July and August News of the Philippines

July, August, and into September have been extremely stormy, windy and wet months in the Philippines.  Two major Typhoons (hurricanes) have hit the islands.  The current death toll for the last typhoon is 74, with an estimated 300,000 evacuees and millions of dollars of damage.  The amount of food and roof damages requests were several times what we were able to fund.

We do thank all who made special donations for helping our Philippine brothers over the last three months.  We expect the food requests to continue for the next 2 to 4 months until the new planting and crops mature and can be harvested.  Some of the brothers have replanted during this time, only to be washed away with more rain.  Some fields that we have personally seen in our past visits, have been washed out and will take heavy equipment to re-terrance and level. The price of rice that they will have to purchase for their daily needs, has doubled this last month.  We continue to ask for your prayers on their behalf and solicit your donations for food over the coming months.

Ed Anderson and myself are planning (Lord Willing) to visit the Philippines in February of 2019,  We did not go this year.  The total number of congregations are up to 52 now on seven difference islands.  The members and evangelists are very active with their home bible studies resulting in over 60 baptisms and the establishing several new congregations this year. Through their emails and facebook postings, we see notable improvement in their spiritual depth and knowledge.  Ed’s weekly encouragements has helped many of the smaller and remote congregations to grow.  Our encouragement to become more self-supporting has resulted in several new teachers.  The garden seed that we took and encouragement to raise more of their own food has helped too.  The use of alternative health treatments (turmeric, herbs native to the area, and Collodial Silver) has reduce our medical requests.  Heavy rains contaminate their springs where many get their drinking water resulting in sickness and diseases.  A new well in the mountains of Palawan was funded this year and now supplies many members with clean water.

Approximately half of the estimated budget funds have been raised for the Feb. 2019 trip.  However, we will need financial help for the bibles, concordances, songbooks in multiple dialects ($2500), grain and food for the needy members in the mountains and rural areas($2500), benches, chairs, and repairs of the assembly buildings($3000) , and alternative health items, garden seeds and medicines ($2400).   If you can help us with the funding of these items, we would be most appreciative.  To get the best flight rates, we need to book the flights in the next two months.

The focus of our trip in February will be:  To encourage the members/evangelists and study with them; deepen their spiritual knowledge and increase their teaching abilities; verify that the funds sent throughout the year are being spent responsibly; express our love and spiritual concern for their labors in the Kingdom; continue to encouragement them to be more self-supporting; help them to realize the gardens and the use of raise beds can bridge the times of crop loss from floods; and to take additional alternative health treatments since many cannot afford doctor visits.

In July 2018, the following distribution of funds was made:  Evangelists’ support $1948,  Building repair/rent, benches $102, Bibles  $682, Evangelism Transportation & Trips $1507, Special Water project in mountains $602 (Malaria & Dengue happens from a lack of fresh water),  Medical expenses $711, Emergency foods due to floods and loss of crops $2424, Charity (by private donation) $708.

In August 2018, the following distribution of funds was made:  Evangelists support $1638,  Evangelism Transportation & Trips $200, Building repair/rent, benches, Bibles  $504, Food (floods) $1101  Medical expenses $868, Funeral $100, Benevolence (by private donation) $45.

Below are excerpts from many of the emails from our brothers in the Philippines.  Some have been edited for brevity and so that their English can be better understood.

Jul‎ ‎30 at ‎1‎:‎19‎ ‎AM  Robert Roxas , Cebu City, Cebu

Dear brothers Ed and Duane,

Thanks a lot for the funds for space rental that you sent me for the work of the Lord here. I will claim it maybe today or tomorrow.

I believe this year is very productive because we have baptisms every month. So far we have harvested 39 souls already, and I am hopeful that we will have at least 10 souls that will be added to the saved in August, Lord willing. We have started a new congregation in Mactan Island, near the airport. The new congregation that was started last February this year is in Pusok, Lapu-lapu City.

I will give some update next month with regards to the operation and the outputs of the Center for Biblical Studies (CBS) that you are helping.

Thanks a lot once again for the financial assistance that you extended for CBS. Starting August 2, 2018, I will no longer be the Chair of the Department of Computer Science in the University of the Philippines Cebu. So I will have more time for the Lord’s work. Please pray that I may be able to harvest more souls for the glory of God.  To God be the glory. May God bless us all as we continue serving us!

Best regards,   Robert Roxas


Chris & Premie Amihay, Calinog, Panay    To: Ed Anderson ,Duane Cogburn          ‎Jul‎ ‎8 at ‎9‎:‎57‎ ‎AM

Please send our thanks to all our brethren there in your area who had shared their donations..

I would just like to remind you Bro. Edward ,if you have the translated encouragement, please send it so I could do the translation and correction. You can send either 2 or 3  encouragement so I can check and correct the Google translation.

We would like to share this news to you.  We have new brothers and sisters fellowship with us here in Calinog. There is a young couple who’s wife is not yet member of the church, but the husband is born in the church of Christ.  They never forsake the assembly every Sunday. They fellowship with us for almost one month with their 3 young children. Then another sister from Zamboanga city  from Mindanao island also with us every Sunday with her 4 year old girl.  Her husband is working in Manila ,and not yet member of the church. Hoping he will be going  home so he could go with his wife during Sunday with his young daughter.  We have a nice topic  this morning’s assembly and last Saturday night we have a Bible study with our family and relatives who came over here in Calinog.May our Lord’s blessings and guidance be with you and your family.

In His service,  Chris and Premie


Brennie Agbisit,  Puerto Princesa, Palawan   To:  Ed Anderson and Duane Cogburn   Jul‎ ‎12 at ‎12‎:‎23‎ ‎PM

Greetings!,   Thanks God that the internet is back, it has been down since Monday…so no matter how I wanted to mail you…I  can’t due of the internet connection problem.

Again, Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart, for the assistance you sent fro my check-up in Manila….I had general check-up, most especially in my cervix problem. But I feel strong.

I flown back home early Sunday morning….. and  serving the Lord’s work here is back to normal….and so, after I just logged in my baggage in our house….I travel again to meet Bro. Enary and Bro. Saim… and w went up to Nilapotan, I handed them the budget for the pump…and  the contractor started digging yesterday,  they brought up their materials/gadgets up in Nilapotan for almost 1 day…it’s too far and it’s unfortunate the road going up is slippery due, it’s Bro. Enary went back there this morning to supervise…hopefully until Saturday it has water already….. and I’m sure the brethren will be very happy and thankful to you, when thy will  learn it  this Sunday, once they will attend service.

I purchased 20 bibles in Manila  and I already  gave 5 for the city church here…then the 15 is stock…..but maybe the brethren in Espanola will ask again for their newly baptized sister. Thank you very much.  I have not read you encouragement series for 2 weeks and those who has translations, and the topics that I’m asking from you…I will give it to Bro. Harley to rad and may teach also. Thank you very much for  sending us.

Bro. Esteban sent m text message yesterday, asking help for a brother from Tambis who are sick of malaria, also paracetamols and antibiotics….. I told him, I will buy and will deliver there immediately…I’m planning to go back there in the mountain this  Saturday….hopefully….I can received on or July 14th  the support, so that with my allowance buy for medicines for them….especially one brother who is very much sick but doesn’t like to go to hospital because of lack of budget.

There will be baptisms in different congregations  this Saturday and Sunday again….they may continue faithful and some will serve the Lord’s works here.  According to one of my family friend who is married to an intelligence, our military base is now on red alert…we are asking here why, she said her husband is not telling her, just be alert because they live inside the military base. We are praying no terrorism plot or what so ever.  May God’s love and abundant blessing be upon you all. God bless.

Brennie Abigsit


‎Jul‎ ‎15 at ‎12‎:‎13‎ ‎PM , Chris Amihay, Calinog, Panay

Dear brothers:Edward and Duane,

Hope everyone of you are doing well..We have forgotten to mention in our previous email regarding visiting the new brethren at North Bacolod and the family of brother Jovy Lavilla at Lanot,Lambunao. They are in need of Bible the King James version.if it is possible for you  our dear brothers,we want to ask a copy of Bibles for the new brethren and to the family of brother Jovy Lavilla. They have Bible but it was from Roman Catholic,and it is revised version.  The Bible now has increased its price.It is 450 Php each copy.  Lanot Lambunao needs 3 copies , 6 copies  for  North Bacolod.Then we have a new brothers and sisters here in Calinog.From Bliss site  needs 5 copies.They fellowship with us for about 2 months.They are old member of the church.Then the new brethren in Passi congregation,the son in-Laws of brother Elbern Gozales.the eldest brother of bro,Andrew also need Bibles.There are 5 men in the family so 5 copies of bible for them.

We are glad to hear that the son of bro,Chiva  is planning to have assemby in their place at Barangay Garangan, Calinog.  Another new prospect  to establish congregation in the said baramgay.There are brethren there who never fellowship with us for many  months.The son of brother Resurrection Chiva, Meichor Chiva and his son-in Law Peter Caballero.  Their farm is there and they need to  stay there so they could take care of their crops ,Brother Melchor is willing to start a worship service at Garangan so that they can assemble there every Sunday…Brother Melchor needs a copy of song book and Bibles,5 copies of  Bible and 10 copies of song books.

This is the total copies of Bibles  and song books

24  copies of Bible x 450 ———————- 10,800 Php

20  copies of Song books.300 per copy ——6000 Php

Lord’  supper tray                                           1200

Total ——————–                                     17,200 Php

The Ilonggo version.Thank you so much for your great concern of our fellow brethren here in our area.

God be with you all..In  His service,  Chris and Premie


‎Jul‎ ‎22 at ‎8‎:‎04‎ ‎PM,  Subic Bay, Luzon

Yes brother Ed and bro.  Duane,  even the whole Olongapo got flooded, the whole Subic got flooded also.  Thank you for your great concern. God bless you always. Love and prayers, Godofredo L Policarpio


From: Joel Ebalan, Masinloc, Luzon    July 23, 2018 7:16 AM

Brother’s in Christ.

I hope this Letter finds you all in good condition. After 4 days the electricity is already reconnect because of the severe rains due to moonsoon rain and some tropical depression we dont have classes in the schools for almost 2 weeks because of cancellation of classes because of early warning for the upcoming severe rains and storms. yesterday is the day which we didnt imagine after 5 years again most of the places in zambales olongapo bataan pangasinan devastated by the severe rain due to moonsoon rain and tropical depression.   Yesterday around 11-1 pm the river is over flowing that cause us Flash flood that include mud from the mountain and after assembly. and damage most of our brethren houses .

When we are done cleaning the chapel and our houses from the flash flood still the rain didnt stop. and we awake more or less 12midnight because of another Flash Flood again and this is more higher it took above my head. and need to evacuate to the nearest evacuation area. We are very unprepared to that kind of flood for the first time above human head.The flood took for just 20mins only but we are very devastated and some of the trees fell off and destroy some of the things in the house of our brethren. there piggery of sister lorna 8 piglets died and 2 mother pigs. the chickens of my father is 15 all is died because of the flowing of water from the river.   The church building is intact because of the previous repair. we already clean it. only 4 electricfan didnt make it and soak it in the flood and some songbooks because of unexpected level of water.  Please we need some help especially prayers for some of our brethren. Our brother Roy. devastated his rice field no more remains. please pray for us. that is very fast and it took only minutes to took all of our necessities in life like livelihood / houses and some things.

A while ago we clean together with brother George and remove all the trees from the mountain and for a while we cater brothers and sister who doenst have house because of the overflowing of river. these brothers and sister is less fortunate and we dont have to offer but to stay in our assmbly hall for a while while brother George my father try to fix thier home.  we also do some feeding program together with sister zeny my grandmother for the brethen while waiting for the returned in thier home. Many of us are affected but here in our place like provinces here in masinloc some of our brethreb is lesa fortunate but with the little help like food and some clothes and some medicine for fever and to prevent leptospirosis. We are very thankful that environment didnt take our lives but still God protected us. Maybe sometimes we lost things but still the most important thing is life that God given. We need you immediate help for foods and for clothes/blanket etc.

regards to all and God bless,  Joel Ebalan


To: Chris and Premie Amihay, Calinog, Panay  July 24

Dear sister Premie,  You sent sister Denia Petruzella the following message:

“Dear sister.please we want to ask your favor if it is convenient for you.we want to ask you kind  asistance.We need to start a new church in the Eastern part of Panay.There are brethren who reside in this area and we are invited to visit their place this July.Alomost 5 years they never joined the assembly because its far from their place.In this connection we are asking your if you can assist us 100 dollars for this coming visit.This would be spend for our transpotation and foods, on this meeting.Thanks and may our hevennly father will guide us all.”  Sister Denia has sent us the money and now we pass it on to you.   Thank you for your work in translating the encouragements into Tagalog.

Brother Ed Anderson


From: Bernaldo Rodelas Jr , Island of Mindoro Date: August 8, 2018 at 4:41:22 PM MST

To: Ed and Joy Hayes

Greetings in Jesus name. hope you are in good situation.

Our labor here brother is continue doing well brother. but very sad to report that our poor brethren here is suffering of extreme poverty at present  because of severe flood that destroyed to our all plants and kills to our animals and submerged to the houses of the brethren here. yes brother. your sent help is big help to us but  because of this calamity we badly need more help brother for food.water.medicines.clothes and shelters. many to our native brethren suffering sick already bevause of no food. this is terrible hardship or poverty brother because of the flood that passed here in the whole province of Mindoro.we are thankfull so much if you can help us more brother. the small farms of the brethren here become river already. no sources of food already. the flood until the roof of the houses.

Thank you brother. if there are individual brethren that can help to our btethren hete that suffer extreme poverty.thank you very much.God bless you.   your brother in Christ   Bernaldo Rodelas



From: rexson Gonzales, Olongapo City Luzon   September 3, 2018 8:52 AM

Good Evening Brothers Ed and Duane,

Our evangelism here at Kalaklan are well and continued in growth. We have 3 baptism, young people came from different denominations.  June 24, 2018  we baptized a young people name Mark Laurence at Parola beach, Kalaklan.  July 8, 2018  We baptized a young people name Archie Amlog at Parola beach, Kalaklan Olongapo City.   Bro. Rexson


From: Joel Ebalan, Masinloc, Luzon      Sunday, September 2, 2018 2:41 PM

To: Ed Anderson    This is a Distribution of Relief Goods for you last August first week the $500 inclusive of 1 sack of rice each family 13 families in total.  Thank you from Tapuac Church of Christ.