Mexico Report for May 2017 through November 2017


 Relative to our work for the Lord in Mexico, my last report was for December 2016 through April, 2017.  Here is the report of our work for the Lord in Mexico for May 2017 through November, 2017.

 We continue to meet with the churches in the border cities of Agua Prieta and Nogales to teach and encourage them; we try to meet with each of them once a month.  When we meet, they usually read and discuss five encouragements translated into Spanish.  This gives them multiple topics to learn about and also to add their insight on the subjects.

 In June, brother Cesar, his wife, sister Margarita, and their son Cesar Jr. traveled to the United States from Nogales, Mexico and joined us in our annual camp meeting in northern New Mexico.  We all enjoyed the week of fellowship.

 In September, instead of the monthly Nogales meeting to read and discuss the encouragement topics, we had two baptisms.  We all piled into two pickup trucks and a van and traveled outside of the city to a small park down by the river.  This park has ramadas and a swimming pool.  Brother Cesar gave a short sermon and explained about baptism and then brother Abel baptized Miguel and Noemi in the pool.  Afterwards we a barbeque and ended it with watermelon for a nice picnic together.  Baptism and a picnic – great fellowship with the brethren.

In November, brother Duane Cogburn, my wife Virginia, brother Cesar and I made our annual trip into the interior of Mexico to visit and encourage the churches we work with.  We first met with brother Victor and his wife sister Katrina in Obregon and had studies with them.  We next traveled to the state of Sinaloa and met with brother Abdon and sister Lorena and Cesar’s mother in Los Mochis.  On Saturday and Sunday, we met with the church in the small farming village of Las Flores.  In each location we had Bible studies and encouragements. 

 After visiting the brethren in Sinaloa, we flew to the Yucatan in southern Mexico.  In the small city of Tekax, we had Bible studies with brother Diego and his wife sister Patricia.  They have three sons, Angel 13, Marco 15, and Irvin 17.  Each of the sons desired to be baptized.  We traveled to a lake in the jungle and there brother Diego baptized his sons.  Brother Diego just works odd jobs but he has an interest in massage and chiropractic so for the past ten months or so, Virginia and I have been personally paying for him to go to school to be a chiropractor; he travels every Saturday to the city of Merida for training.  I am sure his training for chiropractic is different than the training in the United States.  Even so, Duane, Virginia and I each got the benefit of his schooling as he massaged and adjusted each of us.

In the Yucatan, we also visited the church in Bechinchin and met with brother Gualberto and brother Torivio and their families.  We are concerned about the church there.  It seems to be diminishing rather than growing.  We are hoping to send brother Cesar back to this area in February for several weeks to see if revival can occur in the church there.

 Last year, we also visited two brothers representing churches around Mexico City.  We wanted to visit them again this year and learn more about the churches there, but one brother had temporarily relocated to Agua Prieta and the other brother was visiting his children in the United States.  If God wills, we will visit the churches there next year.

 I want to give a special thanks to the churches and individuals who help fund our travel, our purchase of song books and Bibles, and the other things we are able to do in Mexico.

 The brethren in Mexico have their problems as we do.  Brother Cesar is in constant pain from his old back injury, but he seldom complains.  His daughter, sister Karen, had a ruptured appendix last month which required surgery; she is still trying to heal from that.  Brother Gualberto’s wife just passed away.  Sister Damaris in Agua Prieta has four small children; her husband, who is not a member, abandoned her with no means of support.  Sister Maria in Los Mochis has diabetes, is blind and in very poor health.

 Pray for the brethren in Mexico and for the success of the Lord’s work there.