Philippine Report July to October 2019

Philippine report,  July to October, 2019

Again, we wish to thank each and every one that have contributed to the work in the Philippines. 

The rain finally came in July, which helped the farmers with their rain crops.  Some of the rice fields are irrigated, but many are not and rely on rain.  Then, of course, some parts of the islands had too much rain in September and August, which washed out the small rice seedlings.  Through the generous donations of many, we currently have a food fund account that will carry us through the year.

The home and private studies by the evangelists have been very effective in spreading the gospel and bringing people to Christ. I would estimate the number of baptisms since the first of the year is approaching 80.  The brothers and member there are good with follow-up studies and fellowship activities with the newly baptized members, which have resulted in several new congregations this year.

As I mentioned in my last report, Bro. Edward’s encouragements are a big help in the mountainous and tribal congregations and are used in the assemblies of the mountainous areas for an edifying message.  Several of the members translate these into the native languages.  These weekly encouragements are also sent to the members in Mexico and the Yucatan.   Bro Ed is able to use an electronic translation program, to put the encouragements into Spanish.

Several of the key evangelists/members are continuing with their education, which positions them for better jobs and advancements.  This also is a step toward making the Lord’s work in the Philippines more self- supporting.  The employment opportunities in the rural and mountainous areas are limited and low paying.   Also unfortunately, their medical needs continue, and the health insurance, if they have it (and many of the members don’t), only pays a small amount.  These medical requests are constant and substantial.  Of course, we cannot meet all of the medical needs, but with your generous donations, we help as we can.  Below is a breakdown of the areas where funds were sent these last four months.

 In July, 2019, the following distribution of funds was made:  Evangelists’ support $1,787, Evangelism  expenses $1,510 Building repair/rent, benches, bibles  $558,  Medical expenses $3,216, Food $2,412 Storm damage & charity $404, and funeral $204.

In August, 2019, the following distribution of funds was made:  Evangelists’ support $1,810, Evangelism expenses $325, Food $1,104,  Building repair/rent, benches $304,  Medical expenses $2,870, Storm damage and Charity  $1,334.

In September, 2019, Evangelist’s support $1945, Food  $290, bibles/songbooks/ study material $178, Evangelists  expenses $857, and Medical needs $1,708, and Funerals $204.

In October 2019, Evangelist’s support $1,586, Bibles, Songbooks, bldg. repairs $654, Food  $750, Charity to those in need $250, Evangelists expenses $354, and Medical needs $2564.

Duane Cogburn and Ed Anderson

I have attached a list of other requests that we haven’t been able to help since we consider the food needs and medical requests priorities.  If you would like to have your donation used for a particular request, please let us know.    I purposely have not tried to correct the English and spelling.  Their English is much better than any knowledge I have of the Philippine dialects.


Below are excerpts from some of the many emails we receive from our brothers in the Philippines.  Some have been edited for brevity and so that their English can be better understood.



To:  Ed Anderson & Duane

Oct 13 at 9:52 PM  Good day brethren.

This is the update for the roof repair of our chapel in San Narciso Zambales.

Through your financial help we are able to do it. Thank you for your continous help and prayers to us.

May the Lord bless you more.

-Bro. Genesis Relaniza


From: miguel ebalan sr.   October 8, 2019 4:36 PM

To: Ed Anderson and Duane Cogburn

Subject: Report September 2019

Hello brethren I hope everything is fine upon recieveing this message. 

In my condition God allows me to do things tgat I want to do. Instead of going house to house Im inviting some prospect to come over by schedulen and study the world of God.

Sorry for the delay. Our weather condition is very tough this past few days and even now.

Our chapel is also affected by road widening by the government so that the baptistery is going to remove and the whole fence and gate.

The building is beside of the National road. Thats why.

I have some photo that preaching some visitors in the chapel.

Thank you and please include me in your prayers as i include all of you in my prayers.

May God bless you all and maybthe grace of God be with you all. 

Miguel Ebalan


Bro. Mario and Sis. lorie Moral

To:Ed Anderson   Duane Cogburn   Anita Cogburn

Sep 24 at 10:44 PM

My deepest thanks brother and sister for the help and continues prayers until now which I really need and appreciated. I am now much feeling better than before although still having tube in my nose. I am trying and practising to swallow and eat. I am hardly praying and hoping for my continues recovery. Please extend my deepest thanks to all our brother and sister there. We love you all and God bless!

sis. Lorie and family


jominan paulo

To:  Ed Anderson  Duane Cogburn

Sep 9 at 9:17 PM

Brother Ed & Duane,

Your greetings to our brethren in Isabela was extened and they are happy to heard your greeting.

Our trip was very tiresome because it takes 12 hrs in the bus and we are very thankful that we safely home. Our brethren in Isabela are fine serving the Lord and some of the men in the church are leading in the worship and my father also one the leader in the Lord suffer. And  I gladly to say that we have 30 attendies including the children last sunday in Mangcuram congregation.

Bro. Ronald Romero he is in mangcuram yesterday to attend a worship assembly, I extend my greeating to St. Victoria and also your greetings too. But he unfortunately he said that the congregation he faces struggle in number of attendies in their worship because many of the members are working and busy to their work. I also plan to preach in their worship but bro. Ronald replied to me its better to visit nextime  when I go back again. The time of their worship is 1pm in the afternoon.

Sis. Rowena of mangcuram she talk to me about their request for the two windows in the front of the chapel if they have available funds to your budget. The amount was 12 thousand pesos. They said to me to remind their request.

I attact some pictures below brother.

Your brother in Christ, Jominan


From:  Brennie Agbisit

To:  Ed Anderson   Duane Cogburn

Sep 10 at 9:55 AM

Dear Bro. Ed and Bro. Duane,


Thank you very much for sending the funds for the benches  of Zalpan and Tambis, they are working on it now and hopefully by Sunday they an finish some if not all. The brethren are very thankful once again for your help.

I just arrived yesterday morning from Aramaywan, together with Bro. Saim and sister Fina..we went down from Zalpan to buy nails, the lumber are ready but we forgot to buy nails, that was  a bit funny.

I was suppose to mail you last Thursday but the yahoo was down here…I don’t know if it’s just  here or totally shut off for awhile….I decided to mail you once I get back here.

Father has just gone to Narra today…he will do some bible studies with half Muslim family, they are having interest to learn  about our stand/doctrines and baptism. He will be back by Friday.

Bro. Esteban and the other young man only goes to have studies…Bro.Saim, Sons and other  men members are helping out in making the benches. They will have  6 baptism…2 in Tabon and 4 in Panitian.

Dengue is giving so much worries to all of us here, because the kind of dengue now  is more dangerous than before… this time it has no other symptoms rather than having on and off fever…no rashes.however it affects the internal organs, it swelling and then before bleeding will come out from nose or ears…unlike before…you have rashes and severe head and stomach pains. For this week, we have fatalities  again here in the province, the latest is  a pregnant woman…she died and her baby…so sad. So I told the brethren, after we do bible studies, we will h give them tips on how to be careful of mosquito bites, and what precautions they should do…we have 2 young people who are in hospital In Quezon, we hope they will get better, and we will try to help them with their hospitalization once the assistance funds will be sent.

I’m observing my two nieces, they have fever since yesterday. hoping it just colds. Erika said that the hospital here are full of dengue patients…and our blood bank  is running out of blood stocks because of blood transfusions

In Christ,  Brennie Agbisit


Aug 1 at 9:24 PM   Brennie Agbisit

To:  Ed Anderson,   Duane Cogburn

Aug 11 at 8:50 PM

Dear Bro. Ed and Bro. Duane,

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ!

Bro. Saim once again is very much thanful of your help to his wife, with ur assistqnce they were able to buy all the medicines that wqs not available in the hospital..sister Fina suffered too much from Malaria that almost took her life, she was released only last Friday…they left P6,000+ bill…amd we asked my coisin Norie to be the guarantor to sign the peomissoey note, we will be paying it when Bro.Saim support arrive this week.

Here, nowadays if not dengue, it is malaria the sickness of some people mountain people and city people alike, that’s why we are very cafeful not ti be bitten by mosquito…because many are confine in the hospital and some could not survive it, especially those already serious before they bring the patient into the hospital…we are thankful to God that our brethren got cured and your assistance really helped many of them while confined.

I personally thank u my dear brethren for your great love and concern to our brethren here.

I visited our brethren after the storm last week and tornado made so much damages in some areas here in the city and some other parts in the south and north.

In Narra, many houses roofs flown away and trees branches were cut… while I was there last Tuesday…another strong cousins banana plants, some has fruits already were down by the strong wind blows..they just regret that they have just put fertilizer in their rice plants and then it rain for almost a week.

In Espanola, Bro Samuel said it’s the same, some of it the houses of our brethren but what most unfortunate, some of their boats were destroyed, total wreck when turnado passed off there, our fisheremen brethren were so sad about it, since it will cost them alot to build a new one…however they are thankful that none of them get hurt, some who were sailing at that time..they escaped the forming turnado coming and hid in the mangroves…unlike in other provinces, many boats were drown and damaged too, some tourists were drown too. He said, some were temporary stayed in the church building for shelter while they were fixing their roofs..but sad because their stuffs and other household things got wet by the strong rain after the turnado.

 Just only in Zalpan and Aramqywan Dos that I was,able to visit…only their plants were damaged, their upland rice as well.

Only 3 storms has just passed in our country, they said this august 8 storms will be coming, so we still have 5..hopefully not strong.

Despite of this calamities…it so inspiring that the brethren faithfulness and trust to God has not changed…they said life must go on…keep holding and always ask God for protection in times such like that. We keep encouraging each other especially the newly baptized brethren .

Only, yesterday after service in Zalpan that Bro. Saim and the brethren were able to to Tabon and Maasin to to the service there. I was not able to go with them because..I still have colds but not worst this time unlike the last .week.

They have baptism schedule yesterday…I don’t know yet. How many souls submitted however, we has some schedules of studies again this month of August..

Bro Harry’s healthy is still not good…no one is taking care of him except Bro. Harley..he writes his sermon though and let Bro. Harley deliver it…when they goes to church..Bro. Harley is binding him to his back because he has no strength to hold brother Harley and chances are he could be fallen out because the roas is too rough. He wrote in a pad…that even his situation is like that, he has difficulty in speaking now..he still has his mind that could make lessons, it is his way now in serving God.

Bro. Harley said, he will bring to the doctor his father as soon as I will deliver the support.

With my father’s health…we are thankful that he is in good xshape this time and we keep on praying that is healthy even he is gets older, so he can continue preaching.

I hope you had wonderful time with your were in our prayers.

I will close from here again. Take care and God bless.

With Christ love, Brennie


From: Premie Amihay

Sent: Wednesday, August 28, 2019 5:52 AM

To: <>

Subject: Re: Money for John’s baby

Dear Brothers Edward and Duane,

Chris and I  were so thankful to you upon opening our inbox this morning .We don’t expect you have sent an additional assistance for John’s baby.

Right away we went to Iloilo this morning after I claimed the money from the bank.

John and Cendy were very glad of your assistance.Everyday the spent 4,000 cash  medicne for the baby..

We visited this morning the baby in the hospital with John and Cendy and Michael,our driver


Thankful to God that the baby was out in the incubator yesterday afternoon and she is now transfered in the crave..It means John will no longer pay the incubator .Before the doctor said,the baby needs to be in the incubator for 5 weeks because her heart is weak and expecting to have pneumonia..But thankful the baby is safe from pneumonia.Thanks to all of you for the prayers to our new grand daughter..

John and Cendy wants that the baby will be home now but the doctor will not permit to bring home

the baby.She should stay in the hospital until she the time she is ready  to be in the outside enviroment.

Please,continue.praying for the fast maturity of our new grand daughter.Thanks

Lastly, please send our warmest thanks to all.our brethren who heartily shared their assistance.

John and Cendy also sent their thanks to all our brethren who shared their financial assistance for their Baby girl.

John  will send  his letter of thanks to you later.

I have to close now.May.our Lord’s blessings be upon you all.

In His Love,   Chris, Premie and Family

jominan paulo

To:  Ed Anderson,  Duane Cogburn

Aug 18 at 9:03 PM

Dear Brother Ed & Duane,

Thank you for always sending a word of God by encouragement to us. I pray that all may go well with you and that you may be in good health, as it goes well with your soul. (3 John 1:2)

I am inform you about my trip in isabela this coming month of September 6 – 9, this is friday until monday. Can you sent my transportation allowance and also my quarterly support first week of september.

About my accident, i am okay now and my wound in my head is already healed. Thank you for all your prayers.

Every month i have schedule of preaching in other congregation here in pampanga and quarterly in Isabela. I made a suggestion to you if this is reasonable, do you increase my quarterly support and the increase that you gave i use it for transportion going to the churches that i preach. This is suggestion only brother hope you understand.

Your beloved in Christ,   Jominan


Premie Amihay

To:   Ed Anderson,  Duane Cogburn

Jul 31 at 10:28 AM

Dear brothers: Edward and Duane,

greetings to all of you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.Hope all of you are doing well.We are  doing well  too.

We want to share this news to you.We are glad to hear that our brethren that moved  from Dumaguete city to Dawin are having their  assembly every first day of the week.But we believed they need more follow up teaching to encourage them.Like our brother, the nephew of Chris who is leading the assembly,his name is Joan Amihay Ramirez..There are three families in this site and they assemble in the house of Chris’s sister ,mother of bro.Joan.

We are also concern of brother Boning who reside in Dumaguete at Barangay Bahum Pandan and also leading the brethren in Dumaguete city .These brothers needs more follow up encourage them how to be a good leader in a congregation.

Hope we can visit again the brethren at Dumaguete..and other churches in Negros.

Good news,the were 4 souls added to the church of carol-an last Sunday.

There were three brothers from Hologon who came here in Calinog to find a job.They are driving in a tribike so that they can earn money for the family…They said the corn plants were totally damaged by a strong wind.

They corn still on its flowering stage when typhoon Falcon strike.

The three brothers went home, when they knew there was an assistance for purchase of rice.

Again ,thank you so much our dear brethren for the rice assistance for the brethren in the mountain..Many brethren in Negros were affected of strong wind.

Brethren at Don Salvador and Tayasan were also affected.Their plants were damaged by typhoon Falcon.The coldest place and strong wind often pass in the area of Don Salvador when there is typhoon.

We often visited brethren at Badlan and still they have assembly every first day of the week in the house of brother Jay-ar Castor.They can not all fellowship with us in Calinog because some of the brethren sometimes short of money for their our sister Myrna Jimenez..Sister Myrna is a woman that never forsake the assembly behind  many trials  came to her family.

Brother Jemar son of brother Jay-ar fellowship with us in Calinog with his first cousin Leo Libuna riding on the motorcycle you gave last February visit. They planned to attach sidecar so that the whole family could go to church in Calinog..

We appreciate Brother Jay-ar for his faithfulness and his family.No reason they could not fellowship with us because they have already a motorcycle.

We are planning to visit again our brethren in Roxas city. Lord willing.Brother Vic Llono called us last week and asking how are we doing.he said he wants to fellowship with us in Calinog last Sunday but rain was so strong and he was not feeling well.he is now 75 years old.

Beloved brothers..In connection with the affected churches Don Salvador and Tayasan.We would like to ask from you if you could  help  our brethren at Don Salvador and in Tayasan too.This month of August is the hunger month in a year.Even here in Calinog..If our brethren there  can share for additional amount for the affected churches ,maybe  500 dollars for the affected brethren who are not on my list before,we will be very glad to hear it from the brethren in the USA.

We were not able to gather all the information because we don’t have direct communication to them.Besides,my cellular phone was lost and my sim. was change ,I lost all my contacts..

Thank you so much to all of you for your great concern to the brethren here in our area.

May the blessings of our Lord be with you all.

In His Love,   Chris and Premie


Steven Curimao

To:  Ed & Duane

Jul 28 at 1:27 AM


We travelling back to our work place from Lawak Pangasinan. we  are very happy seeing each other again and had a chance to delivered the message of the Lord. after worship we had a potluck fellowship.

as you can see there is a wall paint first coating only. tomorrow they will continue to paint. thank you very much for your help to sister Anita and and her father. we been to hardware earlier and order the materials needed and handed her the remaining funds.n

May the Lord God continue to bless us all.

include here the photos taken awhile ago.

steven and madel