Philippine Report July 2016

Greetings to the many congregations and members that are supporting the work in the Philippines.  The rains have started again in many of the islands and planting has been under way this month.  It takes about 75 to 90 days for the rice crop to mature and be harvested.  We want to express our thanks, again, from the contributions that were send to help our Philippine brothers through this drought.

For the month of August, it is our goal to raise the funds to replace a van that Bro. Bill Yarbrough and Bro Harry Cobb originally purchase 7-8 years ago for the work on Panay and Negros.  Many of these congregations are rural or mountainous and hard to reach by common transportation.  The van purchased for this work by Bro Chris & Sister Premie has been repaired many times and overhaul once.  It is a Mercedes Benz and the parts are almost impossible to get (the van is about 20 years old) and has to be purchased from Germany and very expensive.  The van has been parked and deemed not worth fixing.

It is our goal to raise $15,000 to purchase a 5 to 6 year old van with less than 50,000 miles.  It appears the best brand for serviceability and parts is a Toyota diesel van.  Will you join us in this effort in the month of August?  If you or your congregation is willing to commit to this effort, please email Ed Anderson or myself the amount that works for you.  If we are able to get commitments for sufficient funds to purchase the vehicle, we will notify you and then you can sent the funds. These funds will only be used for this purpose only.

Bro. Chris and Sis. Premie have been involved in the evangelistic work for many years and are full of energy and knowledgeable in the Word.  They directly work with about 12 congregations spread over several hundred miles.  Renting a vehicle usually comes only with a driver and gets expensive.

Below are some excerpts from the emails we recently received:

From: Fred and Brennie Agbisit, Palawan…July 7, 2016

……In the mountain congregations, they are just fine but some are sick of Malaria…but hopefully the medicines from drug stores will help them get better instead of going to be confine. They have 2 baptism in kakaregan where Bro. Enary, son of Bro. Saim started to preach….I’d love to go there next Sunday to have fellowship with the new sisters in Christ…May the water level in the river which we need to cross in order to get there, the current or flow of the water isn’t that strong by then.

From: Chris and Premie Amihay, Panay and Negros, Subject:  Delivery of food…..July 2016

Dear brothers: Ed and Duane, We would like to express the warmest thanks from all our brethren here who have received rice for the hunger. They are so glad of the assistant they received from you. We have started the distribution Saturday and Sunday after our assembly here in Calinog and Passi church last Monday morning. We sent cash to Camingawan church through brother Gaspar then to Hologon and Carol-an through BrotherTote. Brother Tote and brother Amado Onciano are encharge of distribution of rice today. 

From: Rodel Baagin
Subject: Brethren at Mindoro

July 7, 2016

Dear brother Ed and brethren;

Again, greetings to you all in the name of the Lord and our Savior Jesus Christ. Hope and pray you are all in good health and good situation brethren.

The work of the Lord here in Rosario La Union is continue doing well brethren. This Sunday,July 10, our attendance in our worship is 26 all. We have three (3) brethren absent,  but we have also two (2) new visitors.

Last Saturday afternoon, we conducted also Home Bible studies at Poblacion,Pugo,La Union.

From Monday to Wednesday, I am with the brethren at Occidental Mindoro. Thursday night I’m back already here in La Union.

I preached with the four (4) congregation there and conducted new home Bible studies at Segaras,Santa Cruz with the brethren there. Although no baptism, but.three (3) brethren restored again…….

From: Chris and Premie Amihay

Jul 31

Dear brothers: Ed and Duane,

Hope  you are all doing well through the guidance of our loving father in heaven.We would like to inform you that the our brethren in Dumaguete continue to assemble every Sunday in the house of brother Boning Guillepa. Brother Boning and brother Bebeth Gregorio are helping one another every Sunday.We appreciate brother Boning for his willingness to lead the church in Dumaguete and also brother Bebeth Gregorio..they said they have set their time of  assembly from 9:30 because some of the brethren are far from the meeting house.Its good the family of brother Bebeth Gregorio attended every Sunday this include the young children they are all 9 coming from Valencia town..They are renting tricycle every Sunday going to the meeting house of brother Boning.Thank you so much that you have sent money for their transportation.Some of the brethren are coming from Bacong town,this is a little bit further than Valencia town.

In June the following distribution of funds were made:  Evangelists support  $2461, Bibles and Song books $255,  Evangelism travel on several islands $1310,  Three Assembly building repairs or construction $2107, Medical expenses $655,  and charity $910.

Below is a list of needs and requests that we have not been able to funds.  If you would like to contribute to any of these specifically, please let us know.

In July, two of the elderly and faithful brothers passed away on the island of Luzon.  Bro Daniel Emlamparo and Bro. Damaso Curimao.

Thanks again for all the help and support for the Philippine work

Duane Cogburn

Ed Anderson