June and July Philippine Report 2017

The summer rains are frequent this time of year, providing the much needed moisture for the crops.  In the rural areas and mountains, the rain slows travel considerably with mud and landslides being the problem.  One of the mountain congregations on the Island of Palawan experienced some damage to their building from a landslide.  Brothers on the Island of Luzon have experience flooding into and /or around their homes.

As evidenced in the emails at the bottom of this report, the brothers continue their teaching and home studies despite the weather.  The congregation in the rural area of Palawan was displaced by some of the rebels/terrorists attacks on that Island.  The Philippine army moved in and evacuated the civilians. Four families from the Santiago church were affected.  They lost their homes, crops, and farm animals due to the attacks. The homes were burnt and the animals were shot.  We have sent some emergency funds to them for food and clothes.  If the army is successful in their defeat of the rebels, the brothers hope to return to their land soon and start over.  I imagine we will have additional requests for funds when they access the damage.

Praise report:  Due to the generous contributions from the U.S. brothers, the Hologon families were able to complete the water project on the Island of Negros.  These brothers live on top of a mountain, and the existing source of water was cut off.  The brothers secured a source for good water, but it had to be pumped about 1000 feet vertically and about that far laterally.  This was accomplished with multiple high pressure pumps and storage tanks.  The residents on top of the mountain number about 110,  and some of the neighbors and members (about another 75) that the water lines run through their properties to reach the top of the mountain also are able to have water now.  A more detail account can be found in the emails at the bottom of this report.  We appreciate the generosity of all who contributed toward this special project.

2018 February  Evangelism Trip to the Philippines

We covet your prayers for wisdom about the 2018 trip to the Philippines.  Our initial thought is we would skip this year.  We reflect back on the last 4 years to evaluate the help and encouragement shared with the members there.  We are finding the increased depth of scriptural knowledge has improved, the inclusion of more male members participating in the assemblies and bible studies has increased, the quality of their lessons has grown with the use of concordances, the message of alternative treatment for the common medical problems has help to reduce their requests for medical funds, and the distribution of garden seeds has more people raising more of their own food.

Each time Bro. Ed and I go, the costs are between $16k to 20k depending on the length of trip and how many requests for bibles/songbooks, food, assembly building repairs we received and are able to help them at that time.  We send a considerable amount of funds throughout the year.  We feel a responsible to the U.S. brothers who contribute to this work, and think that physical verification to see the funds are being spent for the purpose represented to us is an important part of the trips that we make to the Philippines.  If we go this year, we will continue to spiritually encourage and teach, verify the expedient of funds sent, and encourage them in their use of more gardens and alternative treatment of the illness they experience when appropriate.

We are praying the Lord’s will be done concerning this trip.  We are asking for commitments for donations toward the trip earlier than usual, as we have found that the planning and preparation of these trips take 3 to 4 months.  If you or your congregation is will to commit for a donation toward this trip, please email myself of Ed Anderson.  We are not asking for any funds to be sent at this time, but a commitment for the amount of the donation you would be willing to contribute towards this February, 2018 trip.

In June 2017, the following distribution of funds was made:  Evangelists support $1589,  Evangelism travel $239, Medical expenses $787, Charity for Widow $40, Bank Exps $8, Songbooks/bibles $114.

In July 2017, the following distribution of funds was made:  Evangelists support $2440, Building repair/rent $1443, Evangelism Transportation & Trips $2068, Food benevolence $304, Hologon, Negros Water Project $3366, Medical expenses $973, and alternate health $75, Widow help $93, and help with funerals $300.  From private donations a roof was repaired on a members home $300, and a donation for teacher expenses of $605.

Thank you for your support in the Philippine evangelism effort.

Duane Cogburn,  Albuquerque, NM  cogduane48@yahoo.com

Ed Anderson, Sierra Vista, AZ  edandva@hotmail.com

Below is a sample of the emails we have received the last two months. Also an outstanding list of requests we have received, but have not been able to fund.

Nelson Ricanor

Sent: Wednesday, June 21, 2017 7:31 PM

To: edandva@hotmail.com

Subject: Evangelism at Labayug

Dear brother Edward, Duane and brethren;

Greetings in our Holy Savior name Jesus Christ.  Hope and pray this letter finds you all doing well.

Good brothers, thank you very much for giving attention toward my appeal for the work of the Lord here. Thank you to your concern to the work of the Lord here in Labayug, Sison, Pangasinan.   I appreciated you so much good brethren.

I received your one time gift $75.00 or  Php 3,556,00 last month June 15 and this is big help to our labor to the Lord here in Labayug, Sison, Pangasinan and also to my medicines. Thank you very much brother.

Our labor to the Lord here in Labayug is continue doing well. I’m glad to report that our last gospel meeting on June 16, 2017 was successful because there are two (2) precious soul who obeyed the gospel and received baptized into Christ for the remission of their past sins. They are now added to the Lord’s church at Labayug Church of Christ and they are now very active every Lord’s day.  Last Sunday, we have good attendance also. We have 15 adult and five (5) children and three (3) regular visitors.

I will close for now and until my next report.  God bless you

Your brother in Christ

Nelson Ricanor

From: rodel baagin

Sent: Monday, July 3, 2017 7:55 AM

To: Ed Anderson

Subject: Work at La Union

Dear brother Ed and brethren;

Greeting again in Jesus name. Hope and pray that you are always in good health good beloved brethren.  Our labor to the Lord here is continue doing well also.

Last July 2, 2017, it is yesterday, our attendance  here in Rosario reached 41 all included 12 children and 5 new visitor.

This day, i have also good opportunity  conducted  two (2) home Bible studies at Labayug, Pangasinan and Saytan, Pugo, La Union.

I will close for now and until my next report good brother.  May God richly bless you all.

Your brother in Christ

Rodelio Baagin

July 17, 2017

From: Chris and Premie Amihay

Dear brothers Duane and Edward,

Report of the Work on the Hologon Water Project

We have arrived home Saturday night at 1 p.m. in the morning. Thanks to our Lord for his guidance for our safe journey and a successful water system project in Hologon.  God is so good. We are so thankful above all to our Lord and to you and to all the brethren who had donated the water project for Hologon.  The water is now successfully operating.  Hologon brethren are so thankful to our American brethren and to the people who assist the project. Through the hard work and ideas of our 2 sons Michael and Christian, even though they were so tired while working, but happy of their successful worked. The project was successfully operating now. Even the officials of barangay Carol-an were so thankful for the church water system project. The church leaders from Hologon appreciated much the water system and the people around. The people around cannot believed that the water goes up to Hologon, but now it is operating.

The barangay officials mentioned that they will support the project not only for the church but for the whole place.  They appreciated much our work. There is another thing to improve the project for the benefits of everybody. We are planning to visit and check the project anytime, Lord willing.

Photos and videos will be send later and the expenses we had.

Again, thank you so much for the great assistance to Hologon congregation. Please send their thanks to all the brethren for assisting the project. We will be sending more news later with pictures and videos.

May our Lord’s blessings continue with you all.

In His love,

Chris and Premie

Note from Duane:  The video and pictures are on facebook.  Befriend “Premie guilepa Amihay” go to her postings to see the pictures.

From: Brennie Agbisit

Sent: Thursday, July 27, 2017 3:58 PM

To: Ed Anderson


Dear Bro. Ed and Bro. Duane,


I hope that you had good fellowship with our brethren in Mexico….and safely went back home.

Bro. Samuel and sister Joy are very thankful of your assistance, she came over here have examination, I have not heard the latest result, though but definitely she will tell me when I visited them again.

My cousin Jacquiline and I were able to speak with Bro. Dan Santiago and very thankful of the 10 kls of rice we brought, canned goods and some toiletries…we were not allowed to reach the evacuation center where they brought, in a barangay next to their barangay/area about 6 km far…only the government agencies representative for security reason. he said that, the camp of rebels where we are passing everytime we go there, some months ago, that’s the one that was entered by the military…also there is one big camp hidden in the bushy/mountain area where they do training for the new members, the rebels are more than hundreds, some are sympathizers and new recruits..so when they were entered there were crossfires…nearby farmed were reached by rebels and hire in their houses…so all the civilian just ran out from their houses to save their lives. brought nothing….the rebels burn their houses to destruct the military from running after them and killed their animals, their planted rice which about they will harvest in September are not good anymore.

But this time around the Military took over their camps and burned rebels houses, they are still in clearing operations and civilian are not allowed to go home yet, maybe they were told to still wait for a week.

Bro. Santiago said, he doesn’t know how  much damaged to his property, he just learned form the soldiers that their houses were burned by the rebels and most of their Carabao use for farming and other animals were killed, some hit by bullets.

Bro. Santiago ask help for their food, clothes, blankets and mosquito nets, medicines because some of their family members are sick, they are 4 families there..3 of them are his children who are married already. he is afraid it could be, not even one if the song books and bibles that we brought there is spared by the rebels to burn…and they will to build another hut again, if will be given assistance.

I have  no clothes stocks now since I already distributed it to the mountain congregations recently…I was looking at the Ukay2 or used clothes downstairs…their t-shirts and  shorts are 50 each and jackets are for 150…no sale yet, I should buy them some because it’s too cold since it rainy season here, and of this time we have storm coming. I hope I could bring more  for their food and other needs….and praying the rebels will not comeback or camp in their place but there in the farthest mountain. I’m appealing for the assistance  from you and the brethren here for their immediate needs and they can start anew with their lives.

Lord willing, I can go back there with my cousin very soon….because their situation in the evacuation are not good but they patiently living there just be safe…and food supply not enough for them, so they were happy with the rice we brought, even not will last for some days. What inspiring with them…even in such situation, they said they will not lost their faith and trust in God, they believe it just one of the trail they will go through to strengthen their faith.

The incidents are reported on local news here but not much of the details because both sides of military and rebels there are some fatality, and many are wounded…rebels turned over to the cells…our local government still protecting our tourism industry, saying it is isolated case, when people there saying it was a big fight between them.

Rebels are like demons, they do chaos and destruction in the area where people live peacefully….they are doing recruitment and gving P15,000 and up for the family of the recruits…so because of poverty…some are joining them…especially the young ones , they  are brainwashed. Now over the local news, they are saying discouragements to everyone, especially the young people not  to get involve or being recruited just because of money, think of what it will cost to their family and our society, because there has been intelligence reports that recruitment has reach here in the city…and the military is closely monitoring some Muslims big compounds….they are well funded by some middle east countries, which has strong ISIS ties.

Just the other day, 2 soldiers where killed again in the Roxas, which that in North…the rebels claimed of killing them…so the hot pursuit is on going in the North.

We are really praying, that their forces will not get stronger here in entire Palawan, especially here in the city because if the start like what they are doing in Marawi…many lives and businesses will suffer. And our freedom of religion will be suppress just like in Marawi, many priest and christian pastors, civilians were killed and captured made ad human shield….they bombed and burned church buildings.

We trusting God, He will not allow it to happen here.

Fred and Brennie Agbisit


From a Christian worker on Ceba with contacts in the south Islands of Philippines refugees streaming out of the combat zone where radical Muslims attacked innocent people. Please pray for them, and especially our Christian brothers and sisters who have lost their homes and have lost loved ones killed by radical Muslims.

Philippine Churches and Personal Requests Outstanding  
Updated 8/9/17  
Req. Date Contact/location Reason for Request    US $
10/5/16 Bryan Lagunero Repairs to roof lumber and sheet metal    $376
2/12/17 Bro. Ron Material to expanded church building  Estimate  $1,100
Cawak , Zambales  
2/13/17 Bro. Steven  
Mountain Church Material/labor for ceiling and Chairs  $375
Palayan City Original request $575  
2/14/17 Bro. Steven Curimoa Material/labor for ceiling, concrete floor, Paint, and Chairs  $1,215
Lawak church Original request was $1615  
5/4/17 Clavio and Joel multicab vehicle. used for transporting the bros.  $1,000
Chris& Premie  
5/15/17 Bro. Esteban & Saim Small basic building, roof, benches, lumber, wall mats  $550
Tambis, Palawan  
6/20/17 Fred Agbisit Chairs, fans, paint, lights, White Bd.  Deleted table, closet  $262
  Puerto Pricesa Funded 250 on 7-4, bal of $262    
  Total Requests to date  $4,878