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Philippine Report August-September 2016

It has been a good month for the Philippine brothers.  Crops are continuing to mature and the weather has been reasonably good, but, of course hot and humid.  Some heavy rain on Palawan has caused flooding and some lost their crops and they are replanting.  Illness continues among the members, especially among the elderly and very young. 

The response concerning raising the funds to replace a van for Bro. Chris Amihay has been slow.  We will continue to pray and ask the Lord’s guidance in this matter. 

Due to the preparation time needed for our annual February Evangelism trip to the Philippines, we are starting earlier this year.  We are planning a shorter trip with more focus in studying and working with the leaders/teachers and evangelist of the congregations.  We plan to cut our travel miles down and spend less time visiting as many congregations as we did last year (28 congregations in 3 ½ weeks).  Additionally, we hope the shorter trip and less traveling will help us to economize on our expenses this year. 

Here is a brief breakdown of our budget this year:

        $6250        Traveling costs, including airfares to the Philippines, inter-

Island air & ferry travel, rental car/van, fuel, meals on-the-road, lodging and common meals with brothers & congregations that we meet with.

        $2,200       Songbooks, bibles, plastic chairs, benches

        $1,600       Assembly building repairs

        $1,500       Food for members in rural and mountain areas

        $2,400       Alternative medical treatment supplies, vegetable seeds,

                        Supplements, and medicines

        $1,200       Extra evangelism expenses 

We would appreciate your consideration to help us with the funds for this effort.  We would like to book airfares soon for the better prices.  Our goal is to identify those that are willing to contribute by mid-October.  We will not need to collect all the funds until December.  Our purpose of these annual trips are to:

        Encourage the members and study with them

        Help them in their evangelistic efforts

        Deepen their spiritual knowledge and increase their teaching abilities

        Verify the funds sent throughout the year are being spent responsibly

        Express our love and spiritual concern for their labors in the Kingdom

        Additionally, last year, we spent time presenting alternative health

treatments many illnesses and daily health issues they

experience.  This has been quite successful in cutting down

the medical requests we receive. 


The generous contributions from last year for the February 2016 Evangelism trip were greatly appreciated.      


A report from the Island of Palawan:  August 10., 2016

Bro. Samuel had 2 baptisms in Espanola,  2 young children of his Bro. Jeremias… he is glad that Bro. Ian Laong is helping him now there in leading the service…since Bro. Ian married his niece Joy….. Bro. Ian used to be attending here in Puerto church, the youngest son of Bro. Ludy Laong who was also our visitor brother this Sunday service from Brookes point, he is the widower of late sister Daisy which was died of goiter cancer. Bro. Ian is a good potential to become evangelist, he is just 27 years old and very good in singing.

Thank you for your encourage series…it is a good encouragement especially to the new brethren.

I will close from here again….take care and God bless you all.

With Christ love,


8-25-16     From Joel Ebalan, Zambales, Luzon:  Greetings in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, It’s been a rainy season here in the Philippines and cause some flash flood in some area here in Northern Luzon.  But through the help of God. He spare some of this in His son, and keep us safe and sound. Because of badly weather some of my bible studies are subject for changes in terms of schedule. I have 5 bible studies during Saturday and one of this rescheduled in Friday night at 7:00pm and another 3 bible studies during Sunday after the radio broadcast(Discussing the Bible) . One of my Sunday bible studies rescheduled in Wednesday night. So in total, I have 8 bible studies and 1 radio program which is Bible based program in a local radio station here in Masinloc namely dwdh 101.5 agri pinoy serbisyong putog (true service) with the title GOSPEL TALK with Bro. Joel Ebalan (funded by you brethren) Probably some of my program is concerning the christian living and values formation in general audiences and encouragement. My program is still Sunday every 1pm after10am worship at Masinloc  We will have also brethren from Isabela that migrated in Tapuac Masinloc and find the congregation there. They migrated because of the availability of work here in Masinloc of her husband. 

From: Bernaldo Rodelas Jr. September 14, 2016 6:55 AM
Dear brother Ed, Tony and brethren;      Greeting again in Jesus name. we pray always your good health brethren.  Our work to the Lord here in Occidental Mindoro is continue doing well.

Last week, Sepember 5-9, we were back in Oriental Mindoro with brother Rodel Baagin and conducted house to house Bible studies there. I’m glad to report that four (4) precious souls obeyed the gospel there and received baptized into Christ at the area of Bako and Calapan. Oriental Mindoro. We fallow up also Bible studies at Bungabong, Oriental Mindoro.

Thank you beloved brethren to your continue support to me to continue carry the gospel to those many lost souls to the many places here in Mindoro provinces. Thank you to your concern to the spreading the gospel…….

Thank you so much to your love and concern good brethren.

God bless.   Your brother in Christ;   Bernaldo Rodelas

An Appeal for help on their aging church building:

Sep 13 at 6:07 PM

Dear brother Duane, bro Eduard and brethren,

Greetings, We, brethren from Cabalan Church of Christ (Olongapo Philippines) are appealing to your kind hearts regarding our need of roof replacement. The roof of Cabalan chapel was made of used lumbers and used Galvanized Iron sheets from a house of sister Flor Poblete before.  

Our plan is to replace it with new steel frames and new roof so that it will last longer but we are lacking of fund, we are worried that the time will come, the roof will collapse due to rotten wood and beams eaten by termites.

 The congregation only have small savings that is why we are knocking to your hearts and appealing to share with our burden.  

If you know of a person/congregations who want to share their blessings for our chapel please let us know. We will be very happy to receive such blessings for the glory of our Master.  

I hope you could consider our request,looking forward for your response,may our gracious Lord bless you as you continue helping the brethren,(Galatians 6:10),thank you in advance. 

Our target date of construction will be on the month of October 2016. 

Or as the fund allow us to start the project. 

We will be needing the following materials:

Iron sheets——————(36 pcs.x P520)=P18,520

Angular bars—————-(20 pcs.x P450)=P9,000

C-farlings(for iron beams)—-(20 pcs.P370)=P7,400

Tex screw and nails——————P2,000

Ply wood——————– (20 pcs.x P450)=P9,000

Payment for workers———(P500/day x10 days)=P5,000

TOTAL P50,920 or $1,100


 In Him,         Daniel Elamparo Jr.

(Church of Christ Evangelist )

             Luxon, Philippines


Cawag, Subic Bay, Luzon

Dear brother Ed and brother Duane, I am so happy to let you know that we already bought the materials needed for the church building in Cawag. We work together in carrying all the materials. Even our sisters are carrying gravel and hollow blocks. We will be going to paint the roof sheets, angle bars and c-furlins and the work for the beams will start tomorrow. God bless brethren. I also attached some photos. Love and prayers, Godofredo L. Policarpio

Summer 2016 


Last few weeks ago brethren, I go to Occidental and Oriental Mindoro also brethren and preached there with brother Bernaldo Rodelas.  The fruits of our joint preaching effort are nine (9) precious souls obeyed the gospel and received baptized into Christ for the remission of their past sins.

This coming September 6-8, we have schedule again to follow up Home Bible studies at Oriental Mindoro. we have a good work started there brethren. 

August 24, Home Bible studies at Tablon,San Pabian,Pangasinan.

August 25, New Home Bible studies at Paraspas,Rosario,La Union.

August 25, Home Bible studies here in Cuenca,Pugo,La Union

August 26, Home Bible studies at Bangar,Rosario La Union

August 27,Again Home Bible studies here in Cuenca in the morning and visitation to the brethren in the aftternoon.

Today,August 29, we have schedule to go at Trinidad,Benguet, near in the City of Baguio to try to restore the one congregation there. but at this point of time brethren and all night that non stop the pour of heavy rains,that’s why we cancel it. 

I will close for now brethren and  thank you very much to your concern and love . May God richly bless you always good brethren.

Your co-laborer in the vineyard of the Lord

Rodelio Baagin


In July the following distribution of funds were made:  Evangelists support  $2771,  Bibles and Song books $385,  Evangelism travel on several islands $760,  Food and Seed for crops $855, Medical expenses $505,  and charity (widow support and funeral expenses $145. 

In August the following distribution of funds were made:  Evangelists support  $2461,  Building repair/rent $405,  Evangelism travel on several islands $305,  Food and Seed for crops $1158, Medical expenses $510,  and charity home fire damage and funeral expenses) $360..

Below is a list of needs and requests that we have not been able to funds.  If you would like to contribute to any of these specifically, please let us know. 

Thanks again for all the help and support for the Philippine work 

Duane Cogburn

Ed Anderson

Philippine Report July 2016

Greetings to the many congregations and members that are supporting the work in the Philippines.  The rains have started again in many of the islands and planting has been under way this month.  It takes about 75 to 90 days for the rice crop to mature and be harvested.  We want to express our thanks, again, from the contributions that were send to help our Philippine brothers through this drought.

For the month of August, it is our goal to raise the funds to replace a van that Bro. Bill Yarbrough and Bro Harry Cobb originally purchase 7-8 years ago for the work on Panay and Negros.  Many of these congregations are rural or mountainous and hard to reach by common transportation.  The van purchased for this work by Bro Chris & Sister Premie has been repaired many times and overhaul once.  It is a Mercedes Benz and the parts are almost impossible to get (the van is about 20 years old) and has to be purchased from Germany and very expensive.  The van has been parked and deemed not worth fixing.

It is our goal to raise $15,000 to purchase a 5 to 6 year old van with less than 50,000 miles.  It appears the best brand for serviceability and parts is a Toyota diesel van.  Will you join us in this effort in the month of August?  If you or your congregation is willing to commit to this effort, please email Ed Anderson or myself the amount that works for you.  If we are able to get commitments for sufficient funds to purchase the vehicle, we will notify you and then you can sent the funds. These funds will only be used for this purpose only.

Bro. Chris and Sis. Premie have been involved in the evangelistic work for many years and are full of energy and knowledgeable in the Word.  They directly work with about 12 congregations spread over several hundred miles.  Renting a vehicle usually comes only with a driver and gets expensive.

Below are some excerpts from the emails we recently received:

From: Fred and Brennie Agbisit, Palawan…July 7, 2016

……In the mountain congregations, they are just fine but some are sick of Malaria…but hopefully the medicines from drug stores will help them get better instead of going to be confine. They have 2 baptism in kakaregan where Bro. Enary, son of Bro. Saim started to preach….I’d love to go there next Sunday to have fellowship with the new sisters in Christ…May the water level in the river which we need to cross in order to get there, the current or flow of the water isn’t that strong by then.

From: Chris and Premie Amihay, Panay and Negros, Subject:  Delivery of food…..July 2016

Dear brothers: Ed and Duane, We would like to express the warmest thanks from all our brethren here who have received rice for the hunger. They are so glad of the assistant they received from you. We have started the distribution Saturday and Sunday after our assembly here in Calinog and Passi church last Monday morning. We sent cash to Camingawan church through brother Gaspar then to Hologon and Carol-an through BrotherTote. Brother Tote and brother Amado Onciano are encharge of distribution of rice today. 

From: Rodel Baagin
Subject: Brethren at Mindoro

July 7, 2016

Dear brother Ed and brethren;

Again, greetings to you all in the name of the Lord and our Savior Jesus Christ. Hope and pray you are all in good health and good situation brethren.

The work of the Lord here in Rosario La Union is continue doing well brethren. This Sunday,July 10, our attendance in our worship is 26 all. We have three (3) brethren absent,  but we have also two (2) new visitors.

Last Saturday afternoon, we conducted also Home Bible studies at Poblacion,Pugo,La Union.

From Monday to Wednesday, I am with the brethren at Occidental Mindoro. Thursday night I’m back already here in La Union.

I preached with the four (4) congregation there and conducted new home Bible studies at Segaras,Santa Cruz with the brethren there. Although no baptism, but.three (3) brethren restored again…….

From: Chris and Premie Amihay

Jul 31

Dear brothers: Ed and Duane,

Hope  you are all doing well through the guidance of our loving father in heaven.We would like to inform you that the our brethren in Dumaguete continue to assemble every Sunday in the house of brother Boning Guillepa. Brother Boning and brother Bebeth Gregorio are helping one another every Sunday.We appreciate brother Boning for his willingness to lead the church in Dumaguete and also brother Bebeth Gregorio..they said they have set their time of  assembly from 9:30 because some of the brethren are far from the meeting house.Its good the family of brother Bebeth Gregorio attended every Sunday this include the young children they are all 9 coming from Valencia town..They are renting tricycle every Sunday going to the meeting house of brother Boning.Thank you so much that you have sent money for their transportation.Some of the brethren are coming from Bacong town,this is a little bit further than Valencia town.

In June the following distribution of funds were made:  Evangelists support  $2461, Bibles and Song books $255,  Evangelism travel on several islands $1310,  Three Assembly building repairs or construction $2107, Medical expenses $655,  and charity $910.

Below is a list of needs and requests that we have not been able to funds.  If you would like to contribute to any of these specifically, please let us know.

In July, two of the elderly and faithful brothers passed away on the island of Luzon.  Bro Daniel Emlamparo and Bro. Damaso Curimao.

Thanks again for all the help and support for the Philippine work

Duane Cogburn

Ed Anderson

Philippine Report June 2016

The brothers and sisters of the Philippines wanted to sincerely thank the U.S. churches for the funds send for food.  Over $4000 US dollars was sent for food for multiple congregations.   The rains have started on many of the islands and let us continue to pray that the rains will continue and the new crops will be planted.  Again, Ed and I thank all the congregations and members that responded to this emergency.

We have received a number of emails regarding the work there.  In addition to many sermons we delivered in February, we also presented alternative health treatment seminars at various congregations.  We left colloidal silver water (CSW) generators at 3 locations.  Report of the use of the heath information is referred to in the emails below.  Medical requests for help continued, but the alternative treatments are being used in many situations.  I have enclosed excerpts from a couple of recent emails:

From:  Bro Fred Absigit and Sis. Brennie   6-25-16  Island of Palawan

“In Riotuba, Bro. Samuel said that…the church there is doing well, they have 1 baptism last week, young lady daughter of sister Geralyn Libeos. The brethren in Espanola are replanting papaya, they expect of good harvest this time again.

The studies was successful in Quezon, about 2 will be baptize next Saturday…and there will be house meeting every Sunday to Bro. Dangan… we need to do more song books and they are asking bibles about 6 or more, they requested king James version because they don’t like the new translated version,  they said it is hard to understand and it’s thoughts quite far from the English version.”

From Bro. Daniel Emlamparo, Jr, Luzon, June 10, 2016

Dear brethren,

Here are the list of congregations who enjoys the health benefits of CSW here in Olongapo and Zambales.

  1. Cabalan brethren
  2. Payangan brethren
  3. Golden Feather brethren
  4. Kalaklan brethren
  5. Calapacuan/Calapandayan brethren
  6. San Marcelino brethren
  7. Cabangan brethren

Some from Pampanga and Pangasinan church members.

Although not of all the members in the listed congregations above are using the scw, we will notice that there are brethren who uses it because if its health benefits and healing effects

From: Daniel Elamparo Jr. , Luzon

Jun 1 at 9:21 AM

Brothers, this was taken this afternoon in the house of the eldest members of the Lords church at Golden Feather. Hot water accidentally poured out on Sister Bapa’s left foot resulted to big blister above her right foot. She clean her wound with boiled guava leaves and after that she put csw on the open wound, she said csw lessen the pain of the wound and at the same time disinfect it. Notice her csw was wrapped in four plastic bags and store it inside the cabinet onside their house,I make sure that our brethren in the mountain have stocks of csw for daily use. Thank you… May God bless us all.  Daniel Emlamparo

From Chris & Premie Amihay , Island of Negros and Panay

Jun 18 at 4:58 AM

Dear brothers Ed and Duane,

We have arrive yesterday night from our trip to Negros.we went to directly to Dumaguete to meet the brethren there.We have rented a car from Bacolod and we have rent a good running condition car.Michael like it very much.He said he never felt tired of driving that rented car.we thank our Lord for safe trip to Negros.

We would like to share these news to you. We have gathered our brethren in Dumaguete. We gathered at the Beach Besort at Bacong and there were 60 attendance on that day of June 15.There were  outsiders attended from the Roman catholic and there were  also coming from the liberal church who attended. We have presented the alternative medicine after the Bible lecture and one of our old brother from the liberal church was shouting Halleluiah, praise the Lord while Chris was presenting the alternative medicines. He was so glad upon hearing the alternative medicine.

We  brought the colloidal silver generator and  we did the processing for 2 nights because  many were asking the silver water. We have a short time sleep because we need to processed more in order that everyone who are in need could avail. We divided the silver water just half liter and others avail just a little. Maybe next time if we can return back there we could give them more…we have also presented another alternative medicine like Turmeric and other herbal plants. After the lecture we visited the house of our brother Boning Guillepa..he is Premie’s second cousin and he was a member of the church when we were still  living in Negros before. He was our neighbor before and they move to Negros Oriental since year 2000.

He was not new to our teaching because he had asked some of the brethren there if what is our stand. We are glad to hear that he agree with our stand base in the Bible. One of the topics we talked was in 1 Cor.14:34, the women must keep silent in the church..He knew from us that our brethren most of all are our family and they never never fellowship anymore because no one that can lead the assembly.

Brother Boning, wants to volunteer to lead the assembly in Dumaguete since he also has never fellowship with the liberal church for a long time. The brethren there most of all our family were very glad that there was a brother who will volunteer to lead the assembly in Dumaguete. Tomorrow they will start to assemble in the house of brother Boning Guillepa. His wife and 4 children are already member of the church. Their place is very close to the city of Dumaguete. Hoping this will be the start of the regular assembly in Dumaguete.

They need 15 copies of Cebuano song books and 10 copies of Bible Cebuano version. The price of Bible is 475 pesos per copy and the songbook is 300 per copy The amount needed is 4750  plus 3,000 total of 7,750 Php……

Chris and Premie Amihay.

Rodel Baagin

Jun 15 at 10:07 PM

Dear brother Ed and brethren;

Greetings to you all in the name of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Hope and always pray that you are all in good health good brethren.

The work of the Lord here in Northern Pangasinan and Southern La Union where we working brethren is also continue doing well.  Last Sunday our 3rd Sunday that we conducted our worship service at Midtown Church of Christ at Rosario, La Union is we have also good attendance  good brethren. Last Sunday we have 28 all included children and three (3) visitors.

Last week, we conducted also 4 Home Bible studies to the different places around Rosario. If we have schedule for Home Bible studies, I and my wife are distributing also house to house gospel tract here. This week, I conducted already two Home Bible studies here brethren.  One (1) the pastor of denominational group here that is Yesterday at Catagingtingan with the pastor of Church of God worldwide. Today, we in the morning, we conducted  also Bible studies with the minister of Liberal church at Asingan,Pangasinan. We discussed about Benevolence.  This Friday if Lord willing, we have also schedule for Bible studies with the pastor of Pentecostal church with his family and some of their members at Apogan,Benguet.

But, I’m very sad to report good brethren that one of our brother at Occidental Mindoro where I work for many years 16 years  brother Domingo Benavidez 65 years old passed away this last night because of complication. Kidney problem, heart problem and diabitis. The family requested me to conduct  funeral service.

Good brethren, thank you very very much to your continue help to our work to the Lord here. Thank you very much good brethren. We Hope so much and we always pray good brethren that you not be weary to help the  work of the Lord in these places brethren.

Your co-laborer in Christ’s vineyard

Rodelio D. Baagin

In May the funds sent were: Evangelists support $2461, Food and crop help $4065,  Repairs to church buildings, chairs, fans & evangelism journeys $2416,  Medical and funeral expense $2006.

Now that rains have started, we have received several requests for funds to replace their crops, since the first planting and seedlings dried up in the drought.  These are among the requests we still have pending below.  You contributions are appreciated and can be made payable to the Church of Christ in Albuquerque, NM and mailed to myself at 86C Martin Lane, Moriarty, NM 87035 or payable and sent them directly to Ed Anderson who manages the Philippine account.

Duane Cogburn

Ed Anderson

List of unfunded request:

Philippine Churches and Personal Requests Outstanding    
Updated 6/25/16    
Req. Date Contact/location Reason for Request Needs php  US $
2/22/16 Bro. Clavio Funds to finishing clearing the church property and    $           455
  Kawayanan, Negros filing it.  Will need funds around July 2016    
  Bro Ron Romero Funds to bring electricity into chapel/meter/labor 11850  $           263
  Ilagan, Isbela,Luzon    
2/18/16 Bro Siam Funds to for new bamboo chapel 27318  $               –
  Nilapotan,Palawan partial funding for now 5-29-16 Bal.  $           207
    May need funds to make benches Estimate  $           100
2/8/16 Bro. Mario Moreles Funds for roof over house and chapel 50000  $           611
  San Marcellino $500 funded 6-3-16 Balance  
2/14/16 Bro Rexson Gonzales Funds to replace storm wall to keep rain out of chapel 35000  $           178
  Kalakalan, Luzon  5-29-19  They were using some of their own funds per    
    email a month or so ago….sent $400 for now    
3/15/16 Bro Chris Amihay The van that has been used to for years on Panay and    
  Working with congrega Negros is parked at this time. $2000 were spent for    
  on three different repairs last year, but it old and parts are hard to find.    
  islands This van is used for evangelism work in 9 different areas    
    of the islands.  It needs to be replaced.  To purchase a    
    good used Toyota van is estimated at $15,000    
  Jonamin Paulo, Luzon A printer to print/copy out lesson notes for his home    $           150
    studies. Bro. Ed’s weekly encouragement emails are    
    used by many of the evangelists for their studies.    
6/22/16 Mario Morales Medical Operation of Marlon (oldest son), cyst on 50000  $        1,136
  San Mercellino privates    
6/21/16 Daniel Emlampo Medical herb cancer treatment for Daniel Sr    $           300
  Chris Amihay Songbooks for Negros congregations 7750  $           176
  Chris Amihay, Toti Cement/sand for Carol-ann congregation 8400  $           191
  Chris, Toti Hologan congregation, ten bags of cement 5400  $           123
  Chris, Gasper Camingawan cement for walls, ten bags of cement 2700  $              61
  Fred Abisgit, Palawan Seed and fertilizer for new crop 40000  $           909
    Total Requests to date    $        5,611
    Plus Vehicle Replacement    $     15,000



Philippine Report April-May 2016

This month we are making an urgent appeal for many of our brothers and sisters in the Philippines.  The drought that I mentioned last month is continuing.  There are a few places that have received a little rain, but most of the islands where the members live, are very short on water to drink and cook with and short of food.  Even if the rains started soon, it would be several months before crops could mature and be harvested.

I have enclosed excerpts from a couple of recent emails:

May 16:  7:52 PM

Dear Brothers Duane and Ed,

Greetings to all of you. Hope all of you are doing well. We have just received call and reports from our brethren from different congregation in Negros and Panay. They are asking assistance for foods.

As of now there is no rain yet here in Panay and Negros. Plants are dry and already dying. The farmers have already prepared the land for planting but they need to wait the rain to come. Brother Tote from Hologon and brother James reported that they now consume root crops everyday and they seldom eat rice.

There is no work in some people who owned a wide area of land because no rain……Climate now is still so hot.

In this connection we are presenting to you and to our brethren there in USA the problems of our brethren now. We have counted the congregation who had presented their problems.

On PANAY ISLAND and NEGROS ISLAND….There are 81 familes currently in need.

Price of rice per bag is 1600 Php this is third class. Our dear brothers in Jesus, if our brethren there has the opportunity and if it is convenient for them, we are presenting this request of our brethren if they can assist foods for our hunger brethren. The total amount is 129,600 Php ($2,872)Total of 81 bags of rice. Thank you so much for sharing this problem.

Let us all pray that rain will come this May. The Lord’s blessings be upon you all…

In His service,

Chris and Premie

Also from LaUnion, Luzon








In the last two weeks, the requests are have used most or our May funds.  We expect more request for water and rice/food from the other congregations any day.

Will you please help us raise the funds we need to help our members in the Philippines?

Contributions can be made payable to the Church of Christ in Albuquerque, NM  (86C Martin Lane, Moriarty, NM 87035 or payable and sent them directly to Ed Anderson who manages the Philippine account.  His address is 4950 S. Apache Ave, Sierra Vista, AZ 85650.

Thank you in advance for your help in this Crisis.

Duane Cogburn

Ed Anderson

P.S. There are other needs that are currently unfunded.  One recent request is from brother Joel Ebalan who has a Christian radio broadcast.  The broadcast for 10 months is $435.  Won’t you help?

Philippine Churches and Personal Requests Outstanding  
Updated 5/16/16  
Req. Date Contact/location Reason for Request Needs php  US $
2/22/16 Bro. Clavio Funds to finishing clearing the church property and  $    455
  Kawayanan, Negros filing it.  Will need funds around June 2016  
2/12/16 Bro Ron Romero Funds to enlarge the chapel labor & mat’l 21100  $    469
Ilagan, Isbela,Luzon Funds to bring electricity into chapel/meter/labor 11850  $    263
2/18/16 Bro Siam Funds to for new bamboo chapel 27318  $    607
2/8/16 Bro. Mario Moreles Funds for roof over house and chapel 50000  $  1,111
San Marcellino  
2/8/16 Bro. Godie Polocarpio Funds to replace termite eaten lumber on chapel 34000  $    756
Cawak, Subic Bay Funds to extend chapel 15000  $    333
2/14/16 Bro Rexson Gonzales Funds to replace storm wall to keep rain out of 35000  $    778
Kalakalan, Luzon chapel  
3/15/16 Vehicle reserve for Some of these Vehicles at 15 to 20 years old and repairs are  
repairs/replace becoming too costly and will need to replace with newer used  
Bro Chris, Panay vehicles.  Other vehicles require repairs. One vehicle is needed  
Bro Joel, Negros to transport members from remote locations to the church  
Olongapo, Luzon building.   We would like to build up a reserve of $20,000  
3/15/16 Reserve for Food, The islands are experiencing a drought and we expect request  
storm repairs, and for food to follow soon.  Also storm and medical emergencies  
medical Emergencies come unexpectantly and we would like to have a reserve  
  of $8,000 to help with these requests  
Bro Rodel Baggin To construct a roof outside a home church to provide shade  $    300
  to assembly for worship.  
Bro. Steven Curimao 10 to 20 plastic chairs and fan for cooling at church  $    150
Palayan City, Luzon  
Jonamin Paulo, Luzon A printer to print out lesson notes for his home studies  $    150
  Bro. Ed’s weekly encouragement emails are used by many of the  
  evangelists for their studies.  
Chris & Premie Amihay Funds for a evangelistic trip to the island of Negros and teaching  
  at 8 locations for 6 days  $ 1,100
Joel Ebalan, Funds needed to continue the bible teaching on the radio for the  $    435
Masinloc, Luzon the next 10 months.  
  Total Requests to date  $ 7,657
  Plus Vehicle Reserve  $20,000
  Plus Storm, Drought, and medical Reserve  $   8,000


Philippine Report February March 2016

Bro Ed, my wife, Anita, and myself have finally recovered from that 27-hour return trip back from the Philippines.  We left on Feb. 3rd and returned on the 29th.  We would like to express a hardy thank you to all the congregations that helped fund the trip and all the funds that we distributed to the various congregations for songbooks and bibles, building repairs and construction.  Also we were able to help many Philippine members with food and medicine.

Here is a brief summary of the trip:

After landing and spending the night in Manila, we were able to take a ferry to the island of Occidental Mindoro with Bro. Rodel Baagin, his wife, and several of the Subic Bay evangelists.  There were four congregations on this island that we had not visited before.  We had sent funds for food and storm damage repair over this past year to Mindoro and now we were able to see in person that many of the members are very poor, live in bamboo huts and work what work there is to be found. We experienced the strong zeal for the Lord in the four assemblies we spoke at and enjoyed their singing.  I estimate there are around 20 or more families in these faithful churches.

From there we journeyed back to the island of Luzon and drove to the congregation in Olongapo for Sunday assemblies. There are many congregations in this area.  Monday we journeyed west to San Marcellino where several congregations came there to meet together and hear Bro. Ed and I speak.  At this location and nine other places, we also presented an Alternate Health Seminar which was well received.  This talk included the use of herbs, diet tips, colloidal silver and other ways to address their medical challenges.  Sister Anita did much of the research and assembled the written literature for their presentations and some of the members were currently using some the medicinal plants and herbs but unaware of the many applications there are good for.  The medical requests throughout the Philippines have become overwhelming and we hope this will help reduce some of these requests and keep more of the members out of the hospitals.  The primary illnesses we addressed were:  diabetes, asthma, infections, high blood pressure, dengue fever(similar to malaria), parasites(ringworms), inflammation throughout the body, and others.

Were traveled about 10 hours to the north and visited the congregations in Isabela province, then south and west to visit three more congregations meeting in their homes that we had visited before.  Bro Rodel moved to the La Union area about 2 years ago and has continued to encourage and visit these members.  We returned to the Olongapo area for bible studies, more health seminars on Saturday, and then Sunday assembly.  After morning assembly we traveled 3 hours to the east and visited three congregations that gathered at Palayan City Sunday night.   Bro. Chris and Sister Amihay from the island of Panay along with some of the Olongapo evangelists accompanied us this week.  This was our first meeting with most of these members there and we were privileged to witness 2 baptisms that night.  Bro Steve Curimao and his wife, Madel, live in this area meet with these churches.  On Monday Bro Steve and his family traveled 3 hours to the west with us to meet with the Lawak Langka congregation for bible teaching, a health seminar and lunch.  The building was full with more standing outside. At Lawak Langka, we were blesses to witness a young lady’s baptism.  From there we traveled to Manila.

Five member/evangelists of the churches on the Island Palawan flew into Manila to meet us there for two days of bible studies and health talks.  We were not sure that Palawan was safe to visit yet; however, it appears the security on the island has improved and we may try to go there next year. Numerous bible subjects were present and the health topics were discussed too.  From Manila we flew with Chris and Premie to the island of Panay.  We visited three congregations and had singing, bible sermons, lunch and then more health seminars.  From Panay we took a ferry for 3 hours to the Island of Negros, meeting and teaching at multiple congregations over a three day period.   Also, I had brought about 15 pounds of seeds for chard greens, kale, okra, and chia for the members to use in their gardens and supplement their diet of rice.  These were distributed throughout the Philippines.  From the south end of Negros, we took the ferry to Cebu, an island we had not been to before.  After 3 hours of driving, we arrived at Cebu City (second largest city in the Philippines).  We were warmly greeted with supper, even though we were two hours late due to vehicle problems.   We briefly introduced ourselves and presented some thoughts from the bible, and visited.   Our  desire is to return to visit this congregation and have more bible time with them next year.

From Cebu we returned to Negros and visited more of the rural and mountain congregations.  Again with a packed building and people standing and sitting outside, we preached, had lunch and present the health seminar.  Most of the members are from the mountains and were extremely receptive to alternative treatment suggestions.  Also, eight came forward to surrender their lives to Christ and were baptized.  We returned to the island of Panay for assembly Sunday, then back to Manila that night and departed for America the next day.

Summary and Evaluation of the trip:

Although the pace was fast with long days, the teaching was well received. We visited over 25 congregations with eight of those being ones we had not visited before.  Bro Ed and I had asked for suggested topics before we went and taught on those subjects.  We took 4 colloidal silver water generators with us and placed one on each of four islands and trained the members how to operate them.  Multiple private bible studies/visits on specific subjects were also profitable.  The range of bible knowledge is very wide from milk to meat.   The transition from Bro Harry and Bro Bill to us progressed nicely with the brothers confiding in us more freely.  If the Lord wills, we would like to return next year and have more small group bible teaching time and discussions with the key members and evangelists.

The expenditures for January were:  Support for evangelists $ 2,741, Additional evangelistic funds $599, Food, storm damaged roofs, clothing, seed and seedling to replant crops, medical needs $ 3637, and $5980 prepaid expenses for our February visit.

The expenditures for February were:  Support for evangelists $ 2,741, Additional evangelistic funds $1610, Food for the mountain congregations $318, Songbooks, bibles, and chairs $962, church building repairs and extensions $2255, medical needs $ 3233, and remainder of the trip expenses $8710 (transportation, room, common meals with the church members).  From private funds: education, building and vehicle needs: $2227.

Even though we were able to fund many of the requests for songbooks and building repairs, we had to delay funding of their requests and place them on a request sheet which is attached.  Can you help us with any of these needs?

Again, we thank all who make this work in the Philippines possible.  May God bless your richly.

Duane Cogburn

Edward Anderson

Philippine Churches and Personal Requests Outstanding    
Updated 3/14/16  
Req. Date Contact/location Reason for Request Needs php  US $
2/22/16 Bro. Clavio Funds to finishing clearing the church property and               $455
  Kawayanan, Negros filing it.  Will need funds around June 2016    
2/12/16 Bro Ron Romero Funds to enlarge the chapel labor & mat’l 21100             $449
  Ilagan, Isbela,Luzon Funds to bring electricity into chapel/meter/labor 11850             $252
2/18/16 Bro Siam Funds to for new bamboo chapel 27318             $581
2/8/16 Bro. Mario Moreles Funds for roof over house and chapel 50000          $1,064
  San Marcellino    
2/8/16 Bro. Godie Polocarpio Funds to replace termite eaten lumber on chapel 34000             $723
  Cawak, Subic Bay Funds to extend chapel 15000             $319
2/14/16 Bro Rexson Gonzales Funds to replace storm wall to keep rain out of 35000             $745
  Kalakalan, Luzon chapel    
  Total Request to date            $5,338



Philippine Report January 2016

Time has come to pack for the February trip to the Philippines.  We will be leaving Feb 3rd and Lord willing returned on the 29th of the month.  It takes a little over 24 hours to fly to Manilla.  Anita and I will be flying from Dallas to Hong Kong, China then to Manila.   Ed will be departing from Los Angeles to Narita, Japan then to Manila.   Again, we would like to thank the individuals and congregations that have generously contributed to make this trip possible.  The songbooks that have been collected and medical supplies will be flying with us.  February is usually the best month to go weather-wise.  Please include us in your prayers for safety and for a spiritually profitable month with the members in the Philippines.  We plan to visit 5 islands and twenty or more congregations. 

La Union, Luzon and the island of Occidental Mindoro:  Let’s continue our prayers for the members on Mindoro for strength to repair the storm damage and replanting from the last storm.  Bro. Rodel Baggin and his wife plan to accompany us to Mindoro to visit the congregations on Feb 5-6th.  Later in our journeys we will meet up with Bro. Rodel and spent some time with the three congregations that he has been working with in the La Union area.  Bro. Rodel had a vehicle accident while traveling between these congregations a couple of Sundays ago.  Praise God, no one was seriously hurt. 

Masinloc, Luzon:  Bro Joel Ebalan’s uncle passed away this last month.  Also his daughter was admitted to the hospital for dehydration a couple of days ago, but she is recovering.  Joel continues his home studies in the area and working at the local congregation.  He is teaching at one of the local schools.  Please remember them in your prayers. 

Islands of Panay, Negros, and Masbate:  Bro. Chris and Sister Premie Amihay and their son, Michael, will accompany us around Panay and Negros.  We will be visiting and teaching at most of the congregations on these islands.  Also, our plans are to visit the neighboring island to the east, Cebu, and study with some friends of Bro. Chris’s that we have not met before.  Bro Erol’s father on Masbate is suffering with a hernia.  Let’s remember him and our brothers and sisters on the island of Masbate that are recovering from the damage of the December storm.   

Island of Palawan:  The word continues to be preached around the island and several have been baptized this last month.  Due to the danger to Americans on this island, six of the brothers/members will come to Manila for several days teaching and open discussions in the Word.  As on the island of Panay, some of our brothers and their families live in the mountains on Palawan and struggle to raise enough to eat. Funds have been sent for fertilizer in hopes of a good crop this season.  Let’s pray for their success and growth of their crops. 

Olongapo, Luzon:  With the passing our Bro Rudy, an elder at the largest congregation in this area, the younger brothers have been most helpful in setting up the details for our upcoming visit.  We will be spending about 15 days on Luzon in five different areas of the island.  We will be visiting many of the congregations on the island.  In addition, this year we are holding several 2-4 hour seminar sessions covering biblical and spiritual topics and alternative ways to address medical issues.  Medical requests are a big part of the emails we receive, and we hope some of this medical information and alternatives will be helpful to the members in the Philippines. 

The expenditures for December were:  Support for evangelists – $2,741; Building repairs & evangelistic trip –       $680; Food, storm damaged roofs, clothing, fertilizer and seeds to replant crops, and medical needs – $4368;  Personal contributions for Bro Jehu for his business – $668; Prepaid expenses for the upcoming February trip – $1555. 

We recognize and appreciate all the brethren and congregations that continue to contribute to the work in the Philippines.   

Duane Cogburn, 86C Martin Lane, Moriarty, NM  87035 & Ed Anderson, Sierra Vista, AZ

Philippine Report November-December 2015

As I mentioned in last month’s report, Ed Anderson and myself are making preparations for our visit to the Philippines in February.  We would like to thank the individuals and congregation that have generously contributed to make this trip possible.  Sufficient funds have been received to pay for the expenses and some extra for requests we anticipate from the members in the Philippines while we are there.  We still have some outstanding requests from this past year that we would like to fund while we are there in February – see the spread sheet below.  Contributions for these specific requests may be sent to the Albuquerque Church of Christ, % Duane  Cogburn, 86 C Martin Lane, Moriarty, NM 87035. 

Churches in the Philippines need additional song books.  Praise God that churches here in the United States have contributed enough song books.  We plan to have boxes of song books as extra luggage when we travel.   My wife, Anita, will be accompanying us this year to encourage the many mothers, widow, and other women in the congregations and take and distribute nutrition and health information.  Our medical requests continue to be a large part of our received requests that we have not been able to fully fund. 

Another Typhoon, Nona, hit several of the Philippines Islands, namely Masbate, and Mindoro on December 15.  40 people were killed and 23,000 homes destroyed.  Rains funneled in the streets of one town to a depth of 45 inches.  Funds have been sent to the families of three congregations for food, clothes, and roofing material. 

La Union, Luzon and the island of Occidental Mindoro:  Bro. Rodel Baagin of La Union has been our link to the congregations on the island of Mindoro.  The members on Mindoro experienced notable loss of crops, food, and roofs.  The electrical service to the island had also been off, but Bro. Rodel was been able to communicate with the brothers there and funds have been sent.  Let’s pray for the members there; as mentioned above, the loss of homes and lives has been devastating.  Bro Rodel and his wife plan to accompany us to Mindoro in February to visits the congregations if the roads are open after this last storm. 

Masinloc, Luzon:  Bro Joel Ebalan and his wife, Joan, both suffer from scoliosis and experiences notable back pain.  They are currently receiving treatments as funds allow and taking supplements.  Please remember them in your prayers. 

Islands of Panay, Negros, and Masbate:  Bro. Chris and Sis. Premie Amihay continue their work with the 11 congregations on Panay, Masbate and Negros.  They recently have had some studies with a group on Panay that had stop meeting several years ago; they hope to encourage them to start meeting again.  There are 8 families at that location.  They also work with the congregation on Masbate where typhoon Nano passed through on Dec. 15.  The members on Masbate suffered notable personal loss and funds have been sent for food and roofs.  Work is hard to find and Bro. Jehu on the island of Negros has been struggling to support the needs of his family.  Funds from a personal contributor have been sent to help him start a new business. 

Island of Palawan: Funds have been raised and sent for a fence around Bro. Samuel’s meeting house to keep the Muslin neighbors and their animals out.  This fence was destroyed in the typhoon.  Bro. Abigsit continues his teaching/lectures at the surrounding congregations.  Illness and the wet conditions deserve our prayers on this island. 

Olongapo, Luzon:  Bro Fred Angangan, an elder at the local congregation, is still struggling with health issues.  Let’s continue to mention him in our prayers.  Bro Godie Policarpio has baptized 3 recently in the Subic Bay area.  Bro. Godie works as a taxi driver and teaches at 3 congregations each Sunday from dawn to dusk and has a wonderful family.  We have had on our request sheet to replace his motorcycle (this is his taxi with an added sidecar) which he uses in his work and his church work.  We have raised $1100 from private contributions, but we are short about $800 to fund this.  Any contributions would be appreciated.  

The expenditures for November were:  Support for evangelists $2,741, Additional evangelistic funds $232, Food, storm damaged roofs, clothing, seed and seedling to replant crops, and medical needs $ 3529. 

We recognize and appreciate all the brethren and congregations that continue to contribute to the work in the Philippines.  I have attached a couple of the items that we have not been able to fund. 

Duane Cogburn, 86C Martin Lane, Moriarty, NM  87035

Ed Anderson, Sierra Vista, AZ


Philippine Report October-November 2015

February is quickly approaching and Bro Ed Anderson and I have started to plan for our trip to the Philippines in that month.  The work in the Philippines has been fruitful this last year, and we are excited and preparing our itennary to cover as much territory and encourage/teach the churches on five of the islands. Many have supported us in years past and we invite anyone that would like to help with the expenses of the trip and the many financial requests we receive in person while we are there.  Contributions specific for this February effort may be sent to the Albuquerque Church of Christ,   % Duane  Cogburn, 86 C Martin Lane, Moriarty, NM 87035

Additionally, a handful of the congregations use English songbooks.  If there are any congregations that have upgraded their songbooks, we would like to accumulate the older  “Scared Selections” or “ Hymns of the Church” and take them with us when we go.  Please ship them to the above address by the end of December if possible.

 Typhoon Lando hit several of the Philippines Islands in the middle of October.  Notable damage occurred to homes and crops in 7 areas where our brothers and sisters live and work.  $4,000 was generously contributed and distributed over the last 5 weeks to help our brothers and sisters with the recovery from the storm.

La Union, Luzon:  Bro. Rodel Baagin has 3 to 4 home studies in the cities of Pugo, Tubao, and Saytan.  The two congregations he is leading are doing well and have increased in number.  His wife, is experiencing problems with her back/spinal cord and is waiting to get the results back from her MRI and lab work.   Please include Sister Baagin in your prayers.

Island of Occidental Mindoro:   Bro Bernaldo Rodeles is doing well in his home studies in different locations on this island.  He also teaches at the Bagong Sikat and at the the Tuay congregations on this island.  This last month, his motorbike needed repairs to continue his travel to the home studies.  Funds were sent to help him with the repairs.  Bro Ed and I hope to visit the congregations on this island in February.

Masinloc, Luzon:  Our brothers and sisters in this location did experience loss in the typhoon.  Funds were sent for food, bottled water, (the local water supply was contaminated), and roof repairs.  This town is close to the coast and slow to drain the flood waters.  Power and water service were slow to be restored.  Bro Joel Ebalan’s wife, Joan, suffers from scoliosis and experiences notable back pain.  She is currently receiving treatments as funds allow.  Please remember her in your prayers.

Islands of Panay, Negros, and Mabate:  Bro Chris  and Sister Premie Amihay made a five day evangelism trip to Negros and held several bible studies with 7 non-member families on Negros.  Their effort was blessed with 8 baptisms/members to the Carol-an, Praise God.  This will be a big boast to the congregations there. Bro. Chris and Sister Premie also visited 5 other of the congregations on Negros, teaching and encouraging them. One of the meeting houses in the mountains, Don Salvador also was damaged by the typhoon. Funds were sent for the repairs and for medicine for some of the members.  Also some of the members lost their crops and funds for food was sent.  Bro. Chris and Sister Premie hope to return to the Island of Masbate soon to encourage the congregation there when funds become available.

 Island of Palawan:  With the heavy rain comes the continuing problem with malaria and dengue, even though some have mosquito nets. They have been trying alternative treatments for some of their medical problems like prostate cancer, since the medical/medicine costs are out of their budget.  Many medical requests have been presented to us this last month, but only a small part of them could be answered. Travel between the twelve congregations of this island is limited due to the river being high and the mud. Funds have been sent to replant come of the crops lost in the storm.  Bro. Samuel’s meeting house had a fence around it to keep the Muslin neighbors and their animals out.  This fence was destroyed in the typhoon.  We have had to put the replacement of it on the request list since our storm repair funds are low.  In the middle of the turmoil cause by the storms/rains, the teaching continues and several baptisms was reported this last month.

 Olongapo, Luzon:  One of the elders of this congregation, Rudy Gonzales passed away this last month.  Bro Rudy and the other elder, Bro Fred Agangan, worked with Bro. Bill Yarbrough and Bro. Harry Cobb for many years.  They traveled to several of the other Islands over the years discovering other congregations that wished to work together. We will miss Bro. Rudy.  His grandson, Bro. Rexson Gonzales, has slipped into the teaching role at this congregation.  Please continue to mention Bro Fred in your prayers, he is struggling with his health.

East of Olongapo about 15 miles, Bro Daniel Elamparo was very active in helping cleanup after the typhoon and funds were sent to purchase food and clothing which he distributed to several congregations.

West of Olongapo, Bro Mario Morales continues his work for the Lord at San Marcelino.  This congregations is less than 2 years old and continues to grow.  His daughter Marjoie is suffering from a neurological problem, please prayer for her.

 In Central Luzon, Bro. Steven Curimao and his wife Madel, have helped at multiple congregations in distributing food, clothes, song books, bibles, and sheet metal to the members there that suffered loss from Lando.  Also some of the members were injured in the storm and continue to suffer with illness due to the wet season and mosquitos.   He works with several of the congregations in the Tarlac and Lawak Langka area.  Bro. Steven’s father, Damaso Curimao, has been seriously ill, but he is out of the hospital and back at home.

In Northern Luzon, Bro Ronald Romero has been a great help and encouragement to the congregations in the Isabela area.  They also sustained damage and loss from the October typhoon and Bro. Ronald was sent funds to help the member families.

The expenditures for October were:  Support for evangelists $ 2741, Additional evangelistic funds $ 835, Food, storm damaged roofs, clothing, seed and seedling to replant crops , and medical needs $ 5154.

We recognize and appreciate all the brethren and congregations that continue to contribute to the work in the Philippines.  I have attached a couple of the items that we have not been able to fund. Any contributions toward any of these requests will be greatly appreciated by our brothers in the Philippines

 Duane Cogburn, 86C Martin Lane, Moriarty, NM  87035

Ed Anderson, Sierra Vista, AZ

Philippine Report September-October 2015

Just a couple of days ago, the Philippines experienced another typhoon on the main island of Luzon.  It was a level 4 storm with high winds and heavy rains.  Brothers for two different locations on the island have been emailing and asking for prayers.  They report some damage to the sheetmetal roofs and crops being flood, but with the electricity off in places, I sure we will receive more reports and specific requests for help in the coming days. 

La Union, Luzon:  Bro. Rodel Baagin continues his home studies and teaching among several of the local congregations.  The members at San Emelio meet in a tent where Bro Rodel recently held a two-day meeting. He is recovering after being in the hospital with Dengue.  Also his daughter, Divine, has recovered and is able to go back to school. 

Island of Occidental Mindoro:  Recently Bro Rodel Baagin from Luzon held a meeting among several of the congregation here.  During that visit, Bro. Rodelio was approached with requests of food and medical needs. Only a fraction of their request could be addressed due to lack of funds.  One of the local brothers there, Bro Bernaldo Rodeles, assist in teaching and studies at several of the remote congregations. 

Masinloc, Luzon:  Bro Joel is continuing with his weekly radio bible program.  The brothers at this congregation have been accessing the problem they have with flooding and the floor staying moist.  After several email exchanges, I have recommended they raise the level of the floor 8 to 10 inches with rock/sand and more concrete.  This request has been put on the request sheet for the future. Several at this congregation have also been ill:  Bro Joel’s father with prostrate problems, Bro Miguel was in the hospital for high BP and a mild stroke.  This congregation and it’s member are suffering from floods, loss of power, building/roof damage, and drinkable water outages the last couple of days from Typhoon Lando.   We expect more information and requests as the power is restored. 

Islands of Panay, Negros, and Mabate:  Bro Toti, Bro. Ramirez, and Sister Wenda of Negros experience some serious illness and funds were sent to help them with their medical bills.  Several of the leading teachers have had Bible studies with some of the more remote congregations and help with a baptism at Don Salvador. Bro Chris and Sister Premie Amihay hosted a two-day bible study at the Bario Calinog congregation on Panay. The attending brothers from the area found the time very encouraging.  Bro Chris  and Sister Premie Amihay have been asked to come to Negros and study with 4 families on Negros and we are seeking funds to help them to make this trip. 

Island of Palawan:  The work of the church continues among the congregations on this island.  Also Sister Brennie serves in distributing clothes and communicating the news and requests of the brothers and sisters (especially in the remote areas). The malaria type illness, Dengue, continues to afflict several of brothers and their families.  Several of the older members have passed away this last month. Sister Brennie’s niece, Leigh is recovering after he accident.  Sister Brennie is struggling  with illness herself and we have sent funds for medicine and a checkup.   Bro. Fred Agbisit’s home was broken into and robbed while they were sleeping this last week.  Praise God no one was hurt.  The twenty families that we helped with tools have started to plant papaya trees that Dole company has agreed to purchase their crops. 

Olongapo, Luzon:  Let’s continue to mention  Bros. Rudy  Gonzales and Fred Agongan in our prayers. They had been a main stay at his congregation for many years when Bro Harry Cobb and Bro Bill Yarbrough were working in the Philippines.  Our recently married Bro Jominan Paulo at the Lubao congregation baptized 3 souls into the Lord’s Kingdom.  Bro. Jominan is in his thirties and very active in the church and visits and encourages a couple of the churches in Northern Luzon, Isabella, when his parents live.  Bro Godie Policarpio is the evangelist at a congregation at Subic Bay and has been continuing his studies and teaches among several of the congregations in the area.  Bro. Godie’s father recently passed away.  Our hearts and prayers go out to many of the members that have lost their older love ones in the last month or so in the Philippines. 

Lawak Langka, Luzon.  This congregation is a short hike after the road ends in the hills in central Luzon close to Tarlac.  Ed and myself have visited there several times.  In fact, at our mid-day study last February, many of the farmer workers took a long lunch and came in from the fields to join us and their families for the sermons.  We had about 80 in attendance.  Bro Damaso Curimao is one of the leaders there and he was recently in the hospital for a week.  The members at this congregation had started meeting in their completed building after working on it for several years.  Bro. Damaso’s son, Bro Steven and his wife, Sister Madel visit when they can and encourage them.  Bro. Steven reported yesterday that the typhoon’s rain and high wind had hit their area and they had suffered damage to their roof. 

The expenditures for September were:  Support for evangelists $2741, Additional evangelistic funds $137, Food, minimal funeral expenses, tools to plant papaya trees, and medical needs $4757.   From personal contributions: Funds for help with education $275. 

We recognize and appreciate all the brethren and congregations that continue to contribute to the work in the Philippines.  I have attached a couple of the items that we have not been able to fund.  If you have a desire to contribute toward any of these requests,  sent your check made out to the “Church of Christ” in Albuquerque, N.M. to this address:   Duane Cogburn, 86C Martin Lane, Moriarty, NM  87035.

P.S. I am sure we will be receiving many request for food and building repairs, after communications are reestablished in this coming week, due to the typhoon.  If you can send any additional contributions for this cause, I am sure the brothers in the Philippines were be extremely thankful.

Duane Cogburn, Albuquerque, NM and Ed Anderson, Sierra Vista, AZ


Philippine Report July-August 2015

The summer rains have been heavy on some of the islands in the Philippines this last month. With that come the mosquitoes, malaria, dengue and contaminated water supplies.  Requests for medical needs continue and have been abundant.

Bro. Godie Policarpio works among three congregations in the Subic Bay area of Luzon.  He reports the congregations are growing and being strengthen.  One of the members, Sister Marites, recently gave birth by cesarean and had complications; we provided funds to assist her in her medical needs.  The baby is well, but let us continue our prayers for the mother as she recovers.

La Union, Luzon:  Bro. Rodel Baagin reports the congregation there is up to 21 and a room has been rented to assemble together on Sundays. They need about 30 plastic chairs, but we have had to put that on a to-be-funded list.  Bro. Rodel is encouraging Bro Bernaldo on the Island of Mindoro (this is where Bro. Rodel moved from) in his work among the congregations on that Island.  Bro. Bernaldo has been ill lately and funds were sent for medicine.

San Marcelino, Luzon:  Bro. Mario Morales is working diligently at San Marcelino and has helped the congregation to grow and multiply in the last 18 months.  Bro. Mario and his family raise vegetables on the lot where his house and the assembly building are to provide some income.  Bro. Mario has asked for some support to help him continue in his evangelistic work, but at this time we are unable to fund additional evangelists.

Bro. Philipe Candelario, leader at one of the Pangasinan, Luzon congregations passed away this last month.  Funds were sent for his burial.  Our prayers will be with his family.  Bro. Steven and Sister Madel Curimao visit the two congregations in the Tarlac/Pangasinan area and encourage them.

Masinloc, Luzon:  Bro. Joel Ebalan reports the members in this area are slowly recovering from the floods.  Four of the members have been very ill with dengue and one of them passed away.  Food has been purchased and distributed in Masinloc.  Bro. Joel has 9 bible studies currently underway; let us pray that they will respond to the message from God’s Word.  Bro. Joel also plans to continue his radio program once a week for the coming year; funds have been sent for this as well.

Islands of Panay, Negros, and Masbate:  Bro. Chris and Sister Premie Amihay are still using the same van in the work of the Lord that Bro. Harry and Bro. Ed purchased for them over 6 years ago. The van was used at the time of purchase and finally needed a major overhaul.  Their son Michael has been working with a diesel mechanic to remove the engine for rebuilding.  They hope the work on the van will be complete soon.  They hope to make their next trip to Negros and work with the congregations there.

Island of Palawan:  A couple of the congregations on Palawan have baptized several and continue to grow. Large amounts of rain are a problem and results in illness among the congregations.  Sister Brennie is currently in bed with the flu.  Bro. Mostoles is in the hospital and still needs his dialysis treatments.  Please join us in prayers for the members in this area.

Olongapo, Luzon:  Our elderly Rudy Gonzales is currently in the hospital and seriously ill.  Bro Rudy has been a mainstay in the local congregation for years and needs our prayers along with Bro Fred Angangan in their elderly years.  This congregation is one of the largest in the Philippines and has grown and encouraged many over the last 20+ years.

The expenditures for July were:  Support for evangelists $2686; repairs to van and chairs for the buildings $1335; food, utilities, flood damage, burial expenses, and medical needs $3765.   From personal contributions: Funds for help with education, vocational, and personal needs $1320.

Again, we recognize and appreciate all the brethren and congregations that continue to contribute to the work in the Philippines.  We have attached a couple of the items that we have not been able to fund.  If you have a desire to contribute toward any of these requests, the brothers in the Philippines would greatly appreciate it.

Req. Date Contact/location Reason for Request…some are monthly amounts  US $
4/22/15 Bro Mostoles 2 Dialysis treatments each week … total per week 340


Godie Policarpio Motorcycle he uses for church work and taxi work 1,800
  Olongapo, Luzon needs to be replaced  
5/27/15 Joel Castillo

Newton, Negros

Requesting a multicab to commute to congregations 800
5/27/15 Bro. Clavio Needs $910 for survey on church 455
  Kawayanan, Negros property, $455 sent in June to start survey  
6/15/15 Rodel Baaggin 30 plastic chairs for assembly in rented facilities 325
8/18/15 Bro. Chris Amihay Upcoming evangelism trip to the 7 congregations on 750
 8/01/15 Bro. Mario Morales

San Marcelino

the island of Negros


Monthly assistance in evangelism

  Total of unfunded requests 4520



In His service,


Duane Cogburn, Albuquerque, NM and Ed Anderson, Sierra Vista, AZ