October, November, and December Report

October, November, and December 2017 Philippine Report

The Philippines have experienced multiple Typhoons out of the Pacific in November and December, resulting in damage to the crops and buildings.    The heavy rains have created roaring rivers that cannot be crossed and flooding in the low-land areas.  Several of the members and their families have fled to public shelters due to the landslides (similar to what California has experienced lately.) To our knowledge though, no members lost their life.  The requests for food have continued over the last two months. We put an appeal out for donations specifically for food and necessities like clothes.  The brotherhood has been very generous and a little over $6,000 was donated. These funds were immediately sent and disbursed to over 150 families on four islands.   Praise God for your help and a big thank you.  Let’s continue our prayers for those who have lost their homes, crops, and jobs in all areas.  The members that fish for a living were not allowed to go out in the rough seas and some had their boats damaged even in dry dock.  Most of these brothers are back fishing at this time.  The new congregation in the mountains of Palawan, that I mentioned in my last report, has been paused for a short time due to the problem of having a dry place to gather.  Another congregation’s building on Palawan lost most of their roof, songbooks and bibles.  We hope to have the funds to replace them soon. Cholera and Dengue (a mosquito borne disease) has also been a problem on the flooded islands.

Even with the storms this season, the evangelism work continues.  The northern islands experienced only a small part of the typhoons and have had many baptisms and conversions.  Please read below a sample of the reports we have recently received.

We have canceled our plans to visit and encourage the brothers in the Philippines this year.  Even though some funds were contributed for the trip, it was not sufficient to cover the full costs with the many requests we receive when we are there.  We will see what the Lord’s will is when time comes closer for a trip next February, 2019.  Any contributions that come in marked for the 2019 trip during this year, will be setback and saved for that purpose for next year.

In October 2017, the following distribution of funds was made:  Evangelists support $1679,  Building repair 604,  Evangelism Transportation & Trips $1697  Food, benevolence $203,  Medical expenses $958,  and help with funerals $103.

In November 2017, the following distribution of funds was made:  Evangelists’ support $1639 , Building repair/rent $604, Evangelism Transportation & Trips $479,  Medical expenses $1061.

In December 2017, the following distribution of funds was made:  Evangelists support $2567,  Evangelism Transportation & Trips $409,  Food benevolence $2574  Medical expenses $1803.

Thank you for your interest, prayers and support of this work.  At the end of this report is a list of needs that we have been unable to help due to limited funds.  If you would like to contribute to a specific need, please email us about that.

Brennie Agbisit

To Ed Anderson and Duane Cogburn

Oct 11 at 11:39 AM

Dear Bro. Ed and Bro. Duane,    Greetings!

Thank you so much for unexpected assistance for the brethren who are really in need. Bro. Saim and I went to Quezon again yesterday and gave the assistance to the brethren who are still confine, sister Belen 2 children are out today but hopefully some will be out by tomorrow and until Saturday.

They are very grateful of your help. I told them that the brethren in America wishes you all get well  and they really tried their best to send help to you all. if not of the assistance, they don’t have  anywhere to get, so most probably they will leave their land title to the hospital just to go out, use it as collateral…until they will settle their bills.

We are praying no more of them will goes to hospital for the same cases. The problem is…all of them gets water in the spring, which sometimes contaminated with parasites… Bro. Saim and I were talking, what  possibly could be the solution that…no  just this time or in the long run, that there no more problem with cholera …or not getting contaminated water from the spring….He said, at least they will have water pumps…even just within the church compound, where all the brethren can bring their container and get water from there…same to do with the other mountain congregations and always remind them of the precautions, what to do with their food or drinking water.

We are  ready for this Friday fellowship gain in Panitian…I have prepared the  lessons to distribute and stuffs to be bring and distribute to them, as well our food to bring up there ..the bibles and song books we bought will be brought by Bro. Saim. We are hoping we will have more baptisms after the lectures….they may enlighten more this time….with God’s help.

I might be going to the visit the Santiago’s…there was another military encounter again with the rebels, the other day and they told me….it ran down until the  houses down the mountain again. Far south is really a war zone areas and rebels areas as well. According to the local news…many Maute’s gruop who escaped from Marawi  are hiding in different places in the south. That’s why the military are red alert. We are praying they will not  spread destruction here in our island, even here in the city…offices, churches and business establishments are always red alert…because of  so many chaos that’s happening lately…just like the in  Las Vegas….it already happened here like that in one hotel with casino in Manila just last June..about hundreds also were hurt and 14 were dead.

I will close from here…will mail you again  soon after I came from my travel and lectureship.

Again, thank you very much. Take care and God bless.

with Christ love,  Brennie

To: Duane Cogburn Oct 18 at 6:24 AM

From: Premie Amihay

Greetings to all of you in the name of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ.Hope all of you are doing well.For us here, we are all doing fine.

We have arrived home from Bacolod last Saturday afternoon and thanks to our Lord for the good trip.We have taught the lessons about True baptism since the people we taught were born  in Roman Catholic .We thanks for the time they spent with us and we  thanks for their interest to listen to the word of Truth.

Hope the word of God they learned will remain in their heart and in their mind and this will serve them to follow the right path  to heaven.

We have another invitation for Bible yesterday in the city of Iloilo and we met one family a husband and wife with their 2 daughters, also born in Roman Catholic church. The wife was born in  Negros but his husband was born here in Iloilo.

We studied about the True baptism in the Bible. Their belief is that the true baptism is sprinkling, but when we discussed about true baptism is buried into the water with Biblical reference, then they agree of the baptism mention in Romans 6:4 – Therefore we are buried with him by baptism into death: that like as Christ was raised up from the dead by the glory of the father, even so we also walk in newness of life.

After our Bible study we were invited to ate lunch in one of the best native restaurant in the city. We appreciated much their kindness and hospitality. After lunch we departed from each other and we back home to Calinog.

We have 3 prospect  who want to receive the baptism of Christ this coming Saturday here in Calinog. We will have a Bible study first here in the meeting house at 9:00 a.m. then followed by baptism.

Lord willing, on October 29 to 30 we will have a gospel meeting here in Calinog with the brethren from Passi city, Badlan and Binolosan.

May our Lord will guide us all on our coming activities and give us good weather.

In His service,    Chris and Premie

Premie Amihay

To: Ed Anderson, Duane Cogburn

‎Oct‎ ‎23 at ‎8‎:‎05‎ ‎AM

Our dear brothers :Edward and Duane,

We want to share to you this news that we have three souls added to the church yesterday after our assembly. These were the young people who attended the Bible study  last Saturday.There are some more prospect. Lord willing.

Lord willing, we will have a gospel meeting on October 28 to 29 here in Calinog Brethren from Passi, Binolosan, Badlan and Bliss will be with us on this coming Bible lecture.

I will be writing more news sooner.I have to close now..May the Holy Spirit of our Lord be with you always.

In His service,

Chris and Premie

Brennie Agbisit

To:Ed Anderson, Duane Cogburn

‎Oct‎ ‎23 at ‎8‎:‎44‎ ‎AM

Dear Bro. Ed and Bro. Duane,


It’s my desire to serve the Lord’s work here in my little own way, my father and mother told us since we were a child…no matter what we have achieve when we grow old…we shall never depart from serving and praising God. So, we are stay firm and worship Him in truth and in spirit

Bro. Harley, Bro. Ely Boy and I went back to Panitian this Sunday…I went with them to do the service there…we had warm fellowship with the brethren and the newly baptized, they had some visitors…. we were able to bring some of the song books and Palawan bible…. we didn’t stay there overnight…we went home in the afternoon since it was not raining yet, we just walked faster not to get stuck up by the rain again. Bro. Bert is really sick, he was slightly in pain during the service but still he sat and listend and he is inviting us again to go back there to make lectures again…but Bro. Harley said that…we will schedule again and so that Bro. Saim and Bro. Sebastian can come too and help him to teach and translate tagalog to palawan what he is saying…for some could not understand tagalog…. But they have not decided yet who will handle the Panitian church from now on. We might go back there soon, anyway we still have half sack of rice, I believe it is enough for us to cook in 2 meals, we will just buy canned goods and dried fish….we also discuss the building of the church, I told them, we will make appeal to you… hoping you can help them build their meeting hall up there…I got the prices of the materials in their area…I will make rough estimation then I will submit to you.

I brought laminated sack for Bro. Sebastian, where they can use as temporary wall and roof, as the area given to them in  his -in-law is open, then  we bought boxes to use as first base they put on the ground so it block the cold going  to their mattress when they lie down. he said  they will endure the situation until they can build even just small house. I told him, don’t be discouraged if they experienced such disaster, instead be grateful to God because they were able to run before their mountain landslides and they were saved. I have not told him your last mail about helping him, maybe when I will be able to go back there this weekend.

There are about another 2 landslide again in other mountain…thanks God, no brethren were affected.

I will close from here again… take care and God bless.

with Christ love,  Brennie

Bennie Agbisit

To: Ed Anderson, Duane Cogburn

‎Nov‎ ‎27 at ‎8‎:‎53‎ ‎AM

Dear Bro. Ed and Bro. Duane,

Greetings! I trust God that everything is fine at your end and you are all in good health.

I just arrive this morning from Riotuba, the brethren there are just fine and sending their love for you. Bro. Samuel and sister Neri went home at espanola as well, we had a great service last night, they have new vsitors, who seems very interested to study with Bro. Samuel, he is a co-worker of Bro. Arnold Magan….we included in our prayers to have more studies with him and his family.

I have given the funds for benches, Bro. Bert said it can make 6 simple benches with good quality of lumber, they are very thankful that some can comfortably sit next week. He ask, when we can build a church there…he said that it’s fine with him to build church building first, then the installment for the lot that will occupy the church 150 sqm…can be follow,…because he said it is more convenient if  they have holding area every Sunday rather than in his house small open space, where they can worship properly and listen to every studies…I told him that there is no fund yet coming, so we just keep praying and wait for God’s provision, because it is not easy to gather funds….and he replied he understood.

They will have another baptism this Satuday, about 2 young people, they are inspired by Bro. Harlye and Bro. Ely Boy dedication to serve at early age.

They had baptism also in Tambis but I was not able to go there because I proceed in Riotuba….hopefully this coming Sunday, I will visit them and in zalpan, Lord willing.

Sister Amy is still confine, there is no advise yet when she is going to get out as they are still closely monitoring her condition, she had her last dialysis yesterday…she is showing some progress. We are all praying she will totally fine.  My father said this afternoon her bill almost reach P96,000+ as of today, her husband just loan the title of their land only P35,000, his family side sent help of P10,000 they said that the only money they have collected among them. Hopefully, Marita can received from Social Welfare, even P5,000…that’s what they are telling her the amount that she may get, it will help and we will be grateful. Bro. Andy Windam.,loaned P10,000 to help her Auntie…we are still lacking big amount…if she stay more days, it will add more…and so we are praying she will get better very soon…for her to get back in shape and no more additional bills.

Father  will go back to Samarinana this Wednesday, and meet Bro. Samuel there and they will together conduct studies with the Iglesia ni Kristo…father said, they are very hard to understand  about the truth, they beliefs are far from ours…father said they really needed more follow ups.

have you read or heard the bombings in a Mosque in Egypt….it’s sad to learned about it…terrorist doesn’t chose any places to  cast such killings even in a holy places.  here now they are implementing strict security in all public gatherings and even church services because of what’s been happening, they use to be relaxed..rebels don’t respect christian or religious groups nowadays….so we all be careful.

I will close from here again, it seems the electric power will be off again…we have on and off power lately…and the internet connection has just came back an hour ago. Well, take care and God bless.

with Christ love,  Brennie

Premie Amihay

To:  Ed Anderson,  Duane Cogburn

‎Nov‎ ‎28 at ‎7‎:‎33‎ ‎AM

Dears brothers: Edward and Duane,

We want to share to you this news. Regarding our two brothers from Roxas city province of Capiz. Bros.Victor Llono and Joel Tiad. They are an active leaders of the church in Capiz province and a humble leaders. Brother Victor  never go with the group that never stand  the doctrine of Christ.

Brother Joel is also an active leader of the church and he was so glad if Chris will speak on their gospel meeting next year. The venue is in Roxas city. This is the time we have communication to them for almost  10 years we never meet with each other. We are glad also that we have communication to them.

We would like to share this news  to you that we have one baptism last Wednesday here in Calinog..May our Lord will bless this new convert to become  strong in the faith.

May the blessings of our Lord be you all.

In His service,

Chris and Premie

jominan paulo <minan_paulo75@yahoo.com>

To: Ed Anderson Duane Cogburn

‎Dec‎ ‎26 at ‎3‎:‎23‎ ‎PM

As your request to report with you regarding our trip here in Isabela, My family and I was safe going here in Isabela the weather here is cold now and sometimes we experience some rain.

Last Sunday I am the Lord’ s Speaker in Mangcuram Congregation in our place here in Isabela, and next sunday we go to San Victoria to visit the brethren there and also share the word of God there. Here in Mangcuram the brethren are very joyful and they are keeping served the Lord.

Here some pictures taken during our worship in Mangcuram Church of Christ.



Philippine Churches and Personal Requests Outstanding
Updated 1/25/18
Req. Date Contact/location Reason for Request  US $
10/5/16 Bryan Lagunero Repairs to roof lumber and sheetmetal  $          376
2/12/17 Bro. Ron Material to expanded church building  Estimate  $          500
Cawak , Zambales Sent $600 10-17, Original amt.  1100
2/13/17 Bro. Steven Material/labor for ceiling and Chairs $575
12/17/17 Mountain Church chairs, fans, concrete`  $          575
Palayan City SENT $200..used for sand/gravel to access lot
2/14/17 Bro. Steven Curimoa Material/labor for ceiling, concrete floor, Paint, and Chairs  $1615
Lawak church sent 400 for concrete floor 8-17
12/17/17 Lawak 40 chairs, 4 fans, 1 table  sent $200 1-18  $          488
5/15/17 Bro. Esteban & Saim Small basic building, roof, benches, lumber, wall mats  $          550
Tambis, Palawan
6/20/17 Fred Agbisit Chairs, fans, paint, lights, White Bd.  Deleted table, closet  $          262
Puerto Pricesa Funded 250 on 7-4, bal of $262
9/23/17 Fred Agbisit Mic, speakers, Amp, and projector for teaching in remote
Zalpan Evangelism Ilipan mountains  $          300
9/29/17 Congregations on Expected requests for food until the rains stop and the
Panay & Palawan new crops are planted and yield a harvest.   Estimate
10/26/17 Kalakalan, Subic Request funds for phone/college work.  $          120
Rexson for smart phone for internet connection
11/25/17 Riotuba, Palawan 10 chairs, 2 fans  $          130
Fred Agbisit
12/1/17 Panitian, Palawan Mtg in small home, rain blows in bamboo sides/floor  $       1,350
Bro. Bert 25,000 psp for land for church bldg
Materials for bldg   42,320
12/1/17 Chris/Premie Amihay Evangel. Trip to Negros  $       1,000
Total Requests to date  $       6,856