Philippine Report August-September 2016

It has been a good month for the Philippine brothers.  Crops are continuing to mature and the weather has been reasonably good, but, of course hot and humid.  Some heavy rain on Palawan has caused flooding and some lost their crops and they are replanting.  Illness continues among the members, especially among the elderly and very young. 

The response concerning raising the funds to replace a van for Bro. Chris Amihay has been slow.  We will continue to pray and ask the Lord’s guidance in this matter. 

Due to the preparation time needed for our annual February Evangelism trip to the Philippines, we are starting earlier this year.  We are planning a shorter trip with more focus in studying and working with the leaders/teachers and evangelist of the congregations.  We plan to cut our travel miles down and spend less time visiting as many congregations as we did last year (28 congregations in 3 ½ weeks).  Additionally, we hope the shorter trip and less traveling will help us to economize on our expenses this year. 

Here is a brief breakdown of our budget this year:

        $6250        Traveling costs, including airfares to the Philippines, inter-

Island air & ferry travel, rental car/van, fuel, meals on-the-road, lodging and common meals with brothers & congregations that we meet with.

        $2,200       Songbooks, bibles, plastic chairs, benches

        $1,600       Assembly building repairs

        $1,500       Food for members in rural and mountain areas

        $2,400       Alternative medical treatment supplies, vegetable seeds,

                        Supplements, and medicines

        $1,200       Extra evangelism expenses 

We would appreciate your consideration to help us with the funds for this effort.  We would like to book airfares soon for the better prices.  Our goal is to identify those that are willing to contribute by mid-October.  We will not need to collect all the funds until December.  Our purpose of these annual trips are to:

        Encourage the members and study with them

        Help them in their evangelistic efforts

        Deepen their spiritual knowledge and increase their teaching abilities

        Verify the funds sent throughout the year are being spent responsibly

        Express our love and spiritual concern for their labors in the Kingdom

        Additionally, last year, we spent time presenting alternative health

treatments many illnesses and daily health issues they

experience.  This has been quite successful in cutting down

the medical requests we receive. 


The generous contributions from last year for the February 2016 Evangelism trip were greatly appreciated.      


A report from the Island of Palawan:  August 10., 2016

Bro. Samuel had 2 baptisms in Espanola,  2 young children of his Bro. Jeremias… he is glad that Bro. Ian Laong is helping him now there in leading the service…since Bro. Ian married his niece Joy….. Bro. Ian used to be attending here in Puerto church, the youngest son of Bro. Ludy Laong who was also our visitor brother this Sunday service from Brookes point, he is the widower of late sister Daisy which was died of goiter cancer. Bro. Ian is a good potential to become evangelist, he is just 27 years old and very good in singing.

Thank you for your encourage series…it is a good encouragement especially to the new brethren.

I will close from here again….take care and God bless you all.

With Christ love,


8-25-16     From Joel Ebalan, Zambales, Luzon:  Greetings in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, It’s been a rainy season here in the Philippines and cause some flash flood in some area here in Northern Luzon.  But through the help of God. He spare some of this in His son, and keep us safe and sound. Because of badly weather some of my bible studies are subject for changes in terms of schedule. I have 5 bible studies during Saturday and one of this rescheduled in Friday night at 7:00pm and another 3 bible studies during Sunday after the radio broadcast(Discussing the Bible) . One of my Sunday bible studies rescheduled in Wednesday night. So in total, I have 8 bible studies and 1 radio program which is Bible based program in a local radio station here in Masinloc namely dwdh 101.5 agri pinoy serbisyong putog (true service) with the title GOSPEL TALK with Bro. Joel Ebalan (funded by you brethren) Probably some of my program is concerning the christian living and values formation in general audiences and encouragement. My program is still Sunday every 1pm after10am worship at Masinloc  We will have also brethren from Isabela that migrated in Tapuac Masinloc and find the congregation there. They migrated because of the availability of work here in Masinloc of her husband. 

From: Bernaldo Rodelas Jr. September 14, 2016 6:55 AM
Dear brother Ed, Tony and brethren;      Greeting again in Jesus name. we pray always your good health brethren.  Our work to the Lord here in Occidental Mindoro is continue doing well.

Last week, Sepember 5-9, we were back in Oriental Mindoro with brother Rodel Baagin and conducted house to house Bible studies there. I’m glad to report that four (4) precious souls obeyed the gospel there and received baptized into Christ at the area of Bako and Calapan. Oriental Mindoro. We fallow up also Bible studies at Bungabong, Oriental Mindoro.

Thank you beloved brethren to your continue support to me to continue carry the gospel to those many lost souls to the many places here in Mindoro provinces. Thank you to your concern to the spreading the gospel…….

Thank you so much to your love and concern good brethren.

God bless.   Your brother in Christ;   Bernaldo Rodelas

An Appeal for help on their aging church building:

Sep 13 at 6:07 PM

Dear brother Duane, bro Eduard and brethren,

Greetings, We, brethren from Cabalan Church of Christ (Olongapo Philippines) are appealing to your kind hearts regarding our need of roof replacement. The roof of Cabalan chapel was made of used lumbers and used Galvanized Iron sheets from a house of sister Flor Poblete before.  

Our plan is to replace it with new steel frames and new roof so that it will last longer but we are lacking of fund, we are worried that the time will come, the roof will collapse due to rotten wood and beams eaten by termites.

 The congregation only have small savings that is why we are knocking to your hearts and appealing to share with our burden.  

If you know of a person/congregations who want to share their blessings for our chapel please let us know. We will be very happy to receive such blessings for the glory of our Master.  

I hope you could consider our request,looking forward for your response,may our gracious Lord bless you as you continue helping the brethren,(Galatians 6:10),thank you in advance. 

Our target date of construction will be on the month of October 2016. 

Or as the fund allow us to start the project. 

We will be needing the following materials:

Iron sheets——————(36 pcs.x P520)=P18,520

Angular bars—————-(20 pcs.x P450)=P9,000

C-farlings(for iron beams)—-(20 pcs.P370)=P7,400

Tex screw and nails——————P2,000

Ply wood——————– (20 pcs.x P450)=P9,000

Payment for workers———(P500/day x10 days)=P5,000

TOTAL P50,920 or $1,100


 In Him,         Daniel Elamparo Jr.

(Church of Christ Evangelist )

             Luxon, Philippines


Cawag, Subic Bay, Luzon

Dear brother Ed and brother Duane, I am so happy to let you know that we already bought the materials needed for the church building in Cawag. We work together in carrying all the materials. Even our sisters are carrying gravel and hollow blocks. We will be going to paint the roof sheets, angle bars and c-furlins and the work for the beams will start tomorrow. God bless brethren. I also attached some photos. Love and prayers, Godofredo L. Policarpio

Summer 2016 


Last few weeks ago brethren, I go to Occidental and Oriental Mindoro also brethren and preached there with brother Bernaldo Rodelas.  The fruits of our joint preaching effort are nine (9) precious souls obeyed the gospel and received baptized into Christ for the remission of their past sins.

This coming September 6-8, we have schedule again to follow up Home Bible studies at Oriental Mindoro. we have a good work started there brethren. 

August 24, Home Bible studies at Tablon,San Pabian,Pangasinan.

August 25, New Home Bible studies at Paraspas,Rosario,La Union.

August 25, Home Bible studies here in Cuenca,Pugo,La Union

August 26, Home Bible studies at Bangar,Rosario La Union

August 27,Again Home Bible studies here in Cuenca in the morning and visitation to the brethren in the aftternoon.

Today,August 29, we have schedule to go at Trinidad,Benguet, near in the City of Baguio to try to restore the one congregation there. but at this point of time brethren and all night that non stop the pour of heavy rains,that’s why we cancel it. 

I will close for now brethren and  thank you very much to your concern and love . May God richly bless you always good brethren.

Your co-laborer in the vineyard of the Lord

Rodelio Baagin


In July the following distribution of funds were made:  Evangelists support  $2771,  Bibles and Song books $385,  Evangelism travel on several islands $760,  Food and Seed for crops $855, Medical expenses $505,  and charity (widow support and funeral expenses $145. 

In August the following distribution of funds were made:  Evangelists support  $2461,  Building repair/rent $405,  Evangelism travel on several islands $305,  Food and Seed for crops $1158, Medical expenses $510,  and charity home fire damage and funeral expenses) $360..

Below is a list of needs and requests that we have not been able to funds.  If you would like to contribute to any of these specifically, please let us know. 

Thanks again for all the help and support for the Philippine work 

Duane Cogburn

Ed Anderson