Mexico Report – Sept. 6, 2019

Sierra Vista, Arizona, September 6, 2019 

Relative to our work for the Lord in Mexico, my last report was roughly a year ago.  Here is the report of our work for the Lord in Mexico for the past year.  Below are the highlights from the past year.

In December, we visited the churches of Los Mochis and Las Flores in the state of Sinaloa as well as the churches of Tekax and Bechanchin in the state of Yucatan.  Our purposes were to encourage and teach the brethren and address any problems and needs they had.  The travelers were myself, my wife Virginia, Eiland Scott (Deming, NM), Cesar (Nogales, MX), and Pepe (Agua Prieta, MX).  In Tekax, brother Diego is struggling to support his family; he has been a taxi driver.  A taxi there is a tricycle powered by a small motorcycle.  The fare is very small.  I have been paying his tuition and transportation to the state capital city for training to become a chiropractor; he should finish that training in a few months.  In Bechanchin, the wife of one of the leading men passed away.  He began living with and wanted to marry a young woman that had a living husband.  Thankfully, the brethren of the church, to include his son, stood against this behavior.

In March, we again visited the churches of Los Mochis and Las Flores in the state of Sinaloa to encourage and teach the brethren. 

In June, I sent brothers Cesar and Pepe back to the Yucatan to do additional teaching and encouragement with the brethren there.  These churches need much strengthening and teaching.

In July, I provided transportation for five brethren from Nogales, MX to attend our church camp held in Prescott, Ariz. It was an excellent time for teaching and fellowship.

We continue to meet monthly with the churches in the border cities of Agua Prieta and Nogales to teach and encourage them. 

The work in the congregation in Nogales is encouraging.  With additional chairs, the small assembly building now has a capacity of about 70.  There have been several times recently when the assembly building has been full with members and visitors.  They have had about a dozen baptisms in the past year, so the church is growing.  They have constructed a baptismal in their building.  Each time they have a baptism, they invite us to attend; after the baptism we all share a feast together.  The church has a lot of youth and newly converted brethren that are zealous for the Lord.

Please pray for the brethren in Mexico and for the success of the Lord’s work there. 

In His service

Brother Ed Anderson