Mexico January 2016

Here is the report of our work for the Lord in Mexico for January, 2016. 

In early January, brother Cesar took an evangelistic trip to San Luis and Mexicali, cities near the border of the United States.  He had numerous Bible studies with Christians and non-Christians.  The old car they were using to travel between San Luis and Mexicali had the water pump go out; we were able to pay for the repair so that travel could continue. 

I made two trips to Nogales in January.  For the first trip, I took numerous articles that the brethren could use to include some firewood; some of the brethren heat their houses with wood.  The second trip was our mid-month encouragement visit to Nogales.  Again, we brought with us some firewood and other articles.  We had a good time of instruction and encouragement with the brethren (see photo). 

Later in the month, brother Cesar traveled to Los Mochis and visited the small church there.  In addition to encouraging and teaching there, he also visited his mother; she is in very poor health and not expected to live very long.  Brother Abdon has lost his job as a security guard and is seeking additional employment. 

I had previously reported about brother Alonso from Agua Prieta who was in prison in the United States.  He was released from prison on December 24th and called his wife on the 26th to tell her that he was in “immigration” in Texas.  As of this writing he still has not arrived at home in AP nor has he been heard from.  We are quite concerned about him. 

I will not be visiting Mexico in February.  If God wills, brother Duane and sister Anita Cogburn and I plan to leave February 3rd for the Philippines; we plan to return on February 29th.  Please pray for our safety and that God would use us in encouraging and teaching the brethren there. 

Following are the expenses for January.  Travel expenses were $78.  Support of Mexican evangelists was $1000 (two months).  Other evangelistic expenses were $1379.  Benevolence provided was $440.

Pray for the success of the work in Mexico.  Contributions for the expenses are welcomed. 

In His service

Brother Ed Anderson