August/September 2017

As we have experienced hurricanes in the U.S. and many islands in the Caribbean, the late summer/fall storms have also been tormenting the Asia Islands.  The Philippines have experience several Typhoons out of the Pacific, resulting in damage to the crops and buildings.  Fortunately, the loss of life has been minimal.  We have been helping with food on several islands. Let’s continue our prayers for those who have lost homes, crops, and jobs in all areas.

A new work in evangelizing is underway in the mountain areas of Palawan.  There are 12 congregations on the island, but this new work is among the tribes that speak a different language then most on Palawan.  We have send funds for bibles and songbooks, food, clothes, and grape juice. Basic subjects such as baptism are being studies there.  We should include this work in our prayers that the work of God may work within their hearts.

A Cholera out-break has created a heavy demand for medical and medicine funds.  Since there are limited funds for that, we have recommended to make as much silver water as possible and pass it around to the affected congregations.

As I mentioned last month, the decision time is upon us whether to prepare for a 2018 annual trip to the Philippines or not.  We are praying the Lord’s will be done concerning this trip. The duration of this trip is about three weeks and we go in February to catch the best weather.  The budget for this trip is around $12,000 plus $5,000 to 7,000 for congregational needs for bible/songbooks, food, repairs on church buildings, and medical.  Please see the June-July report for more details.

If you or your congregation is willing to commit for a donation towards this trip, please email myself of Ed Anderson.  We are not asking for any funds to be sent at this time, but a commitment for the amount of the donation you would be willing to contribute. We will need to decide whether the trip is feasible in a couple of weeks.

In August 2017, the following distribution of funds was made:  Evangelists support $1186, Building repair/rent $100, Evangelism Transportation & Trips $105,  Food benevolence $763,  Medical expenses $1763,  and help with funerals $208.

In September 2017, the following distribution of funds was made:  Evangelists support $2896 , Building repair/rent $105, Evangelism Transportation & Trips $761,  Food benevolence $204,  Medical expenses $1932,  and alternate health $125, Widow help $40, and help with funerals $208.  From private donations, equipment for church lot.

Thank you for your interest, prayers and support of this work.  At the end of this report is a list of needs that we have been unable to help due to limited funds.  If you would like to contribute to a specific need, please email us about that.

Duane Cogburn,

Ed Anderson,


Reports from the Brothers in the Philippines:

Premie Amihay <>

To Ed Anderson, Duane Cogburn

9-29-17  Typhoon damage


Dear Bro. Edward and Bro.Duane,

We want to informed you that we were not able to cross Bacolod  because of low pressure here in Panay,Guimaras and Negros Island.Vessel’s trip to Bacolod were cancelled due to strong current of water.Lord,willing,we have rescheduled our trip to Bacolod next week.  We have contacted our new prospect about the schedule of our visit.  Regarding our brethren here,We have been meeting with our brethren here in Panay ,like Binolosan,Marare and the brethren of Passi city.

Brother Roy Lucio and wife from Marare congregation were with us this morning.They were here since last week because  of heavy rain.They could not cross the river going to Marare because of strong flood.  According to brother Roy,they have poor production this year due to continues rain.

We have visited our brethren in Passi,and  we are glad and appreciate them for continues serving our Lord.

We are sad to know,that bro.Andrew Gonzales was terminated in  his work in one of the motorcycle company in Passi city and presently he is now working as passenger’s driver in Boracay island and back home to Passi every Saturday. His father Roberto Gonzales not doing well now.,he is weak and could not work for their daily needs.Then his son Roberto Gonzales Jr. is also not doing well because of his mental problem.He has medicine for daily maintenance but if he could not take,that’s the time he will suffer from aching.He is doing well  if he can take his medicine regularly.His wife  is  working in Manila as  housemaid so that he can let her 2 children go to school.they have vegetable garden but the harvest season  will be last week of October,some of them has farm vegetables but others are  driving tricycle in the city of Passi brethren in Passi are hunger due to  delayed planting of vegetables and other root crop.  Our dear brothers,we are so concerned of our brethren in Passi,we believed you are now  in crisis of money, same also here in the Philippines due to many typhoon passed every year and it damaged many crops,the reason of poor production.

In this connection please allow us to share to you this problem,we are sharing to you the problem,of our brethren in Passi,.This is the year where they are suffering from shortage of foods to eat,most of all our older brother Roberto and wife Perlita Our beloved brothers.if you and the brethren there has the opportunity to assist our brethren in Passi congregation,very sure,they will be very glad to know of your assistant financial..There are 15  families in this congregation and mostly of the brethren had no permanent jobs.If you and some of the brethren there  could asist 300 dollars to purchase of rice and medicine of brother Roberto Gonzales Sr.and bro.Roberto Gonzales Sr, .Price of rice now is 2000 Php per sack weight is 50 kgs in one sack.  To let you know, Passi  brethren are sincere and faithful to serve our Lord.We appreciate them all and brother Andrew for his leadership in the said congregation.Praying no more typhoon will come to the Philippines,

We continue to include you all in our prayers.

May the Holy Spirit of our Lord be with you.

In His service,

Chris and Premie

Brennie Agbisit  9-30-17

Island of Palawan

Dear Bro. Ed and Bro. Duane,

Greetings!  Thank you very much for sending help to the brethren.  I handed it to Bro. Saim , he was teary eyed when he received it,…we settled their accounts, we asked more discount with the doctors fee…I beg the doctor that the only  money we have on hand is only the amount we can pay them and we can’t add for more…so they agreed…same goes well with Bro. Enary…the following day they all went back to the mountain…only, the  cousin of Bro.l Saim left there. All of them were relieved with the problem of the bills…so they were so very thankful to you there for responsiding to their appeal.

Then this  Friday, Bro. Saim came over here in the city to get the silver water we made for them and I told him the instructions you said and again as much as possible boiled their drinking and cooking water…and I bought some medicines for LBM prob.

I’m so sorry that I have not  sent report after I arrived from Narra…I came home I feel so bad…so for some days…I was just at home  and on my bed…I hope u underastand/

Today is their daughter’s wedding after the service and they have baptism in Tambis, they are inviting me…but I apologize that maybe I cant attend because I still don’t feel well…I still have this flu…and I have worst coughs, since I got soaked in the rain,…I have drink different  medicines already and drinking Kalamansi juice, also the silver water..but still it didn’t work…Bro. Saim said, I might have been poisoned again, because there are many tribe and Muslims in the south that put poison on food or they will tap you on ur back or shoulder that you were not aware, they said it has poison or they will smoke in front of you, then when you inhale the smoke, there you are poisoned…he told me to get bark of tree up there in Zalpan…I told him ok, I ‘ll try that bark again….But my family telling me to have thorough check-up…maybe I have dengue or Malaria because I always go to the mountain and  my fever is on and off, chilling and have headaches for hours,…I refuse to go because I don’t have budget to go for check-up …I just my faith and believe sooner…I will be fine, with God’s grace.

I really need to get well because of the schedule of another fellowship/studies in Panitian, the brethren are ready they are just waiting for me, whenever there is another assistance form you…then we will go back there, they said we must do it 2 days Friday and Saturday….I have handed to Bro. Esteban the tagalog translation of the Baptism topic you have sent…I hope within next week, he is finish and I can get it there and made copies to distribute among them. father also made some lectures  that he will translate in their dialect.

We are really preparing for our comeback there, we believe…many lost souls will obey and get baptize once they will hear more of the lesson…especially about the baptism and it’s importance to christian life and salvation.

Here in the city, The brethren are just fine, we are now enjoying the big space we are renting, God has finally helped us to have temporary place where we can praise Him all together. Thank you very much for helping us for the rental and all the materials we are using.

We keep on praying for the safety of our brethren there in the US and in Mexico and other countries who has disasters. May their foods and needs in times like these will be provided and they receive helps from government and other organization. Here in manila, they are preparing also of the “big One’…may it not take place because of the destruction it may cause.

I will close from here…I could not sleep yet…I’m here in the office…I decided to sleep here and brought with me clothes…because if I get better  this morning…I will travel to go to Zalpan and Tambis…I’ll just go to kalatagbak and Nilapotan next time…my strength can’t bear to walk 2  to 3 hours up this time.

Have a blessed Sunday to all of us…and to have another wonderful and blessed week ahead  of us.

with Christ love,


Premie Amihay <>

To Duane Cogburn

Sep 24 at 7:21 AM

Dear Brothers Edward and Duane,

Greetings  to all of you in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Praying you are all doing well. For us here we are all doing fine.

We have visited our brethren in Badlan because they never  fellowship with us for how many Sundays. The reason was they  don’t have fare going to Calinog so they assembled every first day of the week in the house of brother Jay-R Castor with the family of Bro.Leo Libuna,his older brother.

This month they are busy harvesting the rice of the land owner where they reside now.Children of bro. Jay-R aging 6 and 7 years old were helping bro.Jay-R. harvesting the rice. They were enjoying while harvesting,then after harvesting they carried the rice to the house of the owner and got their share. We have  conducted Bible studies with brethren in Badlan and we appreciate them even though they don’t fellowship in Calinog but they never forsake the assembly every first day of the week. We also appreciate the young kids harvesting the rice. Since we were there ,they stopped harvesting and listen first to the Bible study, after the studies ,we served a snacks then they went back to their work.

Chris had also a one on one studies with a brother from the liberal church. He was separated from his wife because his wife went abroad. Many lessons he learned about marriage and we are hoping and praying they will reconciled.

Another member of the church of Christ came over to our house. He is driving a Tri-bike in Calinog and I (Premie) knew him  last 3 days ago when I ride on his Tri-bike going home. He introduced himself that he is  member of the church of Christ and that’s the beginning of our studies. We had a Bible sharing with him and he had many questions regarding the topic Division of classes.  His grandfather is a preacher of church of Christ in Lagro, Quezon city Manila. His name is Wellie Franco. He had visited us here in Calinog about 9 years  ago. Since that time we don’t met him anymore.

Then another man came to fix his motorcycle. He fellowship with the (Mormons)Church of Christ of the Later Day Saints in Calinog. We appreciate him of his interest to study about the word of God. He said he is so interested to study the word of God. praying we will meet him again for another bible study.  I have to close now.  May our Lord bless you all.

In His service,

Chris and Premie

Philippine Churches and Personal Requests Outstanding
Updated 10-1-17
Req. Date Contact/location Reason for Request  US $
10/5/16 Bryan Lagunero Repairs to roof lumber and sheetmetal  $ 376
2/12/17 Bro. Ron Material to expanded church building  Estimate $ 1,100
Cawak , Zambales
2/13/17 Bro. Steven
Mountain Church Material/labor for ceiling and Chairs $  375
Palayan City Original request $575
2/14/17 Bro. Steven Curimoa Material/labor for ceiling, concrete floor, Paint/Chairs $ 1,215
Lawak church Original request was $1615
5/4/17 Clavio and Joel multicab vehicle….used…for transporting the bros. $ 1,000
Chris& Premie
5/15/17 Bro. Esteban & Saim Small basic building, roof, benches, lumber, wall mats $  550
Tambis, Palawan
6/20/17 Fred Agbisit Chairs, fans, paint, lights, White Bd. Deleted table, closet $  262
Puerto Princesa Funded 250 on 7-4, bal of $262
9/23/17 Fred Agbisit Mic, speakers, Amp, and projector for teaching in
Zalpan Evangelism remote area $  300
9/29/17 Congregations on Expected requests for food until the rains stop and $  1,000
Panay & Palawan new crops are planted and yield a harvest.  Estimate
Total Requests to date $  6,178