 to 4 brownouts per day here…I must send it now before  it will brownout.

May God grace be upon you all.    with Christ love,  Brennie